The following week started. Sikira resumed
lesson at my house every 5 market days.
She will stop by and spend between one
hour to two hours before going to market. I
was not sexually attracted to sikirat
because of her mode of dressing which is.
extremely local. I told her about her
dressing and she said there is nothing she
can do about it. Ok, I told her that
I will buy new cloths for her, she said she
won’t be able to wear them because its
madam that always buy the clothing for her
and she dare not
put on anything that doesn’t come from
madam. **chaiii, this madam is wicked
ooooo, she just wanted to kill
the beauty in this sikiratu, I thought**.
Whenever sikirat is around, I would take her
basic english and maths, and I gained
something new in return, sikirat will branch
at my place when coming back from the
market, she will give me part of the food
stuffs, beef and fruit she is suppose to
carry to madam. I started eating good meal
courtesy of sikiratu, since the day1 of her
lesson, I have been enjoying the same meal
as that of the white house. Most times,
sikirat will cook the soup for me before
going back home. Yet, I don’t have
the mindset of having sex with her because
she isn’t sexually attractive. We had
problem with the friday night classes
because madam and the
family always come back from church by
5am and sikirat must be met at home, so
we suspended the night
tutorials. Janet was still skipping class as
usual. From 5 classes to 4, then
to 3, now she attends only 2 classes in a
week. I dare not tell madam as instructed
otherwise, janet will make
me loose my job. All I do when during
janet’s periods is to sit down and watch
african magic while she either goes out of
the house or lock herself up in the room.
I was getting uncomfortable about janet’s
attitude and decided to speak with sikirat
about it one day during
our lessons in my house.
ME: sikirat, what is wrong with that janet
sef?, she is very lazy,
she keeps skipping class and I’m getting
fed up.
SIKIRAT: **laughs for a while**: sebi she
dey reduce your stress
ni?, then why complain?.
ME: what if she fails her next jamb exam?,
madam will sack me
that I’m not doing my work
SIKIRAT: there is nothing you can do about
it, madam had employed 3 lesson teachers
this year before you,
whenever they complain to madam about
aunty janet’s attitude.
Aunty janet will lie that the teachers want
to sleep with her, then madam will sack
ME: chaiiiiiiiiiiii. Na wa ooooo. So what do I
do now?
SIkirAT: just obey whatever she says if you
want to retain your job.
***then I thought to myself, there must be
a way out of this, but the way is what I
don’t know yet.
This is the second month of my lesson in
the white house and my second week of
lesson with sikirat. Sikirat has
been responding better, she works her
assignment very well and still, there is no
intimate attraction because sikirat will
always wear a big long gown like old
mama, and threads her hair with
rubber. The following week, sikirat arrived
my house as usual
and told me.
SIkIRAT: Onihaxy, “we can now be having
classes every friday nights”
ME: **suprised**. But how? Where? And
SiKIrAT: at our house. The white house.
ME: but you know that will not be possible.
What about the gateman?. You want to kill
SiKIRAT: you have nothing to worry about, I
have discussed everything with him. In fact
he is happy about it
and ready to help. He just wanted to see
you for confirmation.
ME: are you sure I’m save?
SiKIRAT: very sure.
After the lesson, sikirat hugged me and
later kiss me as she was leaving for
market. I was shocked and my d–k
jacked up.
SIKIRAT: I’m sorry for what I did. I just
want to appreciate you for
your support and lesson classes.
ME: you are welcome.
Sikirat left for the market, returned to my
house as usual to drop food stuffs before
going back to the white house.
The following monday. I went to the white
house for lessons as usual. On knocking
the gate, the gate man opened the gate and
said. “Oga teacher, abeg, I wan see you
We entered into his quarters directly beside
the gate. He offered me a sit and started
ME: oga peter, u say u wan see me. Hope
no problem?
Gateman:. Yes, na sikirat discuss
something with me and I wan confirm from
ME: and what is that? ***pretends as if I
didn’t know anything***
Gateman: she say she don start a lesson at
your place but the
time no reach, she come say she want
make you dey come here every friday
nights when madam and the family
go vigil.
ME: yes, she said it. So how are we going
about it?
Gateman: the thing wey go happen be say.
You go dey come around 9pm. I go sneak
you into my quarters. And when madam
and the family don go church, you go come
out go meet sikiratu
for inside. And when its 15minutes to 5am.
U go come back to my quarters because
you no fit go out until
5;30am because of vigilante. So when its
5:30am , I go sneak you out of the gate. U
hear am?.
ME: oga peter, you to get sense. Thank you
very much
Gateman: that one na small thing. I dey do
am because you be sureboy, you dey
always buy gala come for me.
And sikirat too na good girl. She dey
always add to my food and steal fish for
me to chop. I just happy say she wan learn
book. But the service
na on 2 conditions oooooo.
ME: wetin be the condition?
Gateman: you go dey pay me 5k monthly,
and the 2nd one be say, you must not go
beyond lesson with sikira
oo. Because if she get belle, them go
mention my name say na me dey allow
guys enter come give am.
ME: se na only that 2?
Gateman: yes
Me: no problem. I be gentle boy and
besides, I no dey date sikirat, I just see am
as a good friend.
Gateman: ***laughs****, u mean say since
all this days wey sikirat dey come your
house, you never chop am?.
