THE UNEXPECTED LOVE…..(18+)…..Part 7


Melody hung her school bag and was
ready to take off to school. Her uniform
looks cleaned and ironed to the extent that
the shape of her pant was seen through the
green tight skirt.
“Melody!” the mother called and came out
with a bunch of money. “This is your
school fees” she handed it to her.
“Thank you, Mum” Melody collected it and
walked away.
Tochi wore her uniform with a black shoe
looking like a smart student. She was able
to locally plaite her hair like other students
in Winners International Secondary School.
Her beauty began to showcase gradually.
“Mama!” she called coming out through a
passage. Her mother couldn’t believe how
good she was looking in her uniform when
she saw her.
“Yes, mama”
“You look beautiful!”
“Thank you, mama. I will be going now”
“Won’t you eat?”
“No, mama, I’m already late. Don’t worry i
have some money for my breakfast”
“Alright, learn well oh”
“Okay, Mama!” her voice echoed from the
Just at the entrance of the school
compound through a narrow road filled
with bushes beside it, Melody discovered
her school fees lost. She brought down her
bag and scattered the books yet she
couldn’t find it. She saw a minor opening,
then she concluded that the money must
had fallen off through the opening.
“Oh God, I’m finished!” she exclaimed and
began to walk back following the narrow
road. Her eyes had already filled with tears
waiting to drop at anytime. Just inbetween
the road she saw Wisdom coming and both
stared at each other…
Meanwhile, Jennifer and Calista were
already in school just like other students.
The time was just five minutes before
assembly will take place.
Esther who had not seen Tochi or Wisdom
began to walk to the other building of the
senior section to check on them. She
climbed a corridor and walked majestically
with a white handkerchief in her hand. Her
buttocks swung to and fro as she walked.
She was very beautiful.
At the other end of the corridor, Calista and
Jennifer were also walking like a queen and
her maid. Jennifer disdained Esther and
hissed when they met at the centre of the
“What was that for, Jennifer?” Esther
“Did you hear your name?”
“But why exhibiting such character in my
Jennifer kept quiet and began to catwalk.
“Listen, don’t try such thing again in my
presence or i will show you were you
belong” Esther concluded point at her with
the handkerchief.
“You can’t do anything, okay?!” Jennifer
responded without looking at her.

Wisdom expected Melody to hiss and walk
away as usual but she stood still looking at
him with the tears that engulfed her eyes.
After some moment without both of them
greeting or saying anything, Wisdom
passed her.
“Wisdom!” Melody called him back and he
“What is it?”
“Please, did you see any money on your
way coming?”
“Ten thousand naira?”
“Yes! Did you see it?! It is my school fees!”
Wisdom quietly brought out the money
from his pocket and gave it to her. “I saw it
on the ground” he said and continued
“Thank you so much!” Melody shouted
from behind and Wisdom turned. He didn’t
say anything but only nodded his head.
Just then the bell rang.
Tochi was not yet in school and students
were already on the assembly ground.
Prefects blocked all the entrances waiting
for late comers. Wisdom moved around
monitoring students while Esther led the
students on the assembly ground.
Suddenly, Tochi arrived and was told to
kneel down by a prefect who sat on a stool
with a fat cane in his hand.
“I said kneel down!” he shouted at her
Tochi frowned her face.
Wisdom sighted them and walked to the
place. He couldn’t believe how beautiful
Tochi was looking in her uniform but he
didn’t care.
“Don’t bother her, she will cut grass” he
told the prefect.
“Hey, senior! I will kneel down. In fact I’m
already kneeling” Tochi went on her kneels.
“I don’t go back to my words. You must
cut grass” Wisdom ordered for a marchet
and he stretched it to her. “Stand up and
take it!” he exclaimed.
Meanwhile Esther, Jennifer and few
students were looking at them from the
assembly ground.
“Senior, please, i beg you, rather flog me
than giving me such a punishment” Tochi
pleaded with a shaking voice yet Wisdom
wasn’t smiling.
Tochi gently stood up and sadly collected
the marchet.
“Clear the whole field” Wisdom instructed.
“I will not do that one oh! How can you
give me a whole football field to cut? It is
now a nefarious punishment” Tochi used
the same grammar Mr Anuma taught her
and Wisdom became surprise!
“What is nefarious?” he asked.
Tochi wanted to respond but the presence
of Mr Anuma interrupted her.
Mr Anuma couldn’t believe her beautiful
look in her uniform.
“Desmond” he called. “You were once
regarded as a personanongrata and looking
yucky, now look at how unique and
extravagant beautiful you are!”
“Hey! Sir u have finished me oh!” Tochi


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