THE UNEXPECTED LOVE…..(18+)…..Part 26


Tochi went to school with a heavy heart
feeling like she had been deprived from her
right. She never ceased to appear beautiful
and lovely in the sight of boys especially
Wisdom. She made sure she was in school
as early as possible. She walked
majestically on the road leading to her
classroom where she saw Wisdom coming
from the other side of the road. They came
closer without looking at each other.
“Good morning, senior” Tochi greeted but
Wisdom didn’t respond, then she passed
him but suddenly turned. “Won’t you
answer my greetings?” she asked.
“When you are ready to greet me, you call
me by my name” Wisdom replied.
Tochi gave a weak smile. “Good morning,
Wisdom” she repeated.
“Good morning, Welcome” he replied and
also gave a weak smile.
Melody, who had small feelings for Wisdom
got rid of it immediately when she knew
that it won’t favor her and planned to be
closer to Esther and Tochi. However, Esther
couldn’t wait to express her feelings to
Wisdom. She came immediately after Tochi
left into her classroom and met Wisdom on
the same road.
“Good morning, Wisdom” she greeted
glowing with smiles and even gave him one
sided hug.
“You look beautiful and happy this
morning” Wisdom smiled too.
“Why shouldn’t i be?”
“Wow! Good to hear”
They stared at each other.
“Can i see you..” both said at the same
time and laughed.
“You go first” Esther suggested.
At that moment, Tochi came out and saw
them in such a close range, then she
became jealous staring at them.
“No, you go first” Wisdom insisted.
“Okay, i wanted to ask if i can see you after
school hour”
“That’s the same thing i wanted to ask”
“That means we have the same thing in
“Okay, see you then” Esther concluded nd
walked out just to see Tochi looking at her.
They stared at each other, then Esther
hissed and went into her classroom.
Jennifer and Calista also came to school
without smiling monitoring Tochi’s
movement but didn’t see any implication.
Melody was more familiar with Esther than
initial. They stayed inside the classroom
cracking jokes but Melody suddenly wore a
different face.
“What is it?” Esther asked her.
“Is it true you love Wisdom?”
“Who told you?”
“Of course yesterday’s drama made it
Esther remained quiet remembering the all
“What if i say i love him?” she asked.
“That will be great! But what of Jennifer?”
“And so? Why is everyday scared of her?”
“I’m just saying”
Just at that moment, Tochi walked in after
taking permission, then Esther frowned her
“Good day seniors” Tochi greeted.
“Welcome” Melody replied.
“Esther, can i talk to you?”
“But i want you to understand that..”
“I said no!” Esther interrupted her angrily.
“Take it easy nah, listen to her!” Melody
“No, i will not. I have nothing to do with her
anymore. Come, who allowed this girl into
this class?!” she exclaimed and
strong_headed boys appeared immediately
and chased Tochi away.
“You are so mean to her” Melody said.
“That girl is a betrayer”
“Hmm” She remained quiet.

Chester cornered Tochi after Wisdom told
him to wait for him to talk to Esther as they
planned. Students had gone home even
Jennifer who had been monitoring Tochi’s
“Chester, i want to go” Tochi told him at
the entrance the her road home.
“Okay, but can i ask you something?”
“What is it?”
“Do you really love Wisdom?”
Hearing that, her heart began to beat again
and feeling scared.
“Don’t lie to me, do you love him?” Chester
persuaded then she nodded her head
Tochi gradually turned to go but stopped
and looked at Chester.
“Where is Wisdom?” she asked.
“He’s with Esther?”
Hearing that, her heart skipped thinking
that Wisdom was actually carryingout her
instructions, so she went home
There was no student in the class where
Wisdom stood at the window with Esther in
a way Esther laid her back on the wall. She
gradually grabbed his waist and stared into
his eyes.
“So tell me that which you wanted to tell
me?” she said smiling.
“No, you go first” Wisdom expostulated.
“No, i disagree”
“Okay, if you say so” Wisdom began. “I
want you to understand that Tochi have
nothing to do with me. By the way, why are
you even angry with her?”
Esther remained quiet biting her finger,
them Wisdom gently remove it.
“I only came here to tell you that she’s
“Then who does your heart beat for?”
Esther asked but Wisdom became quiet.
Esther could sense that it wasn’t her then
she touched his cheeks and said, “Wisdom,
i love you with all my heart. Please, tell me
that u love me too, or am i not beautiful
“U are very beautiful my dear and i like you
as a friend”
“Who then do you love?”
“Is Tochi! My heart beat for,her”
Esther began to shed tears. “Please, don’t
do this to me” she said.
“I’m sorry, Esther” Wisdom gradually
disengaged himself from her and walked
“Wisdom, please!” Esther cried…


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