I was restless and began to think of what
to do next. suddenly,an idea flashed into
my brain. I picked up my phone, played a
ring tone, after ringing for a while, I
stopped it and placed the
phone on my ear.
“Hello, who is this?”
“What!!!!!!, from which hospital?”
“Accident , how did it happened”
“OMG!!!, is it that fatal?”
“JESOOOOS, I will be there shortly”
****sikirat was watching my action in a
clueless manner. Dear, what happened?,
which accident?
“Sikirat, it was a call from JIDEMARK
hospital that one of my neighbour had a
fatal accident and he is bleeding seriously.
I was told to come right away as he is at
the point of death.
SIKIRAT: ok dear, quickly go, I will wait
here for you.
ME: ***wetin dey worry this girl sef?, e be
like say she be
winch****. You can’t wait for me, I might
not return today. I don’t
know how serious it is. We will see at your
compound tomorrow.
I put on my shirt and a palm slippers,
locked the door, rushed out and stopped a
bike. Still, sikirat was standing there waiting
for the bike to move, I don’t know what to
do. I told the bike man to take me to
jidemark hospital. As the bike was moving,
I saw
sikirat walking away in the opposite
direction ans still looking back to see me
moving. “Chaii, this girl must be an
The bike turned at the first turning from my
junction and I told him to stop. “Olokada,
abeg, I left something important at home.
Take this 30naira and go”. I went back
home, passing through the shortcuts and
entered my compound through the back
I opened the door, entered my room and
noticed that sikirat’s left earrings fell off on
the bed. I picked it and hid it somewhere.
As I was re-arranging my bed, my phone
rang, its a call from janet. I picked it
ME: hello janet, where are you?
JANET: I’m am in front of your house
ME: how do you know its my house?
JANET: I don’t know , I just know I’m in
front of the house you gave me in the
ME: ok dear, I’m coming.
I went outside and saw janet standing in
front of my house on a short pink gown. I
said to myself “chaiiii, today na
today” *Janet walked in, I shut the door
and she sat on my bed watching
the “Unclad weapon” I slotted in the DVD,.
We chatted for minutes then i lay behind
her and joined her in watching. She was
interested in the film that she began to
adjust her sitting positions. My mind
wasn’t in the film as I was thinking of how
execute my mission. Then I held palms and
gently caressing it. Janet wasn’t
responding, “chaiiiii, wetin I go do?”, I
then adjusted. I started playing with her
wrist band, telling her how perfect and
pretty she was and how I love to spend the
rest of my life with her, she smiled and
said “are you sure?”. I pecked her and said
“yes”. She came closer, rest her back on
my chest,
facing the TV screen and continued with
the movie.
I placed my arms slightly around her upper
stomach, right under her bosoms. I could
feel the sensation of her bosoms on my
arms. Meanwhile, the movie is showing the
indecency section with the targets the girls
wanted to kill after sex.
I started smooching her stomach
gently, moving slowly to the side of her
bosoms, using my palms and fingers to
caress her. Janet just pretend like she was
concentrating on the film.. Her pink gown
has 3 buttons at the top. I loosed the 3
buttons and push her b—m out of the bra. I
made a
slow movement with my middle fingers
around her Tips, then squeezed her Tips as
gently as possible. Then she made a light
moan as I squeeze them. “Chaiii, e don set”
Then I moved to a kneeling position behind
her, I started kissing the sides of her neck
while doing my magic with my fingers. I
could feel her heart-beat increase and her
breathing became
more intense. This went on for minutes.
Now my d–k is gaining
velocity. While kissing neck , I raised up her
gown to reveal her pink net half pant which
I bought for her on her birthday. So I
started to pull up her gown slowly,her b—m
is still out of
her bra while the bra Is still on her. Chaii,
janet’s bosoms is bigger than what she
covered in her bra. I started kissing her
neck again, down to her spine and back.
Then I unbuttoned her
bra from the back and removed it slowly.
Omo see bobby!. She lied down on the bed,
facing up looking at me.
Then janet said “so invited me here for
sex?” I said “no, I really like you and
I love spending time with you”. I teased her
a little. She believe me, I bent over and
started kissing her passionately, she held
the back of my
head and was kissing me too. All the while,
I was caressing her b—m and Tips with
one hand. I stopped kissing her lips. I very
slowly, started kissing her down: neck,
chest, stomach, then I
returned to the bosoms and grabbed it, it
was a full size that my hand couldn’t carry.
Then I come grab her huge bosoms, I
kissed her b—m started teasing the Tips
with my tongue. She was moaning slowly.
