THE SOUL – Episode 9




Written by Wonder 🐺🐺
Brought to you by Wonny boy diaries

💀💀💀CHAPTER 9👺👺👺



It was school days and everyone was back to school, Hundreds of students with their supernaturals speed whooshed into the school compound, Diana could be seen with smith by her side and also Martinez.

Mysterious was already in the classroom meditating silently and so as his spirit beasts, Mysterious knew that the students would be here anytime soon that was why he had to make his spirit beasts invisible.

” Master, What Is so special about this meditating, I know it helps to cool and calm the mind but why are you so focused in it, It’s kinda weird I am right Frost? ” Windy asked and frost nodded making mysterious to smile.

” I know how you feel, Your suspicious look and all that, I am meditating to find out what this mark of Armageddon is, For years I have been living and now I still don’t know what I am, I lust for power but I still don’t know why ” Mysterious said.

” You could tell your brainy head Storm to find out about yourself, Rick is something and he knows what he is and besides his spirit beasts Rojo is an ancient one not a royal one, He has divine powers combination in him and that match ours ” Flames said.

” Storm has been trying to find out about who I am for the past six years to nothing was found, I am mark for Armageddon and that’s what I don’t understand, What am I really and I just seems to be completely confused ” Mysterious said still meditating.

” I am hearing footsteps, Heartbeats..Many people approaching this class, Flames, Spark, Storm, Frost, Windy and earth claw… All of you are ordered to enter into my body back by your masters, we need to be extra careful ” Mysterious ordered and the spirit beasts entered mysterious body one by one.

When flames the last one entered mysterious body, The classroom door opened revealing many students who were shocked to see mysterious in the classroom when the door was locked, And besides the building is Teleportation resistance that’s what makes them to be speechless.

” Quit the stares Assholes, You always know that I am not here for jokes so if you don’t want to die, Go back to your separate sits and sit down like the child you are, Don’t ever dare challenge me or else… ”

” Or else what Mysterious, You are not the only big dude in the building right, Rick the dragon Is also here so don’t try and play lord over us, Don’t ever think of that nerd ” Rick fired and Mysterious smirked.

Only Rick has been the only dude to fire back at mysterious and still lives, Someone like Velasquez and Gustavo are all dead and powers taken because they tried to stand tall against the great mysterious.

” Just try and mind your business Rick, I am finding myself not killing you and I don’t know why but don’t you ever think that you are stronger than me, You are nothing but just a lousy loser and a weakling, Don’t dare me Rick ” Mysterious warned and Rick chuckled loudly.

” Oh spare me that Dick head, You are nothing but a loser or I should say a dimwit yeah, That’s what you are, A Nincompoop and a scumbag with the mixture of a dimwit… I don’t have your time Asshole ” Rick fired back and mysterious giggled while everyone was watching what was happening.

” Enough! If you Dickheads wanna fight, Go to the woods and fight not in this school premises, I am wondering why you two were admitted into this school, One is prideful and the second one is a killer, Gosh there is nothing I won’t see in this godforsaken world of supernaturals ” Diana half yelled cutting in the discussion and they faced her.

” Such guts mysterious, What are you gonna do to her… She is very charming and beautiful ” Flames spoke out from mysterious body and mysterious frowned, Rick was really shocked by Diana bravery because mysterious also kills females if they double crossed him.

” Shut up flames and she is dying anyways ” Mysterious said in his mind and he stood up with a sternful look on his face, Everyone moved back in fear and Diana wasn’t afraid at all except Martinez who was almost peeing in his pants.

” You know, you have a great courage but that’s not stopping me from killing you today, Let Oscar feel that pain of seeing his daughter dead and the pains of a mother seeing her daughter lifeless body, Isn’t that great ” Mysterious smirked but all of a sudden, Diana slapped mysterious.


” How dare you talk about my parents like that, You don’t know what it looks like to have a father and mother, Oh I get you are an orphan and that’s why you make fun of people’s parents but don’t ever try that to mine Bitch ” Diana spat at Mysterious while mysterious caressed his cheek in shock and everyone was dumbfounded.

” Whoops the cutie slapped master, She has angered us and I think it’s time to show her who we are and no one dares to challenge master of the princes of the spirit beasts in the negelaia realm ” Frost said and as he made to come out from the body, A huge force hits him back.

