THE UNEXPECTED LOVE…..(18+)…..Part 18


Everything was clearly seen and
understood by Esther and Chester as they
watched Wisdom and Tochi waking to
them in such a suspicious manner. They
were walking fast but to the eyes of Esther
it seemed they were in slow motion.
“Isn’t Tochi his heartbeat?” Esther asked
“Do you think so?” he threw back the
“Isn’t it obvious? I can remember the type
of eyes Wisdom looked at her this morning”
“We shouldn’t just conclude like that.
Though i will find out from him”
Just at the very eyes of Esther, Tochi and
Wisdom arrived.
“Good day seniors” Tochi greeted but
Esther didn’t respond. Only Chester
“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting bro”
Wisdom shook hands with him. He noticed
that Esther wasn’t happy but he pretended
not to see her.
“Can i talk to you, bro?” Chester requested
and they adjusted to a distance leaving
only Esther and Tochi who looked at each
“Esther, you are not happy” Tochi broke the
silence. “What is the problem?” she added.
“Nothing is the problem. Why have you not
gone?” she folded her hands.
“Wisdom said i should wait for him”
“Really? And when did you start calling him
by his name?”
“I’m sorry, i mean senior Wisdom”
“Why did he tell you to wait for him?”
Tochi knew that she couldn’t disclose the
main reason, otherwise it will cause a big
problem. Then she replied and said, “He
only decided to go with me”
“Are you sure there is nothing going on
between you and him?”
“No oh”, Tochi exclaimed, then Esther
moved closer to her and placed her hand
on her shoulder.
“Tochi my friend” she began. “You know
that it will break my heart to see Wisdom
with you. Please, never allow him to do
that. Even though he propose, reject it,
“Now i need that your former suggestion”
“What suggestion?”
“I want you to make Wisdom realise that i
love him. Can you do that for me?”
Tochi nodded her head. “Yes, i can” she
On the other hand, Chester brought down
his voice and said, “Guy, to be frank with
you, Esther loves you very much. Just give
her a chance”
“What are you talking about, bro?”
“I’m just telling you the truth”
Wisdom, being wise and intelligent
understood that Esther must have been the
one who sent him to convince him.
“By the way” Chester broke the silence. “I
want to ask you again. You and Tochi are
becoming suspicious. What is going on?”
“Nothing is going on bro. We are doing
nothing, i haven’t even told her anything
about my feelings”
“There i got you!” Chester exclaimed. “Now,
do you have feelings for her or not? I mean
do you love her?”
Wisdom remained quiet for sometimes
staring at him.
“Guy, is a crime?” he asked and continued,
“I’m beginning to have strong feelings for
her. Is it my fault that i don’t feel anything
for Esther or any other girl?”
Chester became dumb hearing Wisdom
confessing his feelings to him. Then he
exhaled deeply.
“This is unexpected love” he said.
“Yes bro, and i can’t hide my feelings
forever. I have to let her know how i feel”
“But it gonna be disastrous. Remember
what Jennifer did and said today. You and
i know that Tochi will be in a very big
trouble for this journey you are about to
Wisdom remained quiet.
“Well, i wish you good luck” Chester
concluded and shook hands with him
again. He waved at Esther and Tochi with
smiles on his face and went home.
Wisdom returned to the two girls and both
followed him until he locked all the
classrooms. Then they began to go home…

Jennifer angrily kept her bag and folded
her arms. The mother came out, she tied a
wrapper and bathroom slippers were on
her feet. On her head was a grey hair and a
black hair. And in her hands were a bunch
of leaf with a knife.
“Jennifer, what is it? Who offended you?”
she asked but Jennifer didn’t respond.
“Is it your teacher?”
“No” she groaned.
“Then who put you in this moon?”
“Nobody, my friend only betrayed me”
“How? And who’s your friend?” she waited
for an answer but didn’t get one. “When
you are ready to talk, you let me know” she
concluded and went to the backyard.
Just at the place the rain met Tochi and
Wisdom the previous day, Esther held
Wisdom’s hand and flung it to and fro.
Tochi remained quiet pretending not to be
“When are you going to visit me?” Esther
asked Wisdom.
“You really want me to visit u?”
“Yes, at least you know the house of your
future in-law” she smiled looking at him.
“Yes, that’s good” Wisdom glanced through
Esther to see Tochi and their eyes caught.
Tochi wasn’t smiling, rather she stared at
the tree they stayed under the previous day
and she smiled.
“Why are you smiling looking at the tree?”
Esther asked her.
“Nothing, it only reminded me of someone”
Hearing that, Wisdom listed carefully.
“Who’s that person?” Esther wanted to
“A guy in my former school”
“Hmm.. Okay oh. Take it easy, it seems you
are falling inlove with that person, aren’t
The question made Tochi and Wisdom
looked at each other..


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