Then I placed my full lips on her bosoms
and s—-d gently, She let out an heavy
moan “ooooouch”. my Second hand was
smooching her other b—m and gently
squeezing her Tips. She was pressing my
head toward her b—m to the extent that I
found it difficult to breath.
After few seconds, I stopped to breath a
little, she grab my head back to her Tips
and told me to continue. I come continued
and switching bosoms and doing magic
with my fingers. At intervals,
I would stop to breath a little and later
returned to sucking. I made the next
move… I took my hands down to her thigh
and caressing it upward and downward to
and fro the K—y-Cat area.
I did the movement like 5 times while still
sucking the b—m, no time to waste, I
parted her pant to one side with my hand.
OMG!!, janet is already wet, her pant is
stained with her juice.
I located her c–t and start teasing it. Janet
began to move in various uncomfortable
positions while moaning at different tempo
and notes. She opened her leg wider and
drew closer.
I moved my finger from her c–t and move
it into the K—y-Cat hole. From one finger to
two, janet began to jerk under my finger. I
moved my mouth from her bosoms. Take it
down there, about to suck. She pull her leg
together and covered it with her hand.
Janet, what happened? “I whispered”. I find
it irritating, I haven’t be s—-d before, “she
replied”. I smiled and said “why not no
watch me patiently as I give you a heavenly
ride”. She noded and re-open her legs.
I spend most of the time on her c–t,
teasing it with my tongue, she was
moaning heavily that she scattered my bed
sheet and she cummed heavily on my bed.
She was breathing heavily like
someone who wants to faint. I was scared
and I asked “should I stop?”. She said
“please continue”.

“Chaiiii, so this girl like this thing”. I
proceeded to the c–t again while finger
bleeping her K—y-Cat hole, this time, her
moan and tone increased. when I noticed
that she is getting weak, I
stopped and said “pls give me a head”. No
I can’t, I hate it with
passion ” she replied.”. I felt a little bit
disappointed and lied beside her, handling
her b—m only, she adjusted and lie
sideways. She began to stroke my d–k in
an amateur way, I smiled. She the stopped
and the turned around to other side, now
her back and a$$ is facing me. I slid my
hand under my bed, removed a condom
and wore it. I lie facing the a$$. I start
bleeping her again. She was moaning. Then
I inserted the tip of my d–k. “Yeeee!, what
is that! Janet shouted”. She turned around,
looked at it and said “bad boy, when did
you wear the
condom?, I was scared because I don’t
want to get pregnant. I love the big size
anyways. But pls be easy with me and
don’t hurt me”. She turned back facing me
with her a$$$. I smiled and
slid my condimized d–k into her wet hole.
Janet was tight but sikirat was tighter so I
was amazed but I didn’t bother to ask
I rode janet in and out slowly, she was
moaning heavily. Ooooouch, huuuuuuh,
haaaaaaaa, onihaxy, you have killed me
ooooooo, you will kill me today ooooooo,
my mummy ooooooooo”. On hearing this, I
rode harder and deeper. After 6minutes, I
switched to missionary, I was bleeping and
sucking her b—m at the same time. After a
while, I re-adjust, lied down and make her
sat on me. She was riding slowly in an
manner. I wasn’t enjoying it so I pulled her
closer, arrested her arms by clamping her
back with my hands, then I did the bleeping
myself. Janet was shouting and screaming
louder that I had to increase the volume of
the movie with the remote on the bed.
I was about about to switch her into canine
when she said “please onihaxy, I am too
weak, no let me die here abeg, I’m tired to
continue”. I can see from her mood that
she is weak. I
removed the condom. Pulled her closer and
kissed her. You be bad boy ooo, I will
report you to my mummy that you
bleeped me” janet said. “Smiled” go ahead
ooooo omo mummy, I replied and we
chated for a while.
Please I need to get going, I want to go and
read, “Don’t worry, I’m your teacher, let’s
read here”. Naughty you, I will tell my
mummy for you. We joked for a while.
Janet wore her cloths, used my body spray
and set to leave. I
saw her off to the main road to pick a bike.
After she left, I went into the house. My
neighbour in the next room said “hmmm
hmmmm, abeg next time make you dey
increase the volume of
your TV or radio oooo, no dey disturb me
with moans oooo”. I smiled and said “you
dey craze ni. The one wey you and labake
omo alakara dey take disturb me nko?. We
joked over it before I entered into my room.
I picked my phone at the bottom of my
trolley and saw 13 missed calls from
sikirat. Then I remembered I placed the
phone on silence as janet entered my


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