THE UNEXPECTED LOVE…..(18+)…..Part 14


Tochi was not only capturing the attention
of students, but also the love of teachers
especially Mr Anuma. Her illiterate behavior
began to disappear gradually as she
discovered the little feelings she couldn’t
explain who exactly it was for. As usual,
she stood beside Linda without minding the
students optimism.
After the singing of hymns and prayers,
just remaining the national anthem,
Wisdom, Chester and Mr Anuma
approached. They stood before the two
hundred students excluding the ones on
their way coming and the national anthem
kicked off. Wisdom stood erect like a
soldier, his eyes caught with that of Tochi
and they smiled.
Tochi was totally lust at his gaze and
handsome outfit remembering all that
happened the previous day and her
emotional feelings stirred up. Linda could
see her smiling while others were singing.
She trace her eyes to Wisdom who was
also smiling. She couldn’t believe it! Then
she cuddled her shoulder in a way that
shows: What is wrong with you? Before
Tochi realised herself.
After the anthem Mr Anuma stepped up.
“Good morning students!”
“Good morning sir”
“Briefly, i have the names of the quiz
participants. If you hear your name stand
He called the names but when Wisdom’s
name was called all the SS2 students
shouted, “No! no! no!” because they knew
just Wisdom alone can win the competition.
Meanwhile, he was already smiling moving
to and fro with his hands behind him. He
felt like all the power of knowledge was
bestowed on him.
“Caleb!” Mr Anuma called. “You have heard
what they said. What can you say about
All the students remained quiet to know
what Wisdom would say. Esther couldn’t
stop smiling and admiring him. Jennifer’s
heart sank into her stomach and Melody
couldn’t stop enjoying his smiles.
“My fellow students” Wisdom began still
with his hands behind him. “I will agree on
your opinions to deprive me of my right
academically. Yes, is my right to participate
on the quiz because i am also an SS3
student. But no problem, even without my
presence there, i assure you that we are
going to win SS2 students. Thanks you”
Tochi began a clap followed by everybody
even the SS2 students who opposed the
motion clapped for him because he was
absolutely eloquent.
“Alright” Mr Anuma began. “You have
heard him, so if you want to challenge his
statement study your books, okay?” he
gradually stepped down and Wisdom
signaled Esther to dismissed the assembly.
In the classroom, students began to study
their books quietly-but a little murmuring
echoed the whole room. Linda occasionally
glanced at Tochi. She could sense that she
was a bit different than the previous day.
“Is there anything you are not telling me?”
she asked her.
“I don’t understand”
“You are different today and i saw you
smiling with Wisdom”
“What are you saying? I’m still the Tochi
you know” she smiled and tap her
“Are you hiding something from me?”
“No oh!”
“What really happened yesterday after
Tochi became quiet. “Nothing happened”
she replied without looking at her and
began to open the pages of her book
Linda sensed that she wasn’t telling the
truth, but she allowed her be.
“You can always talk to me, I’m your
friend” she concluded.
“Of course i know” Tochi replied.

Before Esther knew it, Chester had gone
out of the classroom. She wanted to find
out if he was able to convinced Wisdom.
Since she didn’t see him she met Tochi
and Linda outside under a palm tree.
Chester called Wisdom in the mist of
Jennifer and Calista without noticing the
presence of Calista unlike what she
“Hi, bro” Wisdom greeted.
“I’m fine, we need to discuss”
“About what?”
Chester made sure they moved away from
the hearing of Jennifer and Calista.
“I’m beginning to hate Chester” Calista told
“He isn’t noticing my presence anymore”
“Why can’t you make a move because I’m
planning to tell Wisdom today how much i
love him”
“Are you serious?!”
“Watch and see”
“What if he doesn’t love you or he rejects
“He can’t! If i don’t have him no one will!”
“Hmm, you talk like you have a skeleton in
your cupboard” they watched Wisdom and
Chester discussing too.
“I want to know what’s going on between
you and Tochi” Chester began. “I can see
how you looked at her this morning and
how she melted in your presence. You and
i know that Tochi has never been humble
to you”
Wisdom smiled. “Chester” he began, “Tochi
and i are just beginning to be friends.
That’s all!”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, why are you even interrogating me?
You have been the one telling me how
beautiful she is, indirectly telling me to
make a move”
“Well, that’s true. But why don’t you like
“Who said i don’t like Esther? Guy, is there
anything you aren’t telling me?”
“No oh. Well, if you say so”
“I’m only following the direction of my
Chester smiled and sighted Tochi and
Esther. “Let’s go and meet them” he


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