THE SOUL – Episode 22




Written by Wonder 🐺🐺
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Hell yes!

Right now I am gonna battle with the most strongest and powerful demons that has ever lived, I read so many things in the book, The Enternal sword, The Five dark crystals and it’s omnipotent powers, The Gigannomal and the sarika.

But I don’t really want many, I want the Gigannomal and that’s why i am in the underworld, Imagine I am in the underworld without even dying, Those Harbingers are really good because I wanted to kill myself but I am not killing myself anymore, This is so wonderful.

Sorry guys, Well as you all know. I am Rick the son of the dreaded demon god Catoram or Caroma anyhow they are calling him but it is both, The well known dark tribrid, Well I don’t really have a problem with my father been evil and been evil is really fun.

You get to kill whoever you and you get to do whatever you want to do, Well y ultimate goal is to keep the Enternal sword as possession and then I will bind the Gigannomal with me and he shall be my forever servant and then I will look for how to be Omnipotent just like my father.

I have heard about The Being called Esthusia which means the death wolf and how he got himself Enternity powers, He can’t die or trapped at all, If he is trapped in the dimensions, He is a being of dimensions and if he is trapped by light, He is also a being of light and the last one which is the underworld.

If he is trapped in the underworld, He will have a free ticket back and that’s why his Brain was wiped so as not to remember his past, Don’t ask me how I know because I usually go back to the past to see what I am reading and that usually gives me knowledge of how powerful that thing or being is I have seen the Gigannomal.

The snake whose eyes could burn down Realm, The Gigannomal is created from the essence of Esthusia and I am still wondering what is Esthusia really, The Gigannomal is created from the essence of Esthusia and from the pure magic of the elder gods who existed in this world.

Well that’s the thing I love about the Creator, No one knows his name or who he is, When bored he created the elder gods from the vast nature and then to the normal gods, The god of destruction which was betrayed by his weak gods was an Elder god that is known while many are still unknown to me and the rest.

The Arch Angels Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, Beelzebub, Armaros, Azazel, Uriel, Besthemesh, Belial and the rest are the very most powerful arch angels while some betrayed the creator with the normal Angels, They were fourteen Arch angels that rebel and the top five were the ones to command the Fallen angels while some call it the Evil warriors of darkness. The rest hid themselves so as not to be recognized while Beelzebub, Lucifer and Armaros were fully recognized.

Well let me stop there, I am standing on the underworld and in the Realm of doom which resides in the underworld, I ducked a dark dagger and with my skills, I whooshed off creating dark plasma balls which repeatedly blasted the knights of hell.

Let me talk about the Knights of hell, Those are the forbidden knights from the kingdom of Zeluche, That was the most strongest and powerful kingdom to be ever recorded and those were the five knights that defiled the rules and they raped women.

The king figured it out and he was enraged, Though they were the best instruments for war and they were so powerful, The king ordered their deaths and they were hanged, That was when Crowley A hell lord who resides know hell. Crowley took them and he sent them to destroy kingdoms with their souls entering the underworld.

Crowley extracted the powers of the soul and then he binded and made the Knights so powerful, He took thirty demons and sacrificed them giving the knights their demons powers and then boom they became the demons of doom which are merciless and other demons feared them so greatly because of their powers.

Now back to the show the knights of hell are standing before me, I have seen the spell but it isn’t easy to write it down because this bastardy will be trying to destroy my soul and I have to deal with them so greatly. They will feel my wrath upon them.

Besides I am also a demon like them, what am I even saying? I am the son of the demon god which means I am a demon lord or a demon god or a hell lord, Anyone but what I do know is that they are all going down with my great force and energy. This Bitches don’t know who they are trying to mess with. Even mysterious greatly fears me, Not that he fears but he knows that I am kind-of his match.

I duck the fast approaching dagger with great force and boom the sword of a knight slashed my hand which made me to groan but it closed up immediately and they were totally shocked because I am supposed to loose my energy and immortality while staying in hell for the first minutes and I believe that the full moon is over.




Footsteps, Voices, Machines.. They underground base was filled with People and agents moving, Scientists were busy with their designs and everything, Atlantians were busy in their training room with their weapons of light and powers, The water control and trident blast.

