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September 18, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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THE TEMPTRESS … (18+) … Part 16

4 min read



Celine’s POV 🖤

I don’t know why but seeing Damon not wearing a tailored suit or a black cloak but in a pajama made him more appealing and more relaxed for me to be with..

I’m terrified of him to death but somehow I feel drawn to him..

It’s just like there’s a connection between us and when it almost sparks he withdraws himself..

I watched as he left the room angrily just because I called him nice and before I could tease him the more my energy started draining and my eyes began closing immediately but it opened immediately I heard a loud clang from downstairs…

‘What the hell!!’…

Celine panted heavily half scared and half curious to know what was going on and what caused that loud clang from downstairs…

Maybe Damon could be up to his usual tricks she didn’t know…

She gulped hard and mustered enough strength to go downstairs only for her to see Damon with a flustered look on his face and a large full turducken on the ground…

Should she laugh??..

She didn’t know..

Should she smile??..

She didn’t know either but who would have thought or pictured a half cold demon with flour splattered all over his face…

Damon’s POV🖤

‘You look…’… Celine’s voice trailed off as soon as she saw me with the useless turducken on the floor…

‘Not another word Celine.Do not say another word’..I muttered under my breath…

‘Okay’..she replied pursing her lips but I could hear the laugh in her voice…

I bent low and carried the feasted animal which I wanted to put in the oven…

A Full turkey stuffed with duck meat and Chicken to make a TURDUCKEN…

Half demons need meat to survive and since all the stores have been closed I decided to settle with that…

My boys are in their quarters and since I’m mad at them I can’t tell them to cook for me..

‘No you…you don’t do it like that..no..turn..turn it the other way’..Celine stuttered as I placed the turducken on the baking pan…

‘This is hopeless’..I murmured under my breath and she sighed..

‘Let me help you’..she offered..

‘No thanks I can manage’..I declined and she arched her brows..

‘Don’t be such a glum half demon’..

‘Should’nt you be sleeping,you should be tired’..I replied..

Yeah come to think of it I kissed her so that means she should be asleep but she isn’t and instead she’s pretty awake..

‘I feel tired a little bit but I’ll manage’..she said..

‘Your energy should be drained I don’t understand I…’..my voice trailed off as I began coughing seriously and black blood started coming out of my mouth…

‘Oh my God are you okay?!!’..she asked as she rushed over to where I was..

‘I’m fine it’s none of your concern’..I replied..

‘No you are not!! You are literally coughing out some unusual color of blood!!’..She cried out and I held onto her for balance…

‘Celine what have you done!!’..i said aloud..

‘Me? What did I do??’..she asked with a confused expression on her face…

‘Are you by any chance pregnant??’..


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