THE TEMPTRESS … (18+) … Part 17



Celine’s POV 🖤

‘Pregnant?? What on Earth are you saying there’s no way I’m pregnant!!’..I screamed at the top of my voice…

‘When last did you see your period Celine??’..He asked and I frowned deeply..

‘What sort of an embarrassing question is that?? What is your business with my menstrual cycle??’..I asked obviously with flushed cheeks and he kept coughing lightly….

‘Answer the question Celine when…when last did you see your period??’..He asked and this time more adamantly…

‘Last month half demon and it’s not yet time for the next one okay?? I’m certainly not pregnant and maybe it’s because your sickness has taken another toll entirely’..I replied and he coughed again…

‘Take me to my room please’..he rasped loudly and I quickly rested his weight on my arm..

I took him upstairs and opened his door only for me to gasp loudly as soon as I saw the grandeur of his room…

The room was painted in a bright cream and there were gold plated at the four corners of the room..

A very big potrait of a beautiful woman was above his headboard and somehow she posed a great resemblance to Damon…

‘Is she your mom??’…I asked..

‘Yeah she is but it’s none of your business anyway’..he replied as I placed him down softly on the bed…

He was breathing so hard and his temperature was so high that I had to take off his shirt..

‘Wh..what are you..what are you doing??’..He asked under his breath…

‘I’m trying to help you,you’re breathing heavily and your temperature really needs to cool down’..I replied and went into his bathroom to get a wet towel and I gasped seeing how beautiful it was..

Even the 5 star restaurant hotel doesn’t have this kind of bathroom!!..

I soaked the towel in cold water and grabbed a bucket and went back to Damon..

Fire was literally coming out of his hands but wasn’t burning anything and I quickly dabbed his hot body with the wet towel..

‘I really need you to kiss me Celine’…He rasped..

‘Isn’t that what caused this whole thing in the first place??’..I asked and before I could object further he linked his arms around my neck and kissed me lightly..

It was warm and soft but the dark possession in my body made me kiss him deeper and slowly the energy in need my body began draining slowly…

Damon watched eagerly as Celine’s eyes closed and rolled over to the left side of his bed and in an instant he began hearing snores…

‘Elmoro’..he muttered under his breath and his strength was regained..

His eyes lingered on the outline of her body…

Slim waist and curvaceous hips he gulped hard tracing the line of her spine…

What could have happened and why did the last kiss almost kill him?? He asked himself…

‘Celine’..Get mumured and in reply Celine rolled over to his side of the bed and used her legs to kick his belly…


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