Many were transformed into Atlantians, Atlantians were the most common supernaturals in the while the rest were humans who were doing their jobs, Elevators were stationed and people emerged out of it, Spaceships like could be seen and Engineers were accessing them all.

There was nothing like A lift to the human city, Every agent in the building has a barge that is glued to their body and if they try to lick out a secret, Boom they die with immediate effect or even though they think of it, That barge gives them access to create portals into the base. It was really a perfect base but it can never be compared to the star agency of the phantom lord.

A green portal appeared and Breca emerged from it with smiles, Jack, Felix, Jones and Sam also advanced out of the portal, Their eyes scanned the entire base and their faces beamed with smiles, All of them were supernaturals so it was easy to superspeed into the hall restricted office where they usually stay.

Breca is really a wise person, During the killing of those Sorcerers that Lord Gaap ordered to Guild the Cave on the mountain, Breca killed and also did Jones and Breca was wise to have create a device which takes the magics once the user is dead and now they are all using the magics for something better especially to locate the realm.

” Shit I hate School, Especially the fact that Breca is our teacher ” Jack cursed and everywhere broke into wild laughter, They were in the restricted hall to chill and now Jack started the conversation which made them to laugh, When Lord Gaap was already destroyed and killed, Breca decided to be a gangster and also a teacher to avoid any suspicious look from the police and that was really ridiculous.

” Yeah I really love it, So Jack remember the Assignment I gave you guys, Find the Coefficient of X using 14 to simplify the substitution method and then you will bring out the answers through factorisation and Cosmos theory ( Chai no mind me jare, I didn’t have the perfect question and besides Na mathematics, You fit solve am)…Remember that I must receive the Answers tommorow or else Detention ” Breca threatened playfully and Jack scoffed.

” What kind of teacher are you? We are your supernatural friends and still you are still tormenting us with Mathematics, Now I see that you don’t like us at all… Damn you Brian ” Jack Frowned and Breca smirked. The full meaning of Breca is Brian Edward Carlos with the short form known as Breca.

” Whatever! So Felix what do we have to say about the X destruction? ” Breca asked and Felix smirked and he summoned The head of securities and also the Head of the Computer folks and also the scientist head.

” They are on their way, Oops they are here already ” Felix said as he stared at the door which opened and the people that they called were standing before them without fear, Felix stood up with his face fixed on the huge monitor map of sunnydale and he was seeing of Red dot moving around in the woods.

” What the hell is that thing? Ryder Zoom and access the CCTV surveillance of the Convey part of the woods over there, That Red dot signifies that someone is there, Please show me some pictures, I need to check something ” Felix ordered and the Ryder guy did as he was asked to do.

” What is going on Felix? ” Sam asked.

” Maybe he is thinking of having a girlfriend ” Jack chipped in and everyone burst into an outrageous laughter that shook the hall and Felix faced burned with anger and he clenched his fists angrily, A huge water formed hand appeared and Felix controlled it to punch down Jack who kept of laughing as it was affecting him a little.

” You are still laughing? Hmmm let’s see if you will still be laughing ” Felix spoke out and he clenched his fists more aggressively and the water formed hands began to choke the life out of Jack but as you know Jack, He can’t easily die because he is much more powerful and he blasted Felix but a huge water formed shield blocked it with force.

” Can’t you just fvcking say please and then I will leave you ”

” Nope! You ought to have know me Felix, I don’t fvcking beg and besides I am already free ” Jack said and he used his energy to break free from the water thT choked him but Felix was quick to have used the Water formed hand to punch Jack which sents him crashing far away.

” Enough of this Felix, I know that the joke was too Expensive because you are not the girl type and besides She left Sunvale high school so please calm down while I caution Jack who always like to Cause trouble because that’s what he is born for ” Jones pleaded and Felix was calm.

” Thanks Jones, Thank you for telling Felix because I would have whooped his ass, Nobody tries the Ancient beast of divine and ever live, Nobody…. ” Jack found himself choking and his time it was Breca who was using his magic to choke Jack to keep his mouth shut.