” You are to leave my body when commanded to leave, Now is not the right time and I don’t know what is keeping from killing this girl right now, It’s like she has a bound with me or something but either ways someone is dying and which will he her friend ” Mysterious said in his mind as his gaze were fixed on Martinez.

” You have guts lady, I don’t know what is keeping me from killing you but first of all, I will make you suffer for your stupidity and now your friend is paying for your sins ” Mysterious said and Martinez found himself approaching mysterious without his will.

” What is going on Martinez, Why are you moving towards him when you know that he is going to kill you right now ? ” Diana yelled trying to pull back Martinez but it was very powerful and it can’t be broken easily.

” I.. I.. I… I.. I.. Don’t.. Don’t.. Don’t.. I.. I.. I.. Don’t.. I don’t know what is happening to me, I am.. Am.. Trying to break free from this magics pulling me, It’s very powerful and very difficult to break free ” Martinez explained and Diana felt like crying.

” Now die Mr Martinez ” Mysterious ordered and Martinez started burning up from his leg upwards, Diana was already in tears while Smith wasn’t concerned at all, His job is to protect Diana and that’s all that matters but hearing Diana tears Is touching his soul.

” Enough! You have caused him enough pains Mysterious.. Don’t force me to take any action against you because it will be bloody, I don’t have any feelings or pity for this Martinez of a guy but I don’t just want to see and hear Diana cry so drop him down and alive ” Smith said as he approached mysterious with all seriousness.

” The nerves, Smith the bodyguard.. Well I don’t have anything in mind of doing, Just trying to make Diana feel the slap by punishing her friend and I don’t have time to waste and I don’t want to end his life straightway so back down jerk ” Mysterious smirked and smith frowned.

Smith was about to talk when the door opened and the principal walked in with different students rendering everybody confused, Mysterious dropped Martinez and made him to heal before sitting down.

” Good morning students of the great Crystal College, Today we have many and different registration, Ten pupils are registered into this school and so as five teachers into this school while five students are to be enrolled into this class with you guys ”

” Please welcome them, This is Arya a witch, This is Leo a fire bender ( Smith widened his eyes in shock), This is Bruno a demon, This is Lopez a fairy and so on, This are your friends and try and make them as friends as the school lectures continues ” The principal added and she walked out of the class.

Everybody saw the shock written on Smith as he saw Leo the bully from his fire clan, Leo smirked on seeing Smith and he smiled on seeing Princess Diana, Mysterious gaze were fixed on the Demon guy while Rick on Arya the witch.

” Hello Jerk, Remember me Smith, I know you and you know why I am here right, You took my only chance of entering the Wolves kingdom and now you expect me to still be in the fire nation while you are enjoying right? ” Leo said smiling and Smith smirked.

” I didn’t choose myself, The Great master did and I am happy for that, He saw a good potential in me and I am honored, Why can’t you just back down and besides I am ready and strong to challenge you ” Smith said clenching his fists and Leo smirked.

” Not Now smith, A day will come for your death and besides how are you dude ” Leo said focusing on mysterious who was silent all this while, Mysterious doesn’t want to talk or fight just for peace.

” Hmmm So what’s Master gonna do now, But this Brat needs his mouth to be kept in place because I am afraid Mysterious may kill him, He has a strong pride and now he wants to take Master’s position as the school tirant ” Spark said.

” I would love to see Mysterious kill this Bitches but Mysterious sometimes is not in the mood to kill and that is today, Imagine master didn’t kill that Martinez of a guy, Master is growing cold this days ” Windy said and Mysterious frowned.

” Hey quit the gossip, I am not growing cold and I will show you just now my brutalizing this Leo of a guy instantly, Don’t ever speak like that to your master ever again ” Mysterious warned in his mind and he stood up and squeezed Leo hand causing him to scream.

” Next time bastard, Remember my face and don’t ever try to talk to me ever again, You are alive because I am not in the mood to kill today but I may be in the mood tommorow so just be careful ” Mysterious warned and he directed a disastrous punch to the chin of Leo causing him to crash on the wall and the wall broke into pieces before rejoining back again.

” I don’t know what is going on with me, Why am I keeping all this bastards alive and besides tommorow they will be dead if this thing happens again ” Mysterious said in his mind with smirk plastered on his face as he went down back to his seat And Leo was dumbfounded.

Outside the classroom, Three male figures could be seen looking around with smirk plastered on their faces, They were putting on teachers attire and Were pretty handsome making other teachers to fall for them.

