THE SOUL – Episode 7




Written by Wonder 🐺🐺
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🔱🔱🔱CHAPTER 7🐺🐺🐺




It was the day of school, Everything was back to normal, Royalties could be seen flocking around and so as the lords, Teachers resumed their work or duties as it is called, Fresh breeze blew eerily sending chill to the spines of everyone present.

Whispering and mumures filled the air, Everyone stopped whatever they were doing as they sighted Diana coming with Martinez and her bodyguard smith, Smith wore a half royal attire with his sternful face sending fear to the hearts of everyone present.

” Yeah baby, Let them all crumble at my feet ” Diana muttered happily as she stared at the fearful faces of princes and princesses present including the lords from every kingdoms, Diana entered the building in pride of having a bodyguard.

Everyone went back to their normal discussions, Some were gisting about Diana and that new guy, Some thought they were dating while some said she has a new bodyguard giving to her by her father which is correct.

Rick walked into the building after Some minutes of Diana’s arrival, Rick was really handsome and charming, His curly black hair makes him more cool and also his body statue, Rick was indeed a god’s like.

” Here comes the prince charming ” A female voice rang out from behind and then mumures followed, Rick advanced towards his locker not minding the seductive looks of girls surrounding him, He used his powers to make them metres away from him.

” Rick, It looks like you are the center of attraction in this school, Pick one and make yourself popular and besides you are a tribrid making no boy to stand in your way ” Rojo spoke out From Rick’s body and Rick smirked.

” Keep your mouth shut Rojo, You are out of your cage because Mysterious also has his spirit beasts outside and I must protect you always, So shut your mouth and let me concentrate on how to destroy the dragon kingdom ” Rick said in his mind.

” OK, You are the boss Rick and besides I am no weak spirit beast, I am as strong as the elemental beasts ” Rojo said.

” Pardon! I don’t understand you ”

” Yes Rick, They are the spirit beasts in charge of elements, and they belongs to Mysterious, Mysterious can channel their nature powers and use it for himself because they are bounded with him, I am the Divine spirit beasts and that makes you also divine, If you tap into my powers will make you almost like mysterious ” Rojo said from Rick body and Rick smirked.

” Thanks for enlightening me on that, Firstly I need to know who this bitch standing as bodyguard for Diana, She is part of the plan and that guy following her will surely ruin it, Diana must be sacrificed ” Rick said in his mind.

” Who is he? ” Smith asked while staring at Rick, He was partially jealous of Rick’s energy and not beauty, Smith has no mate bond and he will never have, if he has his mate will be executed by him.

” If you don’t know, That is Rick a dragon, He is really cute and sexy.. I wanna have a taste of him very soon, But by the way Martinez and Diana how is your health… We heard about the assaultive attacks on your patrols ” The vampire princess Kacy said and Diana smiled.

” I am OK and alive again, Now my dad wants me to be going around with a bodyguard, How pathetic, He may be that handsome just like mysterious but he is kinda weird because he belongs to the killers group led by Mysterious himself ” Diana and it was followed by a scoff.

” Always watch your tongue Diana, I am to protect you from harm and not to harm you, I have advantages to harm you and heal you up immediately, Don’t try me or you will regret it ” Smith warned as they made their way into the classroom.

They opened the door and they were all shocked, Mysterious levitating and meditating up with his spirit beasts surrounding him, All the spirit beasts gasped on seeing everyone and they quickly varnished into mysterious body making him to know that something is wrong.

” What the hell, Beelzebub must hear of this ” A prince said and he began to walk out, Everyone has surrounded that area when everything frozed, Someone tampered and skipped time, Smith, Diana, Rick and mysterious were the only ones that were not frozen.

” Forgetteria ” Mysterious chanted and with one snap, Everybody that were frozed memories about the spirit beasts were exposed, Mysterious appeared in front of the prince that was about to report and he touched his forehead making it to glow.

” Forget everything, Remember the ones from An hour ago ” Mysterious ordered and with one snap, Everybody began walking and time was not skipped again, Diana and smith were dumbstruck on what happened right now, Mysterious didn’t notice them not frozen and now they know his little dirty secret.

Minutes later, Everywhere was calm and all students were in their classes, Ramon walked in with his teaching outfit and Mysterious smirked on seeing him, Ramon was am extremely hot teacher who had to kill innocent supernaturals to clean up his scent.

