THE UNEXPECTED LOVE…..(18+)…..Part 73


Her name is Tochukwu Desmond. She has
a meek heart that makes her cry and
forgives easily. She hardly think of any
person to be evil or dangerous because she
is pure in heart. How would she had known
that she was about to be killed by a friend
whom she forgave and trusted only
because she’s a good and kind hearted
girl? With joy, she entered in the resident of
Mr Luster with her friend, Linda whose
mind never departed from the horrible
dream she had. They saw other students
and people who also came for the party
when they finally entered into the
sittingroom sparkling with beauty. Vivian
came around and hugged them looking
classic and beautiful too.
“Thank God you finally came” she said
smiling at Tochi while Linda stared at her
smiling unwillingly.
“What are friends for? Tochi replied.
“Do you want to talk to Wisdom? I can call
him for you”
“No, i have done that already. You can’t
believe how happy he was to know that i
passed my exams”
“Yes, that’s how it should be” they smiled
and stared at each other. Suddenly, Mrs
Luster came out well dressed with a car
key in her hand. Vivian introduced her to
her friends then she went out immediately
to Women’s Meeting. One could see a disc
joker (DJ) at a corner getting ready with
the music and drinks on the table. Linda
sat closely with Tochi glancing at her wrist
watch and the door occasionally,
anticipating to see Kingsley.
“Don’t worry, he will come” Tochi her.
“I’m missing him already” she replied.
“I said don’t worry, Kingsley can’t
disappoint us. Why don’t you try calling
“He’s number isn’t going through”
“Then relax”
Few minutes later, the party began by
Tochi standing close to Vivian before all the
people. Linda’s mind wasn’t there, she kept
staring at the door hopping to see Kingsley
walked through it. Meanwhile, Vivian had
poured a wine into a special glass cup
where she added the poison and handed it
to Tochi who smiled at her when collecting
it. Everybody in the building also had their
wine in their hands with exact glass cup
and quantity of wine. Even Linda and
“First i want to thank God for a successful
result” Vivian began. “I’m so happy that i
and my friend Tochi made it at last. Sorry,
one of us, Kingsley Santo is not yet here
but i believe he is on his way coming”
Hearing that, Linda glanced at the door
Vivian continued, “I’m using this medium to
say sorry to any person i have offended
especially my friends, Tochi and Linda even
Kingsley. I also thank you all for coming.
May God bless you all” she concluded and
people clapped.
“I also give thanks to God for making me
who i am today” Tochi began. “It all started
like nothing but has ended like someone. I
give credit to all my friends and teacher’s
especially Mr Anuma for his big big
Hearing that people began to giggle.
Tochi continued, “I also thank my
boyfriend, Wisdom who is schooling
abroad. I will never forget Linda who had
always encouraged and stood by me in
times of difficulties and sorrows. All
contributed for who i am today. So i say
God bless them and bless you all in Jesus
“Amen!!” people responded and began to
“So, lets toast for success and the party to
begin” Vivian said raising up her glass of
wine likewise other people in the building.
“For success!”
“For success!” all shouted and began to
drink their wine then the DJ scratched a hot

In London, having the feelings that
something bad was about to happen to
Tochi, Wisdom’s books fell from his hands
immediately he stood up to go home after
lectures. He tried to pick them up severally
but they kept falling from his hands. For
the last time he gently picked them up but
stumbled at the door.
“Oh, my God!” a lady shouted and help him
“Thank you” Wisdom said.
“Are you okay?”
“I’m fine”
The lady began to help him park his fallen
books with smiles on her face. She was a
complete black American.
Wisdom didn’t have an idea what was
happening to him so he became sad as he
went home.
Mrs Desmond, having the same feelings, a
cup of water fell from her hand and poured
all over her wrapper when she wanted to
drink it. “Chim oh!” she shouted. “What is
the meaning of this?!” she added angrily
and went inside to change up.
Still with the same feeling, Mr Anuma
started his car occasionally but refused to
kick off. Then he came out with his hands
on his waist staring at it. He was wearing a
voluminous trouser and shirt which he
tucked-in looking like a professor.
“I just came back with this car few hours
ago. Why does it want to give me a hard
time with all the sophisticated parts i
changed in it yesterday?” he murmured in
silence then entered to start the car again
but all to no avail.
Back in the resident of Mr Luster, girls and
boys drank and shook their waist to the
Timaya music blasting out of the speaker.
Yet Tochi had not taken her drink.
“You are not drinking. Drink your wine”
Vivian told her.
“Okay” she replied..


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