THE SOUL – Episode 8




Written by Wonder 🐺🐺
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💎💎💎CHAPTER 8💀💀💀





Lightning flashed through the sky, Darkness suppressed the atmospheric condition, A loud and destructive howl could be heard, Heavy fast approaching footsteps resounded everywhere, Warriors could be seen prepared for war.

Gnashing of teeths could be heard, Out of the darkness leading to the woods, Two pair of red glowing could be seen, An another two pair of brown glowing eyes could also be seen, Two huge wolves leapt of out the darkness.

Their auras was very destructive, They roared revealing their deadly fangs, Warriors bounced back in fear of what they just witnessed. King Oscar emerged in his full armour and he was holding his sharp and glowing sword in his hands and his generals followed with their weapons, The two huge wolves transformed into two handsome men.

” Hell Brother, I can see that you are ready to fight right, Well we came to ambush not knowing the warriors are ready, Let’s get to the main battle Oscar, Armies attack! ” One of the men ordered and heavy footsteps was heard and so as battle cries.

” Attack! ” King Oscar ordered and his men dashed to war with their powers, Some were in their wolf form while some were in their human form while Half transformed and ready to strike, Both sides clashed tearing themselves angrily.

King Oscar dashed to face The two men who approached him with smirk written on their faces, The generals were ordered to attack the two men and they charged at them, They transformed into their wolves form ready to attack.

” Oh Oscar, You are so stupid to send your generals against us, All we want is you and that’s all, If we are to kill them to get to you, Then so shall it be coward ” The first man said and he dashed at the wolves with his claws sprouted out and also his fangs ready to bite.

Wails, Screams and torments were all that was heard, Wolves and those evil armies ravaging themselves, tearing their skins and biting themselves while all the villagers were kept in the City Hall to avoid anything bad.

The general were getting more weak and tired, Bruise Marks could be seen on their bodies, The man was still standing strong and powerful as he forced his fangs into the skin of a wolf making it to scream out in pains.

A strong force hit all the wolves away and they transformed back into the generals, The man smirked, His lips were stained with blood and his fangs was filled with bloods as he licked his lips cleaning the blood.

” Uhmmmm, The blood of wolves, So sweet and wonderful.. Now time to have a taste of my brother’s blood, I bet it is gonna be delicious am I right Steph? ” The man asked as he advanced towards King Oscar direction.

” Brother you are right but I must say, We need to leave because the portion has not been perfected, We are summoned by The Chaos Lord and he needs us to return back to were we came from ” Steph hurriedly whispered and Aiden frowned.

” If that’s is the truth, We shall be back Oscar and when we are back… Heads will roll, I just pitied your generals because I know that you are not ready and equipped in war, So get ready for the next phrase of war ” Aiden warned and they both dashed into the darkness alongside The creatures leaving many wolves, injured and dead.
” That was what happened back then, They left and they talked about Chaos lord among themselves but I didn’t understand and I wasn’t ready and equipped in war as Adien once said so I don’t know anything about Dead creatures of the night Diana ” King Oscar said sitting on his throne.

Diana, Martinez and Smith could be seen sitting down and listenining to what he was say, The story he was telling them, Smith stood up quickly and he started meditating with folded legs in the air to get something and they were shocked.

” The sender has a great force or dark magic blocking me from seeing him, All I know is that Diana is to be sacrificed for something and they needed her, That phoebe of a girl is in their custody ” Smith said and he came down.

” So Smith as you said, We need to find out about the sender’s identity before Looking for means to defeat him, No one knows how to defeat someone without seeing him, You May be thinking he or she is a normal sorcerer or something like that, But all we need to do is to be careful ” Martinez said and Diana nodded.

” I could help you locate the sender darling ” A female voice rang out from behind and they all turned back in shock, It was the queen approaching them in shock and Diana rushed to hug her mother ( Women’s thing sha ).

” Mum how can you help us to Locate the sender, You are just a wolf like us ” Diana said and The queen smirked caressing her chick as she nodded negatively before facing the king who gave her a go ahead.

