THE SOUL – Episode 17




Written by Wonder 🐺🐺
Brought to you by Wonny boy diaries

⭐️⭐️⭐️CHAPTER 17➰➰➰




🍒🍒🍒THE WOODS☘️☘️☘️

A young elf could be walking down inside the woods with his hands tugged into his pocket, Different kinds of whoosh sounds could be heard but he showed no sign of fear, He was whistling around and singing silently.

A silver dagger was aimed at him but the man skillfully caught the dagger mid air and his face were filled with smirk, Veins spread out and his eyes glowed blue, Claws crept out and he continued doing what he was doing.

” Hello Amon! Did you miss us “A deep grutal voice rang out booming around the woods, The auras became devastating, The man smirked and he continued walking without any fear then a strong force blasted him.

” I was talking to you Amon ” The voice roared again but this time, with great fury and venom etched in it, The area was covered with dark fogs and a being emerged from it, His eyes were thick black and he twisted his sword skillfully.

” Hello Amon ” The Dark figure said and the man stood up quickly, His face were very dark and destructive, One would run for their lives on sighting that face and eyes, The man was quiet all this while and that enraged the dark figure.

” Brenia! What are you doing here? Are you not ordered to be in hiding for ten thousand years before you can be free, Beelzebub warned you and now you are free, What do you want? ” The elve asked and the dark man called Brenia smirked.

” Of course Amon, I was in hiding and do you even think that I would show my face without the dark king redrawing his orders, Beelzebub called me back to fight alongside with and then I will be free, So get that into your skull ” Brenia said and the elf scoffed.

” Seems like The Dark king is doubting my loyalty already, I don’t fvcking care if we are on the same team but don’t you dare meddle with my plans or things because I will destroy and remember I have Veldone’s ring ” The Elf said while caressing the ring.

” For your information, we are on the same team.. You have Veldone’s ring while I have Caxa’s ring and that makes us the same, No matter anything Beelzebub will make us the same because we are brothers remember ” Brenia said and the elf scoffed.

” It doesn’t matter if we are brothers because I don’t care for brotherhood and besides we are two different creatures and we decides what Is best for us, That crap called Brotherhood doesn’t matter at all to me especially ” The elf said and he had fully transformed into Amon who frowned.

” You are such a jerk Amon ” Brenia said as he was in his monster form, He had dark eyes and scary face with two horns and his auras was so destructive and so as Amon who was putting on a strong metal suit.

” Don’t be a pussy Brenia, Besides I remember when you said that you don’t want us to be brothers at all, You called me Bronemy right? I don’t care about you or anything in this world except The dark king ” Amon said and Brenia smirked.

” Mtchww! Let’s get going because The Dark king summoned us for the plans to be carried out properly ” Brenia said and with a snap, They all varnished into thin air and a figure walked out of the dark side of the woods.

His eyes was Purple, Sharp fangs sprouted out and he was very hairy, Numerous figures sprang out of the woods but their own eyes were coloured green, The atmosphere was filled with destructive auras and dark fogs.

” Beelzebub is planning something devious that’s why he has always been silent for long, We need to summon all the supernaturals kingdoms that were nearly driven to extinction, Tell them that the Cayotes king is summoning them all ” The purple eyed figure said and a man bowed before him.

” Yes King Victor but if I may ask, What are our plans in stopping Beelzebub because the last time we fought him, We were nearly driven to extinction and that is really terrible, We need a mighty force that would be protecting us ” The man said and the figure recognized to be victorious smirked.

” My Child has told me about three able guys that are very strong and they school in Crystal College, They would be the essential tools in us defeating and bringing back our name into the book of the supernatural kingdoms ” King Victor said.

” We have Amaya the princess of the Were jaguars and also Sam the prince of the hybrid clan, Sam is somewhere far away looking for something to help us while his Hybrids wait behind the rocks for their lord ” King Victor said.

” King Victor! The Onis? They are very strong and powerful ” The man bowing before King Victor asked and King Victor smirked inwardly while caressing his sharp claws, His eyes were glowing every now and then.