” We can’t continue to beat his assistant forever Jones, Well I will spare him today but the next time, He will seize to talk for a whole day and that will teach him a lesson ” Breca warned and he stopped Jack from choking resulting him to gasp for air.

” Well Breca you are forgetting who Jack is, You once made his Dick to disappear for a whole week and he still didn’t stop, You made him blind for a day and he still isn’t stopping he blabber mouth and I bet if we send him to hell, He will surely keep his mouth shut ” Felix said and Jack giggled.

” You all can try, I want to know what the underworld really looks like, Is it a place of the dead or is it just a myth, Well please send me there right away and let me tell you how it is and how it feels Felix, kill me ” Jack pleaded and they all busted into laughter.

” No Jack! If we kill you and we bring you back, That’s when you will be more worst, Talking about the sweet things of the Underworld and we won’t know peace so we aren’t showing you the gateway to the underworld and that is death! So no Death for you ” Felix spoke out and Jack Chuckled.

” We let’s just forget about everything I just said.. We need answers about those X destruction and Ryder are you done with the figure that I asked you to give me his damn pictures ” Felix asked and Ryder nodded.

” What the hell, He looks like a god ” Jones exclaimed in shock as they stared at the picture of the person who was walking in the woods, It was a young teen with white hair, It was a strong teen who knows the concept of kill, It was mysterious and he was already in sunnydale.



Mysterious was already in his normal home which was the mountain before he started his journey, His face swelled up in anger, He was really boiling in anger and his anger and hatred for Beelzebub deepend the more.

” You need to calm down Master, Beelzebub is a tricky guy and you know about that, I can’t believe they tricked me into thinking that my father fought with BEELZEBUB when he is Beelzebub spirit beasts and besides we will know once he is awake ” Frost spoke out.

” I must have the Last Crystal with me, How do I go to Sunnydale or whatever you call it ” Mysterious asked and Windy smirked.

” Well you will have to create a portal down there but it isn’t easy, I know the perfect spell for you to create a portal to any place in your mind that you haven’t been to, I love it as I have all the spells with me ” Windy said and Mysterious smirked.

” Let’s do this Fast before Beelzebub takes the last one ” Mysterious said.

” Mysterious there are things that you need to know, Beelzebub needs to go to the human world and I know that he won’t go by himself, He will send his minions to go and look for it because the human world is no powerful place ” Earth Claw spoke out.

” So. What did you want to tell me? ” Mysterious asked.

” The dark Crystals are not just Crystals, That’s is what they are called and because they have Crystal form but they are rings, Rings of omnipotent and Enternal powers which makes the users so powerful and now that you have to and Beelzebub two, It’s gonna be perfect just as father and son ” Flames said and Mysterious frowned.

” Don’t you ever Call that Bastard my father, Even though he is my father or if it is a lie, All I need to know is that He is going down even though he is of the nature, All I know is that he must and will be sealed by Mysterious the greatest…. No matter what he is ” Mysterious boasted angrily.

” Shall we begin ”

” Mysterious try creating a portal ” Mysterious created a blue portal And Windy started chanting inaudibly and the ground vibrated, The portal widened and it changed colors from blue to red and Everyone zoomed into the portal.

” Let’s get this done right away ” Mysterious said after they had emerged from the red portal which closed up immediately, They were already in the woods of Sunnydale and the spirit beasts all dived into the body of Mysterious to avoid anything.


Rick dived into another corner to avoid that timid powerful blast from the Knights of hell, Rick eyes took the shade of blue and the knights moved back in shock of what they just see, First he healed in the underworld and now he is unleashing his powers.

” What are you? ” A knight asked sternly, His voice carried Authority and it shocked the whole realm, The knights stationed their swords ready and they charged at Rick whose body glowed, Demonic tattoos appeared on his hand.

” You are asking me what am I? You will soon know, I am the Dark tribrid… The Demon dragon and a powerful magic user who has thousands of sorceress and sorcerers powers in my after I killed them all.. I am A Demon lord ” Rick boasted angrily as he approached the Knights who were also approaching him.