” Good morning great supernaturals be it royalties or Lordships or the normals, My name is Mr Collins and I am your new supernatural teacher, I will start teaching you how to control your powers and weaknesses like the vampires and wolves… First of all who can divine the word weakness ” Ramon in disguise of Mr Collins asked.

” Yes you, Please tell us what the meaning of weakness ” Mr Collins said pointing to a young princess and with pride she stood up to explain everything, Mysterious gaze were fixed on Ramon while Rick and the rest where in the Teaching.

” I have waited for years for you to show up and now that you are up, It’s time to start what I have been hiding, No more mistakes this time Mysterious, The ultimate goal is to have that scroll in your hands ” Mysterious said in his mind and it was followed by an evil smirk on his face.

” mr Collins, The word weakness is defined as the The part of sources of powers that are not welcomed into a supernatural or mortal body, The state of the body in stability to something like the wolves, Their weakness is the full moon, the vampires their weaknesses is the lust for blood and so on, Some ancient weapons can be used as weakeness for us ” The princess said and Mr Collins ( Ramon) smiled.

” That’s wonderful, She has said it all, A weakness is something that the body is up against or is very harmful towards them just like the wolves and the full moon, Vampires and the sun with lust for blood, Now we talk about powers and energy, I will be explaining the meanings and understandings of hydrotelekinesis, Teleportation and portal summoning, Defensive force and energy, Any questions before I begin the explanation? ” Mr Collins asked and Diana raised up her hand.

” You can ask your question Princess ”

” Sir I don’t want to ask any questions other than to tell you to be practicing everything as you explain, We can’t just understand everything without watching you do it, The defensive must be done for us to learn ” Diana said and Mr Collins nodded.

” Good suggestions Princess, I love your speech and besides we will be practicing it, All of us for better understanding and the practice will be fun because It is against yourselves but no one is dieing, Follow me ” Mr Collins said and he made his way out of the classroom, All the students followed behind Including Diana, Martinez and Smith while Rick and mysterious were still sitting down.

” You know there is something about this Mr Collins of a guy, He is definitely hiding something and I think we should find out about what and who he is because he is sometimes acting strange ” Rick said and mysterious scoffed.

” Don’t care to know Rick and besides don’t talk to me, My spirit beasts were nearly exposed and I had to clear the students memories to evade what’s next but kill the foolish dude, Let me meditate in peace Rick, See you in the training hall ” Mysterious said while still meditating and With insane speed Rick zoomed out of the classroom.

” Scumbag! I won’t let you to lay your filthy hands on that scroll, It’s mine and mine alone ” Mysterious said as he continued meditating.



Wails and screams could be heard in the underworld, Souls could be seen hovering around the Underworld ground with the naked bodies, Aiden could be seen walking down the deepest part of the zone in the underworld, Different kinds of hideous creatures could be seen moving around as Aiden passed them.

” It’s a pleasure to meet you In the underworld Oklois, You are really the same thousands of years before your death you know ” Aiden spoke out as his eyes met a muscular and naked man in the underworld sitting on a rock.

” Aiden! Well it’s not a shock to me because I have been watching the outer world and that redemption war were Oscar brutaly killed Steph and you together but Steph can’t be found in the underworld, Only you what happened? ” The man known as Oklois asked as he immediately stood up from the rock.

” Look at us, Two full grown warriors staying in the underworld for our evil attrocities and besides Steph was brought back to life and he is planning on bringing me back, How is your stay in the underworld Oklois? “Aiden asked and Oklois frowned.

” Do I look like I am happy, For thousands of years I have been in this underworld, I was not in the torment zone because of who we are Our powers in the soul form is much more stronger and besides I have a plan to bring myself back to life ” Oklois smirked.

” I will not be in support of that Oklois ”

” Why Aiden? Why? ” Oklois asked.

” You are evil itself Oklois, Don’t try and trick me because villain knows themselves, You wanted that Dark crystals for yourself so that you could challenge the creator and you were stopped by the fallen commander Beelzebub, Though Beelzebub is evil because of conquering the supernaturals and ruling them but he did the right thing, He killed you Oklois and there is nothing bad in that ” Aiden said angrily and Oklois with folded arms smirked.

