THE UNEXPECTED LOVE…..(18+)…..Part 41


The lesson lasted for 1hr and Tochi
escorted Wisdom as usual.
“Promise me you will make me proud next
week” Wisdom told her but she didn’t
answer rather she began to bite her
“There is no reason to be scared. Just
believe in yourself and you will make it,
“Okay, thank you” Tochi replied.
“See you next week, but make sure you
keep studying”
“I will” they hugged and departed.
It was the quiz day. All students came to
school as early as possible. The school hall
was decorated with different colours of
fabric and chairs arranged in order. A dim
light shone at the centre of the place meant
for the participants. Esther entered into her
classroom and saw Chester keeping his
“Good morning, Chester” she greeted and
“Morning, welcome” Chester replied looking
at her. But she stopped and turned.
“How was your weekend?” she asked.
“It was fine. And you?”
They stared at each other. Chester could
see her glowing with smiles and beauty.
“I’m sorry..” both said at the same time and
paused still smiling.
“I’m sorry for acting woozy the other time”
Esther said.
“Is okay, i understand. I’m also sorry for..
kissing you”
“No, you shouldn’t be. It was actually nice”
she smiled.
“Really? Does that make us friends?”
“No, that makes us more than a friend” she
replied and smiled out looking charming.
Chester couldn’t believe it! “Yes!!” he
exclaimed silently and walked out.
The assembly and other school activities
ended very well. Now was the time for the
quiz. The bell was wrong and all the
students began to move into the hall.
Melody and Calista met Esther on her way
to the hall too and they gave her
unexpected hugged.
“Come on, girls, what’s this hug for?”
Esther asked smiling. “I hope you are not
planning to kidnap me”
“Yes, we want to kidnap you” Calista
replied. “After all Chester is capable of
paying a ransom” she added and they
“You girls are not serious”
“You look beautiful today oh. Tell us the
secret” Melody requested.
“Yes, tell us” Calista supported.
“It seems like they sent both of you to
tempt me this afternoon. Well, lets go and
win the quiz, after we talk about that”
Esther replied and they smiled out like big
friends holding hands together. Just at the
entrance of the hall, Tochi met them.
“Good day seniors” she greeted smiling.
“Hey Tochi!!” all shouted.
“I hope you are going to make us proud”
Esther said.
“Aren’t you supporting your class?” Tochi
“Forget about our class. We are supporting
you” Calista said.
“Thank you!” she exclaimed smiling and
they walked in.
The hall was populated with more than one
thousand students. Mr Anuma and the
principal’s with other teachers walked to
the front of all students. Wisdom, Chester
and the other prefects walked around with
canes to keep everybody calm.
“Good afternoon students?!”
“Good afternoon sir!”
Mr Nelson began with a microphone in his
hand. “Today is the day we all have been
waiting for. The participants are required to
come up here if they hear their names”
Mr Anuma began to call the names. As he
called, students clapped. When Tochi was
called, she looked at Wisdom who smiled
at her broadly and her heart skipped.
Few minutes later, the quiz commenced. As
brilliant students, SS3 was winning the SS2
with one point but just at the end, SS2 met
up with them with the help of Tochi who
answered several questions and Mr Anuma
couldn’t believe it! Only a question was
“SS3, what is the meaning of the word

The hall became quiet anticipating to know
the winner. SS3 participants couldn’t think
of the meaning of EXPOSTULATE.
“It means to move from one place to
another” one of them answered.
“Wrong! Bonus to the SS2”
Hearing that, students became more quiet.
“Come on Tochi!” Wisdom exclaimed in his
mind. Then Tochi stood up at the sight of
everybody and said, “Expostulate means to
argue or disagree about something”
There was a thunderous clap and shout in
the hall and without wasting time prices
were given to d SS2 participants especially
“I’m very impress for the performance of
the SS2 students..” the principal narrated
and gave Tochi microphone to say
something, then all the hall became quiet.
Before she started tears ran down from her
“I thank you all who supported and show
me kindness. I thank Mr Anuma for his
help, even Wisdom who sacrificed to make
sure i win this quiz. I was once regarde as
personanongrata but they accepted and
made me believe in myself. I also say a big
thank u to my friends, Linda, Esther,
Chester Melody and Calista, even d
principal. Thank u all!” everybody began to
clap. Wisdom’s eyes caught with hers and
they smiled again.
Jennifer never hesitated to study her
books. She sat outside with a book before
her remembering all her friends and past
actions in school, then tears ran down from
her eyes.


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