THE SOUL – Episode 16




Written by Wonder 🐺🐺
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🌎🌎🌎CHAPTER 16💎💎💎





Students trooped into the school building, Noises filled the atmosphere, it was a cold chilled wind blowing around, The sun was very hot and all vampires were born with daylight rings permanently glued to their hands.

Diana entered into the school compound and everyone faced her, Girls scoffed while boys drooled, Martinez could be seen approaching her with smiles beaming on his face while Diana frowned angrily.

Smith as usual always closing his eyes with his hands tugged into his pocket, He was really handsome, All girls scoffed at Diana and then drooled at Smith and the boys were deeply angry but as you can see, Smith isn’t a girl lover.

” Hey Diana baby girl, How are you doing.. It has been long ” Martinez said and he stopped facing Diana who frowned, Smith slowly opened his eyes to know the voice that is talking to Diana and so as to be careful.

” Fuck off Martinez! You have always been my best friend and because you are my bestie, now you are using the opportunity to date girls and besides you don’t even use to talk to me anymore, So fvck off dick head ” Diana said angrily and Martinez was shocked.

” Shit Diana, Who is feeding you all this lies Huh? Though I have a girlfriend who her father is a lord and besides I was training and not dating all the time, Sorry I didn’t tell you that I was leaving for mountain forbai for my wolf training and skills and also control ” Martinez said with pleading eyes and Diana calmed down.

” OK that’s fine I have forgiven you but don’t try that next time and besides who is your girlfriend and which lord is her father? ” Diana asked as they continue walking together towards their classroom with smith following them.

” Well her name is lady Danna and her father is lord Rivas, the lord of hydras city and he is one of the commanders in the army defence of this realm and he promised me his throne if my love for his daughter his genuine and to be precise, It is genuine Diana ” Martinez said and Diana smiled.

” Congratulations Martinez, I am happy that you will not be thinking about we dating and besides I have found my mate, I just can’t believe that he is my mate of all people ” Diana said and Martinez widened his eyes and also Smith was now interested in the conversation.

” Who is your mate? ” Martinez asked.

” I was once attacked and my wrist glowed, This mark on my wrist is my mate mark and it shows my mate that I am in trouble and then Someone who you would believe that can never help saved me, Though I have been in love with him and now I have found my mate and his name is Mysterious ” Diana said and Martinez gasped in shock while smith smirked.

‘ Now I get why she was healthy and there was no scratch on her, She was on that mountain and I scented mysterious before, that is his house and that fire beast is his spirit beasts and now Diana is his mate, He is such a lucky bastard ‘ Smith said in his mind while smirking.

” OMG! I am speechless, So you mean that killing freak, That murderous bastard is your mate.. Such a lucky bastard he is, Well I am happy that I am going to be the in-law to a strong lord and general, Let’s get going then ” Martinez said and Diana chuckled.


” OK buddy let’s get going then…Hhum Smith why the smiley face this time, I thought you are always mean anytime I am out of the palace? ” Diana asked while staring at Smith who was still smiling outwardly.

” Well Diana, There are something’s that you wouldn’t understand at all but can I ask you for a favor please, just this once or twice but I need you to help me because it’s important to me ” Smith said and Diana giggled.

” So the all mighty Smith could come before me and beg just for a favor and besides tell me, Let me see what I can do ( This is not SMAN O😂), just tell me ” Diana said and Smith smiled broadly making Diana to be amazed.

” I want My friend Sam to be enrolled into this school, He is the only one that is friendly to me and besides I like him because he is an hybrid, A very strong one and I am sure your mate won’t dare him ” Smith said and Diana gasped because Smith knows about the mate stuff.

” Wait A minute, Who is Sam? How does he know about mysterious been your mate and isn’t it impossible for anyone to become an hybrid and still be alive, There is a strong curse on that hybrid stuff ” Martinez asked and Smith scoffed.

” How will you know when you are busy training all this while, Sam is an hybrid and Smith new friend and besides he may have overheard me telling you that mysterious is my mate and besides been an hybrid is no big deal, It depends on what makes him an hybrid you know there are half dragon and vampire or half wolf and elves and something’s like that ” Diana said and Martinez heaved deeply.

” And as for that Sam of a guy Smith, My dad won’t permit it and Martinez would have to plead with his girlfriend father to Enroll Sam into the school, am I correct Martinez? ” Diana asked.

” Very much correct and besides I am doing it for my BFF and also My girlfriend, She is my heart and my love, So tommorow I will leave for The city and then Expect Sam to be enrolled into this school, I better get going ” Martinez said and he walked out.

” Thanks Diana, I will be waiting ” Smith smiled and Diana nodded and they both walked out while heading to their classroom and from the dark corner came forth Leo and his demon fairy and they both leaned on the wall.

” So that bastard Mysterious is The most greatest and beautiful princess Diana’s mate, This is make it more splendid, I will rip out mysterious eyes and feed it to Diana on our wedding night and she shall enjoy it to the fullest ” Leo smirked.

” It’s not that easy to do Leo, You may be a bender but I have heard tales of mysterious and his brutality, Someone that killed someone on his first day in this school while still an eight years old boy and now he is still killing, No spell can ever work on him ” The demon fairy said and Leo smirked.

” Let’s just see about that ”


👹👹👹UNKNOWN 👹👹👹

The creatures of the night hovered around the dark palace before them, There is a strong barrier protecting them from been seen and the night creatures were strong and powerful, The auras surrounding them was disastrous.

” My lord the plans are all set up right away ” A female voice rang out from behind and the throne room door opened revealing Asterita who walked in with smiles beaming on her face, She was holding her staff firmly.

“Good We need all the help to complete our plans and have you sent my recovery from the curse to the X destruction, they need to know about me and my plans as they seems to be helping me out ” A voice rang out from the throne and the darkness cleared revealing a handsome figure sitting on the throne.

” You are much more handsome than before the curse darling, I have received message from the X destruction concerning our project Project Zero supernaturals and the X destruction demands that you awaken your brother Oklois from the underworld ” Asterita said and the being face changed.

” I ain’t sure about that Asterita, What have I not done? I raised up the creatures of the night and also took the magics of the dark enchantors and sacrificed them but resurrecting my brother is going to be a big mistake ”

” Resurrecting someone who tricked three angels and manoeuvred his way into been a strong demon and he has tricked me for three good times and I resurrected him because of the live of a brother and I ain’t gonna let that happen ever again ” The Man added and Asterita smiled.

” Oh darling! If you don’t want to wake him up. Then give the X destruction some reasons why you don’t want to resurrect him and that will be your final decision, They always respect your final decision and don’t be a pussy ” Asterita said and the man