” I don’t know if the Onis are driven to extinction as well as the other kingdoms that were destroyed by Beelzebub, The only one I know are the Jaguars, The Hybrids, The ghouls, The wendigos and that’s all, Ivan trace and locate any Oni you see ” Kong Victor ordered and the figure bowing down was recognized to be Ivan and he whooshed of with great speed.

” We are about to start a war that nearly obliterated us, Beelzebub needs to be stopped by all means possible, He can’t be killed because he is part of nature but he can be sealed or sent to hell without him dead ”

” What I am perfectly sure of is that I will surely avenge the death of my brother Alonso and every Cayotes that died in the war… Beelzebub will surely pay for I promise him… Samantha begin the count… I need to know how many warriors we have for the war to come ” King Victor ordered and he whooshed off.




Mysterious roared in his lycan form, Frost leapt high and he landed in the midst of the creatures using his ice to freeze them and he broke numerous into icy pieces, Earth Claw conjured rocks and he transformed into His full size And he was so big.

The lycan leapt and he pulled out the hearts of two creatures making them to drop dead on the floor, The lycan was about to be killed by a strong three horned monster when Spark unleashed lightning which strucked down the monster.

” Oh my gosh! This is so wonderful… It took me long to start this kind of war ” Windy shouted and he transformed into a hurricane which blew monsters away with full force and they crashed heavily and Storm used water to destroy creatures with his brain and strength.

The lycan transformed into a full grown dragon which roared fire down at the creatures, Earth claw was in his megazode mode he started destroying creatures which just trampling on them and they We’re crushed Into pieces.

The dragon transformed into a huge beast with golden furs and the spirit beasts where all dumbstrucked, The beast had a shining furs and his eyes were of pure silver, The claws were very deadly and sharp and so as the disastrous fangs.

” What the hell is mysterious? ” Frost asked in shock of seeing the Golden beast that destroyed creatures with super fast reflexes, The beast was that of a werewolf with two legs but it was more than that because it had two golden sharp wings.

The beast was to fast and it crushed creatures within seconds, The speed was so powerful that if like light couldn’t reach it’s extent, Monsters strecthed forth their horns and lightning emitted out of it but nothing had effects on The golden beast and within seconds, All the horns weremember ripped out open and Heads rolled.

Three monsters stretched forth their long sharp claws ready to slash the beast but the spirit beasts intervened and the beast dashed into the sky with its wings flapping and it descended down with great force and everyone was blasted away including the spirit beasts and the golden beast transformed back into mysterious who smirked.

” Let’s get this done before many more comes.. Where is the sea Storm? ” Mysterious asked storm who was dumbstruck and so as the rest where all shocked to see mysterious in that golden beast form.

” What are you? ” Storm asked in shock.



The human world was really decorated with purified flowers and all that, Cars could be seen roaming around on the highway and different kinds of building could also be seen surrounding the highway but there was a particular building in the woods that was decorated with woods and ray weapons.

The building was so gigantic and we’ll built with silver, Guards were seen with metal suits and they were prepared with their ray weapons, The building was filled with glasses with the description called X destruction.

A small spaceship landed beside the building and a figure who was from the outer space because he was red in color and he had blue eyes with two horns and all the guards bowed before him before he transformed into a human.

” It looks like it has been long since I was in this building, So long and renovated than before, Well I ain’t here for decorations or those useless earthly things, I am only here for the message and plans ” The figure said to himself.

” Welcome to The human world X destruction Agency Pilon, We heard about your visit from the space station so we decided to welcome you and show you everything we need in the project that is ongoing ” A grutal voice rang out behind the figure and he turned to see a man putting on a doctor’s outfit and the figure smirked.

” It seems like you still remember my name and everything about me, I am so shocked and greetings to you Doctor Nicklaus.. It’s a good thing seeing your face once again ” The figure who was recognized to be Pilon spoke out.

” So tell me about the project Success and everything you are doing here…Chief commander Grogo needs all the information to process the attack beginning ” Pilon said and Doctor Nicklaus nodded his head.

” We heard about Beelzebub and his dark five forces and that is what we call a huge threat, Beelzebub can’t be killed because he is nature but he can be sealed, We have created a bass mercurion tube which is very powerful to keep Beelzebub there and as for the supernaturals, We are planning on destroying the realm first and then destroy all supernaturals in total, We created more powerful spaceship that has silver blaster and all that, For the magic users we have designed robots that could repel their magics and so on.. The dark lord which brings us information is perfect and we need to break the seal or barrier preventing us from entering into the supernatural realm that has existed for millions of years ” Doctor Nicklaus said.

