THE VILLAGE RAPIST…..(18+)…..Part 9


Chief Marshal hand over his snuff box to her daughter she left him to Ogadi’s house, his father have neglected that he had made decisions not to send her out of the compound at night, Ada on her own part is playing happily to walk under the smiling moonlight.
Victor drop the food he is eating behind his house suddenly walk inside the house and hurried away out the compound which amaze his mother that stands there looking at him mouth agape.
Ada pass through mud houses heading into outskirt of the town then take the lonely narrow route leading to Ogadi’s house a shadow is in the bush but she is not aware she is not alone, Victor step out of the bush when the singing girl is not vigilant of where she is, he walk hastly covering ground but Ada pause singing when she feels like something is with her but Victor halt his chase too and tiptoe closer to her she look down and sideways but find nothing to be afraid of she thought of looking back to see if anything is behind her, but she felt a grip of a strong hand on her body she tried to scream but Victor beat her to it he cover her mouth then drag her inside the bush, she struggle to remove the hand from her mouth to scream then alert helpers but her try is not enough Victor push her towards a tree she hit her head and felt a strong pain that weakens her resistance he hastly tear her shirts off her body then force the bra off her rounded boobs and feast on her n—–s, he sU-Ck on them while she is unconcious he unbelt then drag his hard d–k out then flip her over push her mini skirt up her waist her white pant come into display

“I no fit put my p—k inside this public toilet”he said while he spit on his hard d–k then jerk his d–k faster to bring more supporting veins he groan “oooh, hmm” he push two fingers into Ada’s p—y to make it get wet then scoop her wet to her tiny butthole, until it slippery to accomodate two fingers he push his hard big d–k to her butthole ring which could not accomodate his size so he nestle it pass her butthole then push into her butthole with force which made her scream “Jesus ooh!my nyash don tear ooh” she keep on weeping but Victor did not take pity he keep thrusting in and out of her a-s with pace “b—–d!aaah!oooh em no go better for you!” Ada cried out wince in pleasure pain.
“who is that ?” Ogadi point his torch to his house entrance road with sharp matchet when he heard Ada’s pitiful voices, he walk towards the road he……


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