” I am impressed, Too very impressed because there is nobody that has entered this Realm and still has his powers, You are not just a Tribrid, You are a demon lord x Hell lord, You are the prophesied Chaos lord and that doesn’t matter because you are going down ” A knight spoke out and he charged at Rick.

The Knight ran with Demonic speed but Rick saw it In slow motion, Rick duck the sword and he kicked the knight down causing him to crash heavily on a rock and the Knights were all enraged and they decided to charge in full force.

Rick’s muscle ripped out, He was two times stronger and powerful than the way he was, Rick leapt high and he Slammed down two knights hard on rocks, Rick dodged the punch and he headbutted the knight down, Rick deflected the black plasma ball and he sent it back to its sender.

The Demon battle is about to get wild

The wall cracked as The Plasma balls which Rick ducked hits it, Rick could be seen running to escape the blast while Rojo made himself invisible and then he started Memorizing all the spells and everything that is in that place, Rick dived up and he pinned down two knights giving them that kind of WWE Goldberg spear.

Rick kicked down the sword of a knight and then he blasted the knight, A sword was already stationed and ready to remove the head of Rick but as you know, Rick is a badass in fighting and in killing, Rick slammed down two knights with his hands as he was five times himself.

Rick was blasted repeatedly by the knights, They were already furious and they were ready to end the life of Rick once and for all, They charged at the weak Rick who laid on the floor, They pierced Rick’s heart but what they didn’t know is that they were tricked, Rick appeared behind them he punched them all so hard with one punch.

” Kill this bitch, We have had enough from him already ” The leader Cursed angrily, He stood up with full force and Rick didn’t know what energy blasted him, The Knights of hell were revealing their true self while they were playing with Rick all this while.

” What are you? ”

” How did he reach the Round two? ”

” No one has ever reached the second round, All the rest dies in round one and now he is in round two, he mustn’t reach the third round, Let’s end this Bastard once and for all ” The leader said, Every knight had their own special powers and that was what they were going to use on Rick who had no clue.

” Bring it on Punks! Let me show you all what I can do ” Rick boasted and the knights smirked, Their armours changed and also did their swords, The leader transformed into a huge tiger, A demon tiger and Rick gasped in shock.

” I never bargained Fighting A demon tiger, Now I see why they Call them the Dreaded demons in the underworld.. Well Let the show begin ” Rick smirked and his eyes turned black, The knights watched the battle waiting to strike. The Demon tiger charged at Rick who was so swift in Ducking the Claws and he kicked the tiger but it was Rick legs that were broken.

” What the hell! What kind of demons are this ” Rick shouted aggressively in pains, His legs healed back and now he was really angry, Rick crashed after he received a blow from a smoky form knights, like I said.. They all have different powers.

” I have had enough of all this, Now it’s time to strike.. Paidammas ” Rick chanted and the knights screamed out in form of Shrieking sounds that affected the ears of Rick, Rick transformed into a dragon which roared fire.

The Dragon wigged it’s time which slammed Knights away, The Dragon transformed back into its normal form which is Rick, This time the knights found themselves bowing down before The auras of Rick.

” This is the End Knights of hell, Though you all are Immortals, But I am leaving this place with the spells to awaken the Gigannomal and the rest of what I need, With The blood of Catoram in me, I command you to Obey my instructions and never to interfere ” Rick ordered.

” Yes Sire ” The knights answered while on their knees, It looks like Rick is using the traits and powers of his father to control those knights because Catoram is a fallen arch angel and that makes Rick also to have the powers of an angel.

” Rojo are you done? ” Rick asked.

” Yep Rick and also I copied useful informations that we can use like the Powerful Omega beam or the Alpha blast that can wipe three dimensions at once, We have gotten everything and now let’s leave before they break the Control auras ” Rojo said and he entered Rick’s body.

” This feels good ” Rick shouted and he zoomed out of the realm, Rick created a powerful portal and he zoomed out of the underworld to escape the the grim reapers gripped and boom Rick was on the mountain.

” Time to awaken the Gigannomal ” Rick smirked.
mysterious is now in Sunnydale.

Rick has the spell.

What will happen next?



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