ME: I’m sorry dear for everything.
SIkIRAT: ***yelled at me*** leave me alone
you this useless boy, sorry for what?, I
never knew you are this useless and
ME: baby, why saying all this now?, please
for God’s sake.
SIKIRAT: each time I ask you about your
closeness with aunty janet, you would keep
telling me that “nothing nothing nothing”.
Then why was she saying “what am I doing
in her boyfriend’s room?”. Just leave me
alone please and forget about me.
Sikirat walked out of my room in a sad
mood. I sat down on my bed feeling
depressed and don’t know what to do next.
I picked my phone to call janet.
ME: hello janet, pls I’m sorry, its not what
you think pls.
JANET: if you don’t want thunder to strike
your entire generation,
don’t ever call this number again ***hanged
Chaii, e don happen!!!!
Wetin I go come do oooooo?,
I sent a 6 pages texts to janet, trying
explain myself but I didn’t get any
response. I tried calling sikirat and she
wasn’t picking calls either. I thought of
going to the white house but I ask myself
“onihaxy, who will I face and beg between
the two girls?, what if gideon finds out and
report to madam?, what if my visitation
causes a scene where the two girls would
start fighting dirty?”. I gave up on my
thoughts and stayed indoor for the rest of
the day while strategizing on what to do
The truth is, I love sikirat for her kindness ,
sexiness and friendliness, at the same time,
I love janet for some certain purposes too. I
wasn’t ready to loose any of the two. After
long moments of thinking, an idea suddenly
came to my mind…….
Throughout the week, I couldn’t step into
white house, janet wasn’t replying my
whatsapp messages and picking my
calls,sikirat’s number was unavailable. I
was also expecting madam to call me but I
got no call from her, I even called madam
to greet her,hoping she will raise up the
issue but she didn’t. I was confused and
don’t know what to do. next. Then I
thought of it, sunday would be the next
market day, sikirat might branch at my
On sunday, I didn’t go to church, I waited
at home hoping sikirat would come but she
didn’t. At 11am, I decided to go to the
market. I went to the shop where she do
buy groundnut oil. The seller said she just
left about 3minutes ago, then I
remembered she must always buy fruits to
white house. I knew all this because I have
followed her to the market from my house
on 6 occasions. I rushed to the fruit shop
and I was told she hadn’t been seen. I
hanged around for about 8minutes and
behold, my sikirat arrived.
ME: hi.
SiKIRAT:*** frowned and ignored me**
ME: baby, you know you can’t do this to
me,please talk to me.
SIKIRAT: ***striaght face, ***, what do you
want from me?
ME: your love .
SIKIRAT: that one is past tense, you don’t
deserve it.
ME: “chaii, see house maid wey dey form
for me ooo”. Please.
SIKIRAT: ***she walked to the back of the
fruit shop, it was an isolated place***just
leave me alone, or else, I will scream that
you are a kidnapper.
ME: ****stood still****, no problem, I just
wanted you to know that I have loved you
and I will forever love you, if only you give
me space to explain, then you will realize I
did everything to keep you and live the rest
of my life with you. ***i faked a cry, tears
dropped from my eyes**** and I left.
As I was going along the street, walking
back to my house, someone touched me
from the back, I turned around and it was
sikirat, she hugged me with her eyes
soaked. “I love you onihaxy”. I looked at
her with pity, I knew I lied and sugar-coated
my mouth, I knew all my poems was fake.
SIKIrAT: let’s hangout some where and
Me: ok, let’s go to my house.
SIkIRAT: no I can’t, aunty janet may trace
us there again,I looked at the other side of
the street, a barber’s shop was inside a
corner and a bench was in-front of it.
ME: let’s go that shop. **she followed me
as we crossed to the other side of the
road***We got to the shop, I greeted the
shop owner and we sat on the chair
outside the shop.
SIKIRAT: so tell me, did you miss me?ME:
sure I do. That is why I traced you to the
SIKIRAT: ok, be sincere, are you truly
dating aunty janet?.

ME: eeeeehhhhmmm.
SIKIRAT: what is ehmm?, it means you are
dating her abi?.
ME: not really, we were just close friends
and she thought we were dating because of
our closeness. I never asked her out or
SIKIRAT: the same way you didn’t toast me
too abi?, it means you and I aren’t dating
too niyen.
ME: no sikirat, you are special, you see, u
area special part of me that I can’t live
without…………………”Fake poems continued”.
SIKIRAT: ok ooo. I just don’t know why, I
loved you so much. Infact, I told every of
my friends in ilorin about you and how you
have impacted on my learning, they envied
my english speaking and intonation . They
discouraged me that you are a graduate
and you won’t marryme but I said its a lie
and that I will surprise them when we get
ME: ***yinmu inside of me** don’t mind
them jaree, they don’t know the definition
of true love. So what happened between
you and janet after leaving my place?.
SiKIRAT: nothing much, we got home and
resumed the fight. We insulted each other,
she threatened to tell madam about it.
ME: yeee! Did she eventually do it?
SIkIRaT: I told her to go ahead and tell, and
I will also tell madam how you have been
entering her room and bleeping her when
mummy goes to work. I said she should
also tell mummy how we met at your place
and she should explain what brought her
to the place before she met me there.
ME: hmmmmmmm. Smart girl. I trust your
SIKIRAt: na you sabi, but anytime
something like that happened again or I
caught you keeping another girl, I swear to
God, I will go Unclad and curse you.
ME: ****yeeeee, mogbe!!!, I don hang
oo”***.Trust me, it won’t happen again I
promise. So it means she didn’t tell her
mum about it?.
SIKIrAT: No, she didn’t. But we have been
living like cat and dog since then.
ME: ok dear, what happened to your
SiKIRAT: she smashed it when we got
home that day.
ME: I’m so sorry about that.SIKIRaT: its no
problem, just get me another phone. Let
me be going before police-janet will traced
me here again.
ME: ok, let me see you off.
SIKIrAT: no, let me go alone,after 5minutes
when I’m gone, then you can come out.
ME: ok, bye, see you in white house
Sikirat left and I went home to prepare for
monday’s encounter at the white house.


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