THE SOUL – Episode 18




Written by Wonder 🐺🐺
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🈲🈹🈸🈴CHAPTER 18🌠🌠🌠




🌳🌳🌳UNKNOWN 🌳🌳🌳

Mysterious could be seen walking down into a deep cave with his spirit beasts by his side, In his hands a Golden Key could be seen as mysterious kept on walking down into the deep cave of the unknown that would soon be known.

” Storm! Where are we going to? I am really confused because we have been walking for the past two hours and even though I can’t get tired but I need to know where we are heading to so as to be prepared ” Mysterious said and they all stopped.

” Well mysterious we are heading towards the direction of the vase of Immortality, This is the passage to the world where you would be granted five wishes and then Pov back to the entrance and everything disappears and it appears back once in a thousand years so that’s why we are heading towards that realm ” Storm answered and Mysterious was dumbstrucked.

” Wait! So you are trying to tell me that we are heading to the realm of the immortality or vase whatever you call it and then I will be granted five wishes, So I could wish for the Dark crystals and it will give me that right? ” Mysterious asked and Storm smirked as they continued walking.

” Well I don’t really know Master, But what I heard is that you can only wish for one Enternal truth or object and the Dark crystals are all Enternal Magical Objects making it only one wish that is to be made while you could wish for other things ” Storm said.

” Is that why you brought me here Storm? Is that the reason for bringing us here so that we could wish for the sapphire and then we shall begin the second search while I make use of that one in possession ” Mysterious asked.

” No mysterious! I brought you here so that you could Wish for another Crystal while you are in search for the sapphire, Remember that you have the key and don’t you think of wishing for the sapphire while The Key is in your hand ” Storm said.

” Yep he is right master, You have the Key then that means we will have to wish for the berly and then Pov we will have a dark Crystal ready to destroy anybody because it is an Enternal object and then you can wish for other things ” Windy added.

” You could wish for The power of a pure immortal or You could wish to be part of nature or you could wish to have infinite powers or you could wish for your true identity and then we will understand everything we are missing or needing ” Flames chipped in.

” Dummy Infinite powers, Pure immortal or those are also Enternals types and we need the Dark Crystals and not those rubbish you talked about So keep shut flames while the master conclude what he is wishing ” Frost said and flames frowned.

” Who are you calling dummy?

” You of course Asshole ”

” I don’t really blame you Frost, Get this into your icy skull that Those things that I mentioned aren’t Enternals, Those are Celestial and there is a different, We can only wish for a Celestial and nature one and then the three aren’t Those types… So what the fvck are you saying ” Flames half yelled.

” That’s enough already, One Enternal and One Celestial… I get it so stop Fighting each other and remember that you all are siblings and you ought to behave as one and stop all this.. Frost and flames I won’t tolerate this shit any longer… So be quiet ” Mysterious warned.

” Yes master ” Frost and Flames said in unison, They got to the end zone of the cave, Storm recited some ancient Language and the Cave wall disappear immediately showing a beautiful scene of flowers and ancient magnificent Realm of beautiful creatures and they all wowed.

” Oh my God… This is so beautiful, I can’t believe that this realm ever exist, Look at the wonderful Flying creatures and Insect, Wild ancient creatures moving around in the immortal vase, I can’t get to stay inside this place ” Mysterious gasped on seeing what is before him.

” You haven’t seen anything Master, Remember that all this will soon disappear immediately you leave this place with your wishes, That’s the creator’s order and it must be made… Let’s get going master ” Storm said and they began walking to and from into the Realm.

” Let’s get all this done once and for all, Once I have the Berly and all that I have wished for, I will find out what or who I am and then the realm and world will be subjected to me and besides I just have the power hunger but I don’t like to rule ” Mysterious said while walking.

” Let’s leave that for another day Master, Are you not feeling this wonderful auras that brightens our skin and makes our body immune to any attacks, We are so lucky to have you by our side mysterious.. This is wonderful ” Flames shouted.