” Diana darling, Me been a wolf is a disguise even to his parents, Your father made me a wolf to hide the suspicious looks on everyone because of where I came from, Darling I am the last golden sorceress to be alive and so as you Baby ” The queen said and Diana gasped.

” I am saying this in front of Martinez because I know he is always faithful and besides this smith is your bodyguard and he won’t do anything stupid, I could channeling the old powers of the locators but that would take months and besides I will be leaving for the sorceress keep for a meeting on finding the new leader ” The queen said and Diana smiled.

“When will you be back mum? ”

” It will take months to be back Diana and besides everything that will make you happy are here and ready to be used, On your bed there is an enchantment and spell books to keep you save and protected from them but I am not sure of the dead darling, Smith will protect you ” The queen said as she began to head for the door.

” Diana, See you in months to come, Re vernada judola ” The queen chanted and her outfit changed into a badass sorceress holding a golden staff, She was on golden attire that really looks astonishing.

” Good bye Mum ” Diana said waving her hands to her mom who was gradually shedding tears including Diana who had already brusted in tears of sadness and her mother faced the door ready to leave.

” Birdiare ” The queen chanted and she changed into a hawk and she flew out of the throne room through a window and The king was almost in tears but as a man, You must always keep your tears and especially he is a king.

” See you soon Mandy ” King Oscar muturred silently and they all faced him while smith was back into his meditation to figure out anything thing new that may help in finding the sender of The dead armies.

👹👹👹DARK CAVE 💀💀💀

The cave was now heavily guarded with dark creatures, Steph whooshed passed them into the cave with unknown speed, They already know that he was coming that’s why they didn’t stop him from entering.

Romona could be seen chanting three dead bodies with her spell book in her hands, Steph smirked as he approached her, Romona was done with her spells when she heard Steph footsteps and she smirked facing him.

” Well done Romona, Soon all the elite dark armies will be resurrected and by the way what are you doing to those dead bodies over there? ” Steph asked while walking up to her and his gaze were fixed on those bodies.

” They are called the aroma’s, Souls of demons are in them.. I was supposed to wake up the creatures of the night but something happened, Someone has awakened them and he or she is using them to seize one person which is our target ” Romona said and Steph widened his eyes.

” Diana! Good thing that you are mixing Demons souls into this bodies for perfection and make sure they are bounded to bow before us, If we die they die is that clear? Diana will he sacrificed by us not another fellow ” Steph said and Romona smirked.

” The Sender sent one of them to take Diana but Her bodyguard destroyed that creature with one slash of his sword and he is also attending Crystal college which is going to be dangerous for our Armies ” Romona said and Steph smirked.

” Oh Shut up Romona, Imagine Bringing back the souls of demons into bodies, All the memories will be back to them and also there powers, those creatures doesn’t stand a chance against demons and as for that bodyguard, I will be the one to handle him ”

” As for the sender, Trace and locate him by all means, I want to know who we are up against to have and sacrifice Diana, Her sacrifice will cause the unbalance of the world nature and we will be all superior ” Steph said and Romona nodded.

” I will do as you request Steph but I need to see my sister and again I have been summoned to the sorceress keep for the Mahalia meeting or else, My powers would be extracted from me and I will become a human ” Romona said and Steph frowned.

” That’s true Romona, Remember that your daughter is with us and she is happy, Don’t think of running away and I know about The meeting and it’s consequences if not attended and besides you are free to go on one condition ” Steph said.

” What condition Steph? ”

” We need a clone of you right here, not just a clone, A powerful clone just like your twin…You must unleash acarana dark magics and use it to create a second you to be here and doing my buddings, Let’s get this done right away ” Steph said and Romona nodded.

” That’s good, Now Enter amnustia flames for the cleansen, Aiden needs to be out of that wretched underworld very soon, Awakena Delmon souls ” Steph chanted and The bodies began to come alive, Their eyes were completely black.

” Telxo the pain demon, Alias the wind demon and Pusho the demon of agony, That’s wonderful and i am glad to have you in my team, Now bow ” Steph ordered and they bowed.