” Great understanding Aiden, I will be back and to rule.. My wife Erika is already deceived by Me that I am good and My son is with something vital that could bring me back to life, I have many things flooding in my minds and I will make sure I am the Supreme ruler and lord of all supernaturals including you and your brother Aiden ” Oklois boasted.

” You disgust me by your speech, You are an ingrate and a Creator forsaken bastard who wants to still eat his cake and have it, Once I am awaken and brought back to life, The first person that will die is going to be your son Oklois ” Aiden said and he walked away.

” I will love to see you try, This Dimwit doesn’t know who he is dealing with, The dark tribrid will surely Awaken me and I will accomplish and fulfill my dreams in destroying the creator and ruling everything in existence ” Oklois said and it was followed by a ravaging evil laughter.




Everyone walked majestically into the room, It was made of transparent glass but very strong, mr Collins could be seen at the center of the room while everyone surrounded him waiting to know what next.

Rick with his crazy speed he zoomed into the room before the glass door closed, Mysterious appeared inside the room leaving everybody dumbstrucked on how he got here especially Rick who couldn’t even disappear because of the magic spells protecting the school.

” Attention Students, Today’s training is all about defense, The principal is aware of this and the room is protected, The defense battle is fight to the death and whosoever dies will be resurrected again and he has lost the battle.

” Shall we begin, Kyle and Rona.. Enter the battle ground and the immortal power mode has been activated now fight ” Mr Collins ordered as the rest watched the fight, Kyle a vampire prince was so eager to please Diana who was watching the fight behind Smith.

Kyle launches his first attack on Rona the son of a lord over the teperian district which covers two kingdoms nearby villagers, Rona blocked it and he directed a kick to the ribs of Kyle sending him crashing, Kyle bounced up and with his vampire speed, Kyle could no longer be seen and Rona gasped.

Kyle hand sprouted from the back of Rona and he quickly retreated his hands making Rona to fall down dead but all of a sudden Rona body healed up and he bounced up back to life and he quickly left the arena in shame.

” Next Kyle win and Rona loose, Next on the line Rick against Duke ” Mr Collins ordered, Rick smirked as his gaze were fixed on mysterious who was watching him all this while, Duke a dragon prince entered the arena and Rick frown.

” Oh I wish I could really kill you Dragon prince, I will surely inflict bruises that won’t immediately be healed to show Mysterious what I can do ” Rick said in his mind and he smirked, The bell rang and Duke charged at him.

Rick stood akimbo waiting for Duke’s attacks, With one swift move Rick has varnished, Everyone was confused except Mysterious who smirked inwardly, Rick appeared again and he faced Mysterious angrily.

” Curse you Mysterious, Fuck you ” Rick said in his mind and Mysterious giggled slightly as he watched the fight, Rick merged with the wind but he found himself not able to move and Duke landed him a huge punch in his chin making him to fall.

” Stop all this Mysterious, I am not prepared ” Rick said in his mind.

” Beg me ” Mysterious ordered and Rick smirked angrily and he punched the floor hard making everyone to bounce back including Mr Collins, Dark scales could be seen on Rick face and he broke free from mysterious ancient grip.

” Nay Mysterious, I can’t and I won’t beg you… Not even in a hundred thousand years to come, Watch me kill this punk bitch ” Rick shouted in his mind and Mysterious smirked inwardly as he noticed that Rick has broken his spell.

” Nice one Rick ”

” What they hell is he, Ariana it looks like your crush is a different dragon species, Look at that ancient dark scales and his dark auras, Duke moved back in fear as Rick approached him with anger.

” Feels good to kill a royal dragon ” Rick said and he ran with insane speed, His movements could not be detected at all except Smith and Mysterious who were able to see his techniques from afar and smith smirked.

” Such a badass Dragon, It would be nice if I am opportuned to have his head in my palms, Feels good ” Smith muttered and Diana faced him in confusion.

” What did you say Smith? ” Diana asked but Smith nodded negatively while still focusing on the battle, Everybody gasped as they saw Duke’s body lying on the floor with his heart plucked out, The body was slowly healing up and a new heart appearing but Rick damaged something.

” OMG Rick is the winner and Duke loose, Next is Mysterious against Lauren ” Mr Collins said and Lauren came out to the battle scene, Mysterious stared at Lauren in a scornful way and Rick smirked.

