THE UNEXPECTED LOVE…..(18+)…..Part 57


Esther wore a tight red gown with a red
wetlips. She was startled and glanced at
the door when she heard the sound of the
car at the gate, then her heart began to
beat faster to the extent she stood up from
her seat. Of course Chester noticed her
fear so he told her to stay calmed.
Meanwhile, Mrs Silva and Maria walked
majestically from the car into the house.
They were looking classic and beautiful.
Maria wore a blue fairy gown with a blue
hair on her head, even her bag had the
same colour. They entered into the
sittingroom then Esther stood up instantly.
“Good day ma’am” she greeted with her
hands folded downward.
“Good day” Mrs Silva responded and
looked at her up and down. Maria also
disdained her before sitting down.
“Welcome, Mum” Chester also greeted
standing close to Esther.
“Thank you. Who is she?” the mother asked
with a leg on the stairs waiting to climb up.
“Mum, her name is Esther. She’s my friend
and also my classmate”
“Okay” she replied and took two stepped up
the stairs but turned again. “Who are your
parents?” she asked Esther.
“They are Mr And Mrs Godwin, ma’am” she
replied feeling her heartbeat.
Mrs Silva waited for a moment before she
said, “I hope you know that your classmate
will be traveling abroad in few days..?”
“Mum..” Chester interrupted.
“Shut up!” the mother rebuked him and
turned to Esther again.
“Yes, Ma’am, i am aware” Esther replied
and bent her head downward.
“Okay, that’s good” Mrs Silva said.
“Chester, you need a time with Maria” she
added and went upstairs then Maria stood
up gently. She wanted to touch Chester but
he withdrew himself.
“Just seat down!” he commanded her.
Meanwhile, Esther had took off to the door.
“Esther! Esther!!” Chester pursued her. But
before he got outside he saw her running
towards the gate. She opened it and
vanished instantly…
Kingsley quickly rushed Tochi when he saw
that she was ready to go home. Meanwhile,
Mr Anuma had called Wisdom’s parents
and informed them that he had reached his
destinations. They were so glad to hear
“Can i talk to you, please?” Kingsley asked
“About what?” she asked and adjusted
towards a palm tree.
“About us” Kingsley began. “You need to
understand how i feel for you. I really
“Kingsley, it cannot work” Tochi
“But why? I love you so much”
“You should know why because you are not
new in this school. I have to go please”
Tochi walked out.
Kingsley went back to his classroom
sluggishly. He sat down quietly gazing at
the floor. He sometimes looked out through
the window to see if there would be
anything that would drive away the
sadness in him. Suddenly, Vivian arrived
with her bag on her back.
“Hi” she said.
“Haven’t you gone?” Kingsley asked looking
at the window.
“No, still waiting for my driver”
They remained quiet then Vivian took a
“Did you talk to her?” she asked.
“Yes, but.. but..”
“I understand, just try to sent her a
present” Vivian interrupted.
“Yes” she smiled.
“I will do anything just to hear her say she
loves me”
“Then push on, I’m at your side” vivian
stood up and walked out when she saw her

Chester angrily walked back inside the
house. He found his mother coming down
the stairs while Maria sat on the cushion
with her legs crossed.
“Where is your classmate?” Mrs Silva asked
from the stairs.
“She has gone, mum”
“So soon? Well, you should stop mingling
with lowlife girls and concentrate on your
education” she gradually sat down. “I have
prepared your papers” she added.
“Paper? For what?”
“For your trip”
“Mum, please, don’t do this to me”
“Chester, stop sounding like a local child”
Maria interfered.
“Shut up there!” Chester shouted pointing
his fingers at her which started both her
and her mother.
“Chester, have you gone nut?!” the mother
“Mum, i don’t like what you are doing?” he
stood up to walked out.
“Don’t you dare walk out on me!” he
stopped without looking back. “Whether
you like it or not you are leaving this
country in the next few days! Do you
understand me?!”
Chester entered into his room without
Esther ran into her room with tears in her
eyes. She cleaned it occasionally but it was
still pouring out. Suddenly, she saw her
phone ringing but refused to pick it even
when she knew it was Chester. But when
he persisted, she picked up.
“Please, forgive me” Chester pleaded on the
“Is okay, you haven’t done anything wrong.
I should be the one apologizing for
interrupting you and your guest”
“She’s not my guest! She’s my mum’s!
Please, don’t take it that way”
“I need to be alone now” Esther concluded
and cut the call.
Vivian couldn’t wait for Wisdom to put her
call when she dialed his number. She stood
in front of a standing mirror in a her room
admiring her attractive naked body as she
waited, but there was no response. She
dialed the number again for the second
time before Wisdom picked…


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