” Why are we alive and this is not our body ” The figure were Pusho is said and Steph smirked, They demons all stood up facing Steph to know why they are alive and not in their own demon bodies but in another body.

” My Terror Sorceress here is mandated to create an army for me and my brother who is still in the underworld, You three are brought back to life in this bodies to test what it can do, Mixing your soul powers with them will always make sense ”

” So I am now a low class Demon wolf right, But it really make sense and besides I transferred all my powers to my soul which make me to have my full powers in this body and you are wise Steph, You bounded us with yourself because you know demons are not to be trusted ” Telxo said and Steph smirked.

” Yeah that’s perfect, I die you die and besides there is one demon I need to bring back to life and that demon is Ballista the demon witch, Tales have said that in the other dimension, She and her sisters fought The ocean lord team and they all died, She is the perfect sorceress apart from Romona ” Steph said and the demons smirked.

” Point of correction Ballista wasn’t killed, She channeled and broke the seal which she used to escape and there is a multiple chance in making her to enter into our dimension for our sorry I meant your purposes ” Alias said.

” Good Pusho, Summon Ballista into our realm, She is the right tool to be used in resurrecting my brother from the underworld and as for you Texlo, I have a perfect plan for you all.. Get ready to meet Princess Diana ” Steph smirked and everywhere was filled with rampaging laughter.

” The Redemption war II is about to begin, And this time all the wolves will die while Oscar’s soul and spirit will be under us forever and ever, Romona get ready to summon Alaska The dreaded demon of Chaos for war is about to begin ” Steph ordered and the demons gasped in shock.


Five ninjas could be seen running into the deep part of the woods, Their speed were unique and powerful and so as their auras, They were the black REGINES sent by Amon ten years ago and now they are showing themselves.

” Master Amon, We are able to track him.. We don’t know his hideout but we know were he is walking, Ramon is really a crook and a sneaky protector, Killing innocent people to hide his identity and secure the scroll ” A ninja spoke out and he found himself choking.

” You are to tell me were he is walking not what he has done, Beelzebub will be angry with me and I am afraid to show myself before his throne, Only when I have the scroll will I stand before him, He will punish but not kill me, So tell me were is that damn protector ” Amon voice ordered and out of the darkness came forth Amon in his metal suited attire with his glowing ring used to choke the ninja.

” Master… Master… Master.. Please spare me…It is located in the wolves kingdom, He is a supernatural teacher in the crystal College but I don’t know his face but all we know is that we traced his hiding protector’s auras into that school ” The ninja said and he stopped been choked immediately and Amon smirked.

” What a creepy bastard he is, I think it is time for me to show him what I can really do, Circulate the entire wolves kingdom when it is school days and don’t make him to leave, Trace any teacher with his or her scent, I need that bastard in my palm while I deliver this information to My king ” Amon said and he disappeared.

” Ramon is very Creepy and smart, He will know if he is surrounded, I think we should disguise ourselves also to be teachers or workers in that school so as to trace and capture him without any trace or someone finding out ” A ninja suggested.

” Wise suggestion, We will do just as he suggested and When we have traced him, We will locate his house and then surrounds him with our force, There is no way he is going to escape us While the other protectors are dead ” Another ninja said and they all agreed to it and zoom out of the woods to go and register into the Crystal just to capture Ramon the hidden protector.


Beelzebub sat down on his throne comfortably, Dark creatures, The councils could be seen kneeling down before his great throne were he is sitted and relaxed, The dark auras radiating around was so demonic and destructive.

” Amon! Oh I see, I sent you to look for the protector and the scroll for the past ten years and now there was no answer from you, Why are you here? Don’t you know that it is a death mission to come before me after failing me Huh? ” Beelzebub asked calmly while staring at Amon who just appeared.

” I am sorry master, Please forgive me and I have a special information I have for you and it is something more delicate than the Dark crystals while I was silent for years ” Amon said still kneeling down and Beelzebub faced him with a calm face.

” Speak or die ” Beelzebub ordered and Amon gulped down the hanging saliva in his throat with fear that is gripping him in the presence of Beelzebub the dark king himself.

