THE UNEXPECTED LOVE…..(18+)…..Part 32


There was an arising noise at the line where
Jennifer and Calista were actually battling
with each other which brought the principal
and students’ attention. At that time,
Calista had held Jennifer’s waist struggling
to kiss her lips. As she struggled, she
placed a hand under her skirt and raised it
up at the very sight of all the students.
“Hey! Aah!” everybody began to shout.
“Oh Lala!” Mr Anuma exclaimed. “What are
my eyes beholding?!” he added moving
forward. B4 he got they, Wisdom was
already there as the senior preface but
what his eyes saw drew him back leaving
the girls to handle it but none came close
to them.
“Please nah, i love you so much just kiss
me” Calista said aloud and everybody
shouted, “Hheeeeeehh!”
“Lesbians oh!” a male voice came from the
However, Jennifer had realised that she
misused the charm as she battled with her
uniform trying to disengaged herself from
“Hey, both of you!” Mr Anuma pointed at
two girls. “Go and separate them and cover
them up” he ordered.
“No sir, we can’t do that oh” they insisted
because they knew that such an act wasn’t
ordinary. Nobody agreed to touch them
until the principal and the female teachers
grabbed them.
“Please, take them inside my office” he
instructed and followed them angrily.
As the female teachers dragged them into
the office, Calista was still shouting, “I love
you so much, Jennifer, just kiss me or
make love to me, please!”
“Heeeeehh!” the students shouted again.
“Holy Mary!” a female student added.
“Silent all of you!” Mr Anuma exclaimed
angrily and placed one of his hands in his
Without being told, Wisdom picked up a
cane to calm all the students down and
made them stay in lines. Then everywhere
became quiet.
“This nefarious act which my eyes has
beholden this morning is unwittingly!” Mr
Anuma began and the students shouted,
“Is it pernicious!”
“And I’m so perplexed and woozy for this
very act which has no aggrandizement
rather make one to perpetrate! Oh Lala!!!”
“Sir fire on!!” a male voice shouted from
the crowd.
“We are going to dig out the very cause of
this act and i assure you, a serious action
will be taken” he walked out out angrily.
“Esther!” Wisdom called. “Please dismiss
them” he ordered.
Esther didn’t respond rather she quietly
carried out the instruction.

The whole school wasn’t stable anymore.
Each classroom talked about the very act
of Jennifer and Calista. Some criticized
them and concluded that they were
lesbians while some pitied them and
wondered what caused the act.
Tochi was speechless with her hands
folded staring at Linda who wasn’t
“I told you” she began. “That Jennifer is
dangerous, she was up to something. Who
knows if she was targeting you or Wisdom
to be disgraced? We are going to fine out
the main cause of the act soon”
“Can it be that they are lesbians?” Tochi
“Is that how lesbians show themselves?”
Just at that moment, a student came and
interrupted them.
“I’m looking for Tochi?” he said.
“Is me, any problem?”
“Esther is calling you” the boy said and
Tochi stared at Linda.
“Okay, I’m coming” she stood up and
followed the boy.
Esther was actually with Melody at the
window when Tochi walked in.
“Good morning seniors” she greeted, then
Esther smiled at her which gave her hope
and made her believe that things were well.
“I told you not to call me senior” Esther told
her with smiles.
“I’m sorry”
“Just sit down” she brought a chair for her.
“I’m in a good mood today, i want you to
forget whatever that is between two of us,
“Okay, thank you very much” Tochi smiled.
“So let’s gist” she brought her seat closer.
“Did you see what happened this morning?”
“Hmm, I’m speechless oh” Tochi smiled
and they laughed.
Jennifer broke down in tears as she was on
her knees while Calista was still demanding
for more kiss and sex. She was actually in
a teacher’s hand struggling to get off to
Jennifer. Teachers round the office while
the principal sat on his seat looking woozy.
“Mbakwe” he called. “Explain the meaning
of this act”
“Jennifer speak up!” another teacher
“Are you two lesbians or succubus?” Mr
Anuma also asked.
“No oh, sir we are not lesbians”
“Then why this type of disgrace you have
brought upon my school? Ehn?!” the
Principal exclaimed.
“Speak up before i descend on you!” Mr
Anuma shouted and raised his cane
properly to flog.
“It is a charm, sir” Jennifer confessed.
“A charm?”
“Yes, love charm”
“Jesus!” the female teachers exclaimed.
“Was the charm meant for Calista?” Mr
Nelson was still inquisitive.
“No, is was for Wisdom but i misused it”
“Oh Lala! What a wicked attitude from
juvenile like you?!” Mr Anuma shouted.
“I think we need to consult their parents”
the principal suggested. “Please, tell
Wisdom to gather all the students in front
of my office now” he told Mr Anuma…


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