Everybody halted on sighting three creatures with horns, There were like demons buy demons are not permitted into this realm, they held axes that emitted blue lightning and their eyes glowed blueish and veins spread out of their faces.

” What is your mission Here in the Vase of immortality Mysterious? ” One of the beast asked and Mysterious was shocked that the beast knows him and his name, Those beasts had a murderous look in their eyes as they firmly held their axes.

” Well well well.. I am indeed shock that you three knows my name and I am sure you all will know what I am capable of right, Only my spirit beasts is enough to destroy all of you and let me tell you what happened in the valley of Shimon where I got this key from ” Mysterious boasted showing them the key and they laughed.

” We know everything about you Mysterious, We know about your powers and the battle, Immediately you stepped your foot in this Vase and that’s when we know everything about you but let us remind you this.. We are pure immortals..meaning we can never die so what are you here for? ” Another beast questioned and that shocked mysterious.

” You really have guts beasts, Well I am here for the five wishes in this realm, There are things that I really need and I want them so will you fools park your selves and leave us to go and acquire what we came here for ” Mysterious gritted his teeth angrily.

” Like The Dark Crystals right? You have the key of the sapphire and then you want the Beryl but there is something you must know, If you want to pass us, You will have to fight us and defeat us that we may know that you are qualified to meet with the Light master ” Another beast stated.

” That’s fine by me Beasts, But who the hell is the light master storm? ” Mysterious asked in shock.

” The light master is the one who grant us the wish, That’s the law, You will have to face this pure immortals and only that will grant you free access into the cave of the ancient light master, You can’t kill them or destroy them because they are pure immortals but you can prove yourself worthy by what you do and how you do to them, It depends on what you are capable of Mysterious, you are liable to die but they can’t…so be careful ” Storm warned.

” Mysterious whoop their ass, They are nothing but bunch of Bitches and you know what… Bitches end up in ditches and they will all end up in pains and agony Master.. Plug out their hearts Baby ” Flames chipped in and the Three beasts giggled out.

” Seems that your puny Spirit beasts Is sending you to your death Mysterious, We don’t care who your father is.. We will end your life and suffer the fate that befall us.. Shall we begin? ” The Three beasts said in unison and Mysterious was dumbstrucked about what they said about his father, The question is.

Who is his father?

” I guess it’s time, I won’t be easy on you three, Just remember that and that only would help you three alot, Don’t you ever call my spirit beasts puny ever in your life, Let the Show begin baby ” Mysterious smirked and he transformed into a lycan with red eyes and green furs.

” This is getting more fun ” The three beast shouted and they charged at The lycan with great force and energy bursting through their veins and the Lycan also charged at them with great fury in its eyes and the ground vibrated heavily.



Diana whooshed into the mountain and Smith followed with great speed, He was really bodyguarding her in case of Any problems that is coming their way, Smith eyes glowed orangish and his hair was orange.

” I can’t seems to find Mysterious any where, Where is he really? ” Diana asked herself in shock because she searched the entire Mountain and besides the spell and barrier can’t work on her because she is mysterious mate and also Smith is different also.

” Well Maybe is somewhere out there looking for something important, You don’t expect Mysterious to be idle and not doing anything, Mysterious is power hungry and who knows how many people he has killed ” Smith said and Diana scoffed and they both sat on rocks.

” Whatever! I just want him to bind me with that spirit beast he has, I really love them and besides Smith i am noticing something’s about you, What is that Mark on your back and your hand, I am really shocked right now ” Diana asked and Smith smirked.

” Well The tattoo at my back is what I don’t really know, This tattoo on my hand is what they call the mark of Amargeedon, I am a seed of Armageddon and it is said that once a seed of Armageddon is marked… Then there is a great war approaching while the wolf tattoo on my back is what I was born with and I don’t know what it signifies at all ” Smith said taking of his Shirt and revealing the wolf tattoo.

” What is Esthusia Smith? ” Diana asked.

” Huh? Where do you hear that word from, I have not heard anything called Esthusia in my life… Wait I think that name always ring in my dream and I am confused about the kind of dream that I have and about who I am really ” Smith said.