Mr Collins could be seen hastening his footsteps and his was passing through that corner, The three figures sighted him but they couldn’t remember, All this just know is that he looks familiar and that’s all.

” Please I am very sorry, I am late for my lectures ” Mr Collins said as he bumped into them, He picked up his bag and the bags of the figures and he gave them back before leaving for his lectures and all the female teachers greeted him.

” That’s Guy looks like Ramon, Do you think that’s Ramon? ” The first figure asked as they all stared at Me Collins and they monitored his footsteps to see of that’s Ramon but it wasn’t so they mind their business.

” Nay I doubt that, Ramon footsteps is different and this one is otherwise, Let’s just Focus on finding Ramon and that’s all, I think I know were the principal office is located ” The second figure said as they all moved to the direction of the principal office gisting and talking.

Back to the classroom, Everywhere was silent, The door opened revealing Mr Collins emerging with his eye glasses in his eyes sockets and all the students except Mysterious and Rick stood up to greet him and he told them to sit down.

The last teaching was very complicated is that correct, Well I am very sure and certain that will never happen again and princess Diana, I am sorry that I wasn’t there to help.. Smith thumbs up boy and today’s topic is Mental control of your powers ” Mr Collins said.

” Having mental Control of your powers Is very much more cool, Your ability to control your powers through your mind is very unique and I will teach you guys, How to learn it and the advantages with disadvantages because there is nothing that doesn’t have any disadvantages ”

” Your bodies all have tissues, Cells and blood cattails which is for the supernaturals not the humans, Your brain needs perfect relaxation and meditating is one of them, Too much thinking is one of the disadvantages and that is terrible because thinking too much causes loss of memories and activates excess force and it is very bad because it affects the tumors ”

” Brain relaxation helps you to grow rapidly in strength and also your foods are helpful, Remember that we supernaturals are partial immortals, We can be killed by another supernatural but if not killed, There is no chance of dying at all and besides we will be protected by our powers, Love is an advantage because it makes the brain calm ”

” True love is perfect and also Mate bond is also perfect, Training is perfect also and an advantage that helps keeps the body calm and besides, You all will be experiencing all that I just mentioned within years to come ”

The bell rings after some hours extra of the teaching and pratice, Mysterious and Rick were the first to varnish away from the school immediately to their various homes, Diana went home with Martinez and Smith following her by her side And Leo was really angry

” Your time will soon be up Smith and I will have her all to myself very soon, Just wait after The lemeno is done, Terrax velgome is the one ” Leo muttered smiling and he varnished away from the school premises.


🕷🕷🕷 UNKNOWN 🦇🦇🦇

” We summon you great darkness of the seventh seas, Lords of lords and Rulers over rulers, Appear before us that we may pass this message to you and you shall know what is next ” Three men chanted as they were on hood.

” Avalas brothers, Why hath thou summon me from my realm ” A dark voice rang out from the darkness and a huge glowing man appeared before them and the Hood figures bowed before him in respect.

” Master, Ramon is in possession of the dark crystals and it is very difficult to get it for you ” One of the hood guys spoke out and that Figure smirked and his glorious auras suppressed the atmospheric condition.

” Point of correction, I am not the one after it, I am sent by the Creator to bring it to his abode before Beelzebub or Oklois brother lays their hands on it and besides I am not a lord but a strong arch warrior ” The man said and two huge white wings sprouted out from his back.

” Is that Arch angel Uriel ” One of the hood guys asked and The man nodded positively.

” Yes you are correct and I need that Dark Crystals to be brought back to the creators abode before I am permitted to stay in the heavens and you all needs to be quick in finding that bastard and that scroll ” Uriel said.

” Don’t forget that Michael sword is in the silver flames after the war against the fallen angels, Once you get it summon me and I shall give it back to him to be ready for any more war, I am like this because I spared Beelzebub and not trapping him ” Uriel said emerging from the darkness and half of his face was dark and almost burnt up.

” Sorry master for we shall redeem you back and the Creator shall find you worthy in his sight again, For we are the ancient wizards and we are the unstoppable ones that have ever lived, The creator would be pleased with you ” They said chorusly and Uriel nodded before disappearing back to his realm.

” Time to get bloody, Ramon we are coming for you ” The wizards said in unison and they transformed into hawks which flew out of the Cave as the rain fell heavily and the runes on the wall all died down.


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