” My lord, The creatures of the night has been awoken by someone who is blocking anyone from seeing his or her face, That strong force but I am shocked that someone resurrected the creatures of the night after two hundred thousand years ago ” Amon said and Beelzebub smirked.

” I know about that and it is not me, But I know the person and his intentions but I won’t reveal it, Do you think the great Beelzebub won’t know, I am nature, Lucifer is nature and all the commanders that fought the creator with the fallen angels are nature, Whatever he is planning is my concern but I have a plan for him ” Beelzebub smirked and Amon gasped.

” What about the Scroll? I don’t know what is keeping me down from killing you or inflicting pains on you, I don’t tolerate nonsense and there won’t be a third chance Amon, You will be going back with three more strong monsters to bring that bastard, Be warned ” Beelzebub said and Amon thanked Beelzebub for sparing him.

” Bring them in ” Beelzebub ordered and the door opened, Three figures walked in, One was two horned and has four pair of red glowing eyes, The second one was a demon Fairy and the third was a dark Fire bender.

” Amon meet Skyclo, Janot and Leo from the fire clan, Leo here chooses to bow before me and I have assured him that he would be entering the Crystal College to take on the one who took his opportunity of meeting one princess like that ”

” So they will he following you to obey your commands and They will help you to trace that protector because Leo will be entering the school and he will have full advantage on tracing and dealing with his enemy in that school ” Beelzebub added and Amon smirked.

” Amon it is a pleasure to meet you, My father introduced me to The dark king and I am happy to have dark powers in me to deal with that fool, I can’t wait to have Diana as my wife and my girlfriend ” Leo said smiling.

” Well Amon, I am Janot as introduced and I am ready to strike the so called protector as Beelzebub promised to tortured the demons kingdom for rejecting me because I am a fairy also ” Janot said and Amon smiled.

” Uhhmmm, Hmmm.. I have nothing to say Amon because I am a creation of Someone and I want to kill my creator, Beelzebub is willing and if I should bring the protector alongside you guys, I shall have the head of my creator and By the way I am Skyclo ” Skyclo said and Amon smirked.

” I think it’s time for us to leave, King Beelzebub thank you for sparing my life and I shall do anything to bring that bastard before you, We will take our leave now great Dark king Beelzebub ” Amon bowed and with one snap, They all varnished.

😈😈😈😈UNKNOWN 👹👹👹

The realm was filled with darkness, Snarling and gnashing of teeths could be heard, A huge palace was seen in the Middle of the realm and it was surrounded by dark creatures and different monsters.

The palace was filled with darkness and the destructive Auras suppressed the atmospheric condition of the realm, It was a realm of total darkness and a woman appeared inside the palace as she advanced towards the throne room.

The Iron door opened and the woman entered into the hall, A huge being could be seen sitted on the throne with darkness covering his face from been seen, Only his dark green eyes could be seen and it was terrifying.

” Great Dark Lord, Your servant Asterita is here before you, You summoned me ” The woman said bowing down before The huge figure who hide his face inside the darkness leaving only his dark green glowing eyes.

” You did well in Awakening the creatures of the night, I summoned you here because I need you for something, Princess Diana is the destined daughter of the creator and she is prophesied for something which the prophesy was hidden from me, I need you to find and locate all the prophesy, I need to know what is my destiny, is it to win the war or to die ” The man said.

” You don’t need to worry yourselves my lord, Princess Diana will surely be killed and sacrificed to give you the ultimate powers you need to defeat Beelzebub and besides If I may ask when are you resurrecting your brother ” Asterita asked and the being laughed evily.

” Brother Oklois will not be resurrected and I have plans for his son Rick which is my Nephew, It’s time for me to rule the world in the name of avenging that brat I call a brother’s death…Very soon, I shall be indestructible ” The being said and he busted into laughter that shook the realm.

” Let the creatures of the night still be on pursuit, I must sacrifice Diana by all means ” the being ordered and Asterita nodded before disappearing.
This war Ehhnn

I have not seen any good person that will defend and protect the world sha, Our selfish interest and protecting the princess, Now another problem has arise, Who will stop or win this war?



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