THE UNEXPECTED LOVE…..(18+)…..Part 22


The more she walked the more beautiful
she appeared. She wore the correct ironed
uniform-white lone sleeve shirt and green
skirt. And on her head was a green barrette
which some part of her hair came out and
dangled around her cheek. Her black shoe
fitted perfectly with the white stockings.
She hung her one-handed bag across one
of her shoulder with a white handkerchief
in her hand. Immediately she saw Wisdom
she began to smile. Wisdom could see part
of her yellowish thighs from the short skirt
she wore looking very attractive and
sexually arose.
“Wow!” he exclaimed still with his hands in
his pockets.
“Good morning” Tochi greeted and smiled
in his presence but suddenly bent down her
“You look absolutely exquisite” Wisdom
used the exact grammar Mr Anuma used
on him.
“Chei! Are you abusing me? The grammar
is too much oh”
“My dear you look beautiful”
“Thank you. You too”
“And you are too early today. Why?”
“I promised you never to come to school
late again”
“That’s good” they became quiet smiling at
each other, then Tochi gently passed him
in a way her arm touched his. She walked
into her class without looking back, then
Wisdom smiled. Few minutes later he went
to her classroom and saw her rehearsing
what they learnt on Saturday.
“Come lets take a work” Wisdom
“But I’m busy”
“Just stand up” he held her by the hand
and took her up.
They walked neatly around the school
compound like couples.
“I want to ask you something” Tochi began.
“Do you know how it feels to be inlove?”
“Yes, why asking?”
“Because someone is having the feelings
and dying to hear you say you love her”
Wisdom became surprise at her words. He
was actually thinking that she was
indirectly telling him that she loves him. So
he asked, “Who is this girl you are talking
“It is Esther”
Wisdom stopped and stared at her. He was
disappointed for the second time without
knowing what to say.
“Yes, Wisdom” Tochi continued staring at
him too. “She’s madly inlove with you. Why
can’t you give her a chance? She’s my
friend and I’m to be by her side always,
please, give her a chance”
“But i don’t have any feelings for her!”
“Then develop it”
“I can’t! I have tried severally. My heart
beat for only one woman. She’s the person
i dream of day and night. How do you
expect me to neglect my feelings?”
Tochi’s heart began to beat again as she
stared and listened to him.
“Who is the woman your heart beat for?”
she asked.
Wisdom wanted to respond but the
presence of Jennifer who stood in their
presence prevented him. She looked at
Both of them angrily and hissed, then she
walked away.
“Please, i have to go” Tochi also walked
out but Wisdom held her back.
“I’m sorry, leave me alone” she added but
Wisdom wouldn’t listen, then she get his
hand off by force and walked into her
classroom. She tried to think of how she
feels for Wisdom, how girls flock around
him, how she wasn’t in the same category
with them and tears dropped from her

All the responsible students arrived
including Esther, Chester, Melody and
Calista. Just before the assembly was due,
Chester went to Esther’s locker where she
was bringing out her hymn book and
startled her.
“Hi, good morning” he greeted.
“Good morning” Esther smiled at him and
continued looking for the book. She
thought of why Chester came to her that
morning because it was unlike him.
“Can you give me your attention, please?”
Chester requested, then she turned and
smiled again. Her wetlips and power made
her beauty sparkle.
“I want you to have this” Chested handed a
package to her.
“What is this?” she gently took it smiling.
“It is for you and you alone”
Esther gradually opened it and couldn’t
believe her eyes-a Samsung Galaxy cell
“Oh my God!” she exclaimed and looked at
him. “Thank you” she said with a sad face.
“What is it?” Chester asked.
“I know you can afford this regarding your
background but i can’t accept it. My
parents will ask questions” to her surprise
Chester brought out another package and
handed it to her.
“I knew you will say something like this
that’s why i made it two. It is a novel for
women written by #Bright_Daniel, i hope
you like it?” Chester said.
“I love it!” she exclaimed and glanced at the
title; THE HEART OF WOMEN. “I like
reading Bright Daniel’s novels. Thank you
so much” she added.
“You are welcome” Chester walked away.
“But Chester!” she called him back. “Why
are you giving me gifts?”
“Because you are my friend” he replied.
“Thank you once again”
“You are welcome once again” he smiled
and departed.
The bell was rung and students went to the
assembly ground. Tochi saw Jennifer
monitoring her and making nefarious signs
at her. She sensed that she was in trouble
or probably will be beaten up by her or
group of senior students. Wisdom looked
disappointed and refused to talk or go to
the assembly ground. Esther and Melody
occasionally looked at him and wondered
what was goin on..


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