” Hmmm that’s perfect to hear, What about the supernaturals senses and genes into our experiments because we need humans with super strength and speed to fight the creatures as you continuously destroy them ” Pilon said and Doctor Nicklaus heaved.

” Everything is still ongoing and we have the perfect combination of strength and speed to give us the perfect mortal and one is what is making me very much happy, The Escalator is a device made of silver and Mercurion metal that tampers with Nature to give energy bursting strength and all we just need is to destroy the barrier and then set everything in place before the attack will begin ” Doctor Nicklaus said and Pilon smirked.

” Then Project Zero supernaturals would be completed ”

” The X destruction shall reign over the humans ” Nicklaus completed and They bursted into a dark and destructive laughter that shook the entire building while the continued what they were doing without stopping.



Rick could be seen sitting down and reading his book filled with ancestral creatures of that dark and demons that were not known before but they were ancient, Rick was to engrossed with the book that he didn’t know that Rojo walked in.

” Rick you are still in this book all this while? Can’t we just play away our time together ” Rojo asked and Rick tilted his gaze to where Rojo was and he smiled at Rojo whose face was that of sadness and boringness.

” Oh Rojo! In as much that I want to play with you also but I am too busy because of what is going on around, I mean I am about to become the ruler of the world and I am still looking for the most dangerous and destructive chains and seal spells to bind Beelzebub down ” Rick said and Rojo scoffed.

” You and ruling the world, Don’t forget that Beelzebub isn’t a child, He is invulnerable to magics and he is blood lusted, Down think he is a small lord because he has been silent but if I should show you how brutal he is.. Then you will be careful ” Rojo said and Rick was fully into the conversation.

” Show me the past that I may know what to do ” Rick said and Rojo smirked.

” You have the powers to see the past and I will be the connection for you to see the past so just close your eyes and feel my body and contain my auras while I bring you back ten thousand years ago ” Rojo said and Rick did just that, he closed his eyes and he felt Rojo body, he opened his eyes and he found himself in the midst of war.

” What is this place Rojo? ” Smith asked in shock.

” This is the war against Beelzebub and this will show you why he is so deadly and powerful ” Rojo answered while facing the war and so did Rick who watched calmly, Beelzebub could be seen in his dark armour and he was holding a strong dark glowing sword with runes.

The Onis, The Cayotes, The Hybrids, The Wendigos and so on were in the battle front, Beelzebub roared dark fires and it burned down thousands at once, Beelzebub dark huge wings flapping heavily and it was destroying people. King Victor transformed into a Coyote and he charged at Beelzebub who slammed him hard on the floor and he used his sword to slash Victor’s back heavily.

Another Cayotes rushed out and his head was chopped of By Beelzebub sword and Victor screamed out, The Dark forces could be seen killing and tormenting thousands of warriors and Beelzebub was enjoying their screams and pains, Ten heads rolled down and they were the heads of Clan lords as many clans were brutally killed. Beelzebub screamed out and Dark fire rained down burning many creatures, Wolves, Dragons and the rest were not exempted as Beelzebub pulled out the right eye of King Oscar father and he chopped of the hand immediately, Beelzebub and his warriors were brutally destroying people without mercy.

” Master please you are killing all of them ” A dark warrior beg and Beelzebub smirked.

” When it is my time to rule the entire realm, Clans and kingdoms needs to be destroyed and you are joining them right away ” Beelzebub said and he plugged out the heart of that warrior, Beelzebub leapt into clouds and he connected himself with the blood moon and many supernaturals started choking and they continuously die. Amon leapt high and he used his sword to decapicate three clans leader and many more.

Thousands of arrows were thrown at Beelzebub but Beelzebub deflected everything and we just his eyes, Black fire burned down an entire clan immensely and people greatly feared Beelzebub but he wasn’t done yet and he burned three more clans down and he was on the verge of destroying all of them all when Rick gasped and he opened his eyes, He was in the cave already and now he was really shocked.