” Master We got your back, Finish that asshole while we repel all Rick’s tricky moves ” Flames said from Rick’s body.

” Oh shut it flames, This punk is a weakling in my sight, All I have to do is to burn him up to ashes before the jerk tries to attack me just like I did ” Mysterious said in his mind as he stared at Lauren who charged at him.

Lauren dashed with his elves speed, Lauren didn’t know what was happening to him as he halted immediately, His body began to burn with an unquenchable fire, Lauren screamed in pains making girls to turn their backs and closed their ears not to hear the screams and wails.

” Dude why don’t you show this Prince mercy and kill him once and for all, Cause pains will only worsen everything, Just make the dude die once and for all ” Smith spoke out and everybody in shock turned to his direction including Rick and mysterious.

Mysterious smirked and he stopped the torment making The boy to Gasped and His heart was beating high and it became unbearable and unstable making his body to vibrate with pains racked around his body.

” Killing is not all about Quickie but about your Brutality and havoc with terror, I cause pains and torments them before finally killing them, That’s my law and I love witnessing and hearing the tears and screams of the agony and tortured ones ” Mysterious said and Diana scoffed.

” What a jerk ” Diana mumured not knowing Mysterious heard it, Mysterious advanced towards her but Smith blocked him and The fight was about to start when Mr Collins interfered and he immediately stopped the fight.

” Hey boys, We are here for training and not battle… Mysterious kill your opponent if you are to win and save us the stress while others fight, This is a training zone not a battle zone is that understood ” Mr Collins asked but he got no response.

” Sorry buddy, You got to die now ” Mysterious said and with one snap the boy body was dessicarated but it healed back and everyone was shocked what just happened.

” Mysterious won and Lauren lost, Now it’s time for girls fight, Diana and Phoebe make your way into the fighting arena to behold and defend yourself in this battle ” Mr Collins said, Phoebe made her way into the stage with smirk plastered on her face and also did Diana.

Smith had to stay back but he was noticing something strange around there, The battle bell was rang and the battle begin Phoebe launched her first attack using her sharp elves claws to slash Diana but she weaved it immediately.

Diana kicked Phoebe down skillfully making her to groan but the unexpected happened, Phoebe eyes turned dark and she gnashed her teeths making Diana to bounce back, Phoebe attacked heavily and she clawed Diana down wanting to force her fangs but Diana kicked her.

Phoebe with insane speed rushed again stretching forth her hand to slash Diana but a sword cut it off making her to scream loudly, Smith rolled himself and he kicked Diana hard in her stomach, Her hand was growing back again and Smith scoffed.

” Everybody move back, She is not the Diana that you know, This is the creature I didn’t know ” Smith warned and everybody moved back except Martinez, Mr Collins, Rick and mysterious who were watching it comfortably.

” What kind of supernatural is that guy? ” Mysterious asked himself.

” Dummy That guy is a great bender, He is from the fire clan and they are dangerous ” Storm said and mysterious widened his eyes in shock of what he just heard as he stared at smith.

Smith used his sword to cut another hand but it growed back and he gradually moved back with Diana and his back, Phoebe has fully transformed into a dark hideous and ugly creature with deadly fangs approaching them.

Smith smirked as he swiftly twisted his sword making him to emit blue flames, Smith eyes turned blue and he summoned fire in a circular formation around him, His auras was very destructive to the creature and with one slash the creature fell down dead.

” OMG so Phoebe is that thing for real ” Diana said as she felt relaxed on seeing the creature dead and Smith smirked, Martinez had already rushed to stand beside The fearful Diana witnessing the strike.

” No dummy That’s not phoebe, I traced the attacker but couldn’t get full Information because it wasn’t me that it was targeting, The sender wants you for something and he is channelling the dead, No one has ever done that before and now the dead has circulated us trying hunt only one person you ” Smith said and Diana became more afraid.

” Diana whatever that thing is, We need to be extra careful because when those Things will come to hunt you down In full force, It will be bloody ” Smith warned.

” What should we do? ” Diana ask.

” That’s not the question for now, The question is who is sending them ” Smith said and Diana frowned angrily clenching her fists In anger.
Smith the bodyguard, that’s perfect

What will happen next?



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