3weeks later was janet’s pre degree
entrance exam. Thanks to God that she
would travel and I will have the chance to
speak with my “bitter-hearted” sikirat.
Janet travelled that friday evening for her
exams which would hold on saturday. I told
madam I would be going to my house that
evening but I had an arrangement with the
gate man to return to white house at 10pm
after madam’s departure for vigil. I did this
so as prevent madam from unnecessary
suspicion. I went out and returned back to
white house at 10pm. I asked of madam
from oga peter and I was told she went to
church with gideon. What a lucky night for
me, I knocked on the main entrance door
and sikirat opened it for me to enter, she
frowned her face, hissed and walk to her
room and I followed.
SIkIRAT: janet’s husband, what do you
want here when everyone is away. Ok, you
want to rob this house abi?.
ME: pls calm down sikirat, you should at
least offer me a seat.
SIKIrAT: seat for what?, please get out of
my room oooooo.
ME: ***sat down on her bed and held her
hand while she was standing****.
Sikirat,please understand me, its not what
you think, janet was just acting all those
drama to put you in pains.
SIKIRAT: what pains?, you have started
with your lies again abi!, just leave me
ME: I’m not lieing to you sikirat, you know I
loved you so much. Infact, you are the
reason for I’m staying in this house. Its just
unfortunate that we couldn’t relate. You
know janet was beefing you before, you
could see how she was monitoring you and
I up and down, she was only acting the
intimacy drama to make you feel jealous
and pained.

SIKIRAT:**sat down with me and held my
hands***. I thought as much. I knew she
must be up to something. I trust you dear
that you wouldn’t betray me.
ME:***chai!!, she don gentle fa**** trust me
I won’t.
SIKIRAT: I have missed you so much dear.
I always cry in my room anytime I see you
around aunty janet. The worst thing was
how we couldn’t relate again, atimes, I feel
like committing suicide.
We hugged each other and Our lips found
each other, we kissed and it led to a hot
romance and marathon sex that lasted till
1am before we slept. We woke up again
and had another 2 rounds of sex before
6am that I went to my room. janet returned
on saturday evening. She began to ask me
questions about what happened in the
house at her absence.I went back to my
house on monday morning but I still come
around to tutor gideon. Few days later,
janet called to inform me that she missed
her period, I was like “where did you keep
it??******You missed What!!!!!!!.


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