” Shit! I didn’t know that Beelzebub is that powerful but why did you bring me back, I wanted to know what happened back then and how he was done with the war ” Rick asked and Rojo smiled at Rick.

” If you had waited, You would have been affected by his ultimate blaster which is more destructive than ever, He is more powerful and brutal, Just look at what he did within a short period of time and how he destroyed many clans, Two hundred clans were all wiped out During the war and the innocent children where all burned to ashes while the mothers and wife’s heads were pulled out and now you are talking about sealing him… That’s a suicide mission Rick ” Rojo said and Rick scoffed.

” I don’t care! If I have those weapons, Crystals and Creatures with me then I will be more than powerful enough to defeat the second commander to the fallen angels, I will prove that I am indestructible than ever ” Rick boasted and Rojo rolled his eyes.

” Whatever! I just came to tell you that if you are killed then I am sure that I would be given to someone who won’t want to fight against someone who killed your father easily, Your father is a demon god and then a commander defeated and killed him without stress, just imagine that kind of powers bursting through his veins ” Rojo said and he walked.

” You can say whatever you want to say but that won’t change my mind in sealing Beelzebub ” Rick screamed out so that Rojo could hear what he was saying and shouting about but deep down in him he was truly afraid.

” Damn that Beelzebub is so strong, Just imagine with just only eyes, He destroyed three clans without stress, That guy really earned the title the Dark king… He is really the king of darkness but I will surely defeat him ” Rick said to himself.

” Damn I am really scared ”



” Well all I just know is that I am strong and powerful ” Mysterious answered as he could be seen walking together with his spirit beasts as they approached the sea that was very closed to them, The spirit beasts were still in shock of what they just saw as the fresh breeze was helping to calm their nerves and sending cold chill down their spine.

” We are here… This is the river Where the key is located and you will have to enter and take it but mind you their are sea strong creatures that are protecting them all, We will need to follow you and protect you mysterious ” Storm said and mysterious sighed.

” Storm and Frost should follow me while the rest should stay because Windy can’t fight in water because he isn’t of the water and also Earth claw but frost and storm are of the water and they would be perfect ” Mysterious said and They smirked.

” Let’s get going then, We need to be prepared to launch our attacks and ready for mysterious to take the key… It’s time to hop into the sea baby ” Frost screamed and everything laughed out loud as they were standing at the sea bank.

They had already concluded, Mysterious, frost and Storm were already in the sea while rest were out there ready to protect anyone from approaching the sea, Mysterious was already deep into the sea when three sea beasts saw him and started swimming towards him.

” Oh Oh.. We have busted master.. You can go while we distract them or should I say kill them all ” Storm said and mysterious nodded, The sea beasts dashed against Mysterious but they were welcomed with claws that slash their skins and it was the claws of Frost who smirked and the battle began.

Mysterious was at the bottom and he was shocked to see different types of jewelries around, Mysterious as normal he started taking my diamonds and keys and so on but he stopped immediately his eyes caught a huge sea beasts. He is really busted.

” Shit! I need to get going ” Mysterious said and he started looking for the Golden Key but he was distracted by the tail swipe of the sea beast and he was sent crashing to the grounds but he was very lucky because he crashed down beside the Golden Key and he was quick in grabbing it and also the golden treasure box.

” I have the key ” Mysterious screamed and again he was sent crashing by the sea creature’s tail and that really enraged him, Mysterious eyes was dark and the sea beasts all began to choke down with that mysterious and his spirit beasts dived out of the sea with a huge gasped and their body was watery.

” It looks like you guys had fun, So how did it go down there? ” Windy curiously asked as mysterious was already back to normal and so as storm and frost who were all sitting down and relaxing.

” It was horrible but at last I have the key… And also diamonds and crystals for any purpose we want to use it ” Mysterious said bring out the Treasure box and the spirit beasts jubilated up and down making mysterious to giggle.

” Now the next target is the sapphire as we already have the key in our hands ” Earth Claw said and mysterious nodded with smiles beaming on his face.

” Very soon! The Dark crystals shall be ours and we will be indestructible and more powerful than ever ” Mysterious said and they all jumped up and jubilated in excitement as Flames appeared before them with smiles.
Mysterious now has the key in his possession.

The X destruction agency are planning something devious, This is really bad



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