ME: I swear
Gateman: oga teacher, you don miss
ooooo. You see wounded cow, you no
slaughter, se na healthy cow you
wan come cut.
ME: thank you oga peter, make I dey go
meet janet, we go talk later.
I walked into the house to meet janet. She
was still rude, bossy and lazy as usual. She
only managed to stay 40minutes for the
chemistry class before going inside again. I
waited for gideon, tutor him and left.
It was friday, sikirat had called me at 8pm
to remind me of our new schedule. I no
just get the liver, my mind just dey shake
say if dem catch me nko?. I gather the
courage. Went to white house, sneaked into
the gateman’s room as planned. And when
the family were out, I was out of the room.
Before I could get to the door,
sikirat had opened the main door. You are
welcome “she said”.
She took me straight to her room. She has
kept a plate of rice and
meat for me. She said “that is the food I’m
supposed to eat, but I decided to eat the
remnants from the pot and
keep this for you.”. Haba, u shouldn’t have
done that now, why starving yourself? I
said. She replied, you deserve more than
that, infact you deserve everything in this
world. For you to tutor me free of charge,
agreed to pay oga peter 5k monthly and
also risk your life to be
here at nights, u deserved everything. I was
marvelled. I never knew I have done
something that important.

After eating.. I marked her previous
We did little of mathematics till 11:10pm.
Sikirat said she is tired
and wanted to have her bath then go to
bed. I said ok. Just infront of me, sikirat
untied her wrapper from her waist and
removed her top. Oh my
GOD!!!, she didn’t wear anything inside. For
the first time, I saw
the real beauty in sikirat. She was so
endowed with a average b—m but not up
to that of janet. The Bottom
were so shaped and the tips were pointed.
My d–k resurrected again but I had to
stylishly cover it.
ME: haba, sikirat, you don’t even care that
I’m here, see how you are unclad
Sikirat:. **laughs***. Why will I be afraid?,
you are a special part of me. I know you
like aunty janet and don’t like me because
you are educated and I am a poor house
ME: its not like that sikirat, if I don’t like
you, I won’t risk my life to be here this
Sikirat: but you don’t admire me and
always touch me each time I come to your
ME: I’m shy ni. Because you are older than
SIkiRAT: and you are educated than me. So
who is higher between the two of us?.
We laughed as she enters the bathroom to
shower. In less than 6
minutes, she was out, tieing a towel and
still saw me fully
dressed in my jean trousers and
roundneck. Oga teacher!, is this
how you want to sleep with your dress on?
She said. I’m ok like this, I replied.
She said “no oooo, there is heat”. She
came closer, unbutton my shirt, removes
my singlets, in the process, her towel
loosed. OMG!!, sikirat is naturally beautiful
without cloths.
She looks sexier and younger. I don’t know
where the courage came from. I
pull her head closer and kissed her. She
responded an kissed me
passionately. I grabbed her b—m, began to
suck, squeeze and
press. She was moaning softly and helping
to unzip my trousers.
She removes my trousers while I suck her.
I licked her down to the abdomen and
down to the kitten. Sikirat is clean and
shaved. I teased her clits with my tongue,
insert one finger into the hole,
increased it to 2 and to 3. She was making
heavy sound. Ouuuuuuch yeeaaaaaaah. At
a time, she was
releasing juice. I continue teasing the c–t
with my tongue and her
moan was increasing. She pushed my back
to the bed. Removed my
trousers and s—-d me. OMG!!, sikirat gave
the best orals I have ever had in my life.
She s—-d all the balls,
shafts and tips. I cummed in her mouth.
She swallowed it and continued sucking till
I was erected again. Then she lied beside
me and said “oga
teacher, come and fuccck me”. But I don’t
have a condom here. I replied. She said
“oooh God. Can’t you do it
without condom?”. I said NO because oga
peter warned me that you should not be
pregnant. She laughed. She removed the
rubber band on her hair
and then walked Unclad to the kitchen. I
still don’t know what she is up to with the
rubber band. She came back with a small
white nylon. She wore the nylon on my d–
k, then Insert the rubber band at the
bottom of my erected d–k ”****chaiii, this
girl too get sense. Omo seee improvised
condom for here ooooo****. Now wey you
don wear cap, come Bleep me abeg, sikirat
Without wasting much time. I lean forward
to her. Started on a missionary style. In out
in out. She was enjoying it and she later
raised her left leg up, followed by the right
leg. Both legs were up now giving me
chanced for
full penetration. She continued moaning as
I was digging. We
switched to woman on top, to canine, to
reverse cow girl, to scissors before be both
c-m. Sikirat was so tight
despite her age. We both entered into the
bathroom to have a shower. On
seeing her Bottom again. My d–k
resurrected. She saw it and
smiled. She knelt down on her kneel and
gave me a good blow.job with a deep
sucking. I cummed in her mouth and she
spit it out. We both went back to bed and
sleep. I woke up and sneaked out as
planned. We continued this exercise for the
next 6 weeks. We will meet at my house on
market days
for lessons alone. Then meet at the white
house for sex and lesson. Not until one
friday night at the white house. We were
inside doing our
normal routing until when armed robber
arrived at the compound
that night………….


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