” I saw that Esthusia word at the bottom of the Wolf drawing and please do you mind telling me the kind of dream that you always have and what about you is so confusing Smith, I could help.. Just free your burden by telling me ” Diana said.

” OK fine I will tell you but don’t tell anybody ”

” I promise I won’t tell anybody ” Diana promised and Smith sighed deeply while staring at the beautiful Diana… Gosh Mysterious was really blessed to have this wonderful and beautiful damsel as a mate.

” I always dream about a war, I always see myself fighting a war in a demonic form, The hairy body, The demonic red eyes and the destructive fangs, The poisonous Claws and The ancient speed and strength, I see myself destroying and killing and I see a huge wolf staring at me with vernom etched in his eyes, A huge wolf… A mighty one for that matter, Then the unknown voice keeps banging my head and the only word I hear is Esthusia, Esthusia, Esthusia.. I am really confused ” Smith said and he heaved because he revealed his secret.

” That’s really something destructive, So that Esthusia keeps banging in your dreams and now the Mark has appeared on your hand making you are seed of Armageddon, What other thing about you that you can tell me? ” Diana asked.

” You know I do Meditate right? ” Smith asked and Diana nodded in agreement.

” That’s not Just meditation, I have the ability to see visions, I can’t see the future or the past but I can see what is going on right now, I can see where your mysterious is.. I could see anything and anywhere in this realm.. I just don’t know how I could see all those things ” Smith said and Diana gasped In shock.

” Mysterious can see the future but can’t see the past and the present, You can see the present and not past and future, Mysterious also has the mark of Armageddon and I have seen it, if Mysterious could see the future and you the past ”

” What are you trying to say Diana? ” Smith asked curiously.

” It is not what am I trying to say, it is who the next person, I mean you have the present vision and mysterious the future, Then someone has the vision of the past and the three of you has the mark of Armageddon in you ”

” Who has the Vision of the past? ”


💀💀💀DARK CAVE 👹👹👹

The sky thundered immensely Lightning flashed through the sky, Dark auras suppressed the atmosphere and everywhere were guarded with ancient creatures, A portal appeared and A woman walked about with Alais the ghost demon and they both entered the cave.

” Welcome Ballista, How is Sunnydale and the human world ” Steph voice could be heard immediately the woman stepped into the cave, The cave was filled with candles and runes glowing on the cave wall, The Primus of the demon vampires was present with Texlo and Pusho with Aiden who sprouted out from the ancient fire.

” The human world stinks Steph, Those team Ocean lord makes me furious, My sisters are all dead and erased from existence by that foolishness flame witch and now I am well and alive thanks to their powers, So why are my summoned before you Aiden ” Ballista asked and Steph smirked.

” Well as you can see Ballista, I am dead in the underworld so I need to be brought out but as The wolf of terror, I can’t be brought back to life just like my brother, There is something greater than I need that could bring me back ” Aiden said.

” You will be freed but you know that everything comes with a price, Are you ready to fulfil it and pay the price? ” Ballista asked and Aiden nodded making her to smirk inwardly and her staff appeared and also serpents surrounded her.

” The art of Necromance is not a easy thing you know, Necromance is a diabolical magic of the dark that is dreaded and that is what I will have to do, You shall bring me the spell of iodrance and then fifty dragons and Fiaries, Twenty-five each and then you would be free… I will be drawing out your soul and replacing them with the fifty souls to balance nature and then you will free and that’s why i need that spell because if I use another spell, Your powers would be drawn into the underworld and you will be a normal wolf again ” Ballista warned.

” That’s a good news to my ears, Steph and the demon vampires primus shall get the spell while My demons here will bring the fifty Dragons and faries.. So relax and wait but what Is the price that you want? ” Aiden asked curiously.

” What I want you will not know, But when you are back to life, Then you will know and understand what I really want, The Ocean lord and Breca need to pay for what they did to us and I shall have my revenge very soon ” Ballista smirked inwardly and Aiden grinned.

” Brother what about our plans against Oscar? ” Steph asked and Aiden smirked.

” We will deal with Oscar later, Right now.. I need to be free from the underworld and Ballista will help me and then we will deal with The socialized called king of wolves after you have fully acquired your powers and all that ” Aiden said and Steph nodded.

” Pusho and Texlo.. Get the Fifty Dragons and Fairies, Then Steph and Dallas will find the spell for my resurrection, And as for you Alais.. Get me my body in the tomb of Aiden which is me in the wolves kingdom and then my soul would be back to my body very soon ” Aiden said and Everybody nodded.

At last The Redemption war 2 is about to begin.


The Lycan roared and dashed at the three horned beasts, The lycan ducked and dodged series of lightning attacks that came out of the axes and then the Lycan teleported itself and slash the Horned beasts down but it healed up and The lycan transformed back into mysterious who smirked.

” Interesting Hmmmm! So you three are immune to Attacks and claws regardless of the poison right? If I don’t have advantage in my lycan form, Why don’t I use my magic form besides I have many Sorcerers powers in me ” Mysterious said to himself.

” Acras medera ” Mysterious chanted and a strong force lifted the horned beast and it hit’s them of, Mysterious channelled the powers of the sun into him and his eyes were deeply red, It was like it was burning and huge wings sprouted out of mysterious back while the Mark of Armageddon glowed.

” The mark of Armageddon and the powers of his father.. Hmmmm, How wonderful ” The horned beasts smirked as they charged at mysterious with their axes lifted high and lightning strucked mysterious but he absorbed it and then directed it back to the beasts and it hits them of making them to crash heavily.

” Mysterious finish them off ” Flames screamed out while Mysterious had his eyes closed and he could feel the raw energy bursting through his veins and his sword was that of silver, It glowed and it’s auras was destructive.

” Time to be defeated ” Mysterious screamed and his voice was that of ten men, It resounded and echoed everywhere, Mysterious speed was that of light, Gasped filled the air and the horned beasts dropped down dead but they woke up ten seconds of their death.

” Congratulations Mysterious, I guess you are really qualified to meet the great light master, We will take you to his cave and There you shall meet him and besides you did well into unlockimg the Least hidden powers in you ” The horned beasts smirked, With just a snap of their fingers.

Mysterious had varnished with his spirit beasts and then they appeared at the center of a deep dark cave and the runes glowed and candles flickered everywhere, The auras was so instense and the drawings and writings on the wall was so ancient.

This was really An ancient Cave.

” Welcome Mysterious, Name the five wish that you want but remember that it is only one celestial, Enternal and the rest, All shall be granted to you and besides I want to congratulate you on killing the Pure immortals, They could die but they would wake up immediately that’s what you don’t know, They aren’t pure immortals but they were just deceiving you ” A thick grutal voice could be heard.

” Is this the Light master speaking? If so then turn on the light and appear before me and my spirit beasts and we shall state our wish before you ” Mysterious said.

” Is that a challenge or what? ” The voice asked.

” Anyhow you call it but just appear and on the lights because I don’t like staying in darkness, Even my mountain is pure light ” Mysterious said and the light on, A handsome young man on white hood appeared and mysterious smirked.

” Now this is perfect ”

” Now that I am here, Tell me your wish that I may grant it before you ” The light master said and Mysterious smirked.

” Say it mysterious and spare us the time ” Earth Claw spoked out and Mysterious cleared his throat before talking, The light was shinning wonderful and the Light master was really a handsome dude who isn’t from the supernatural race.

” I wish to have The great berly from the Dark crystals with me ” Mysterious said and the Light master eyes glowed and the Beryl appeared in Mysterious hand and he grinned, The beryl was really glowing and Mysterious felt the power.

” Wish Granted! Now you will not receive any wish close to Anything Enternal, Now you have four more wishes to go, So name your wish ” The light master ordered and mysterious smirked.

Mysterious has the Beryl and now it remains Four more to go.

What is Smith and Mysterious really?

They seems Mysterious 😂 Don’t mind me O

It looks like Aiden will soon be resurrected as Ballista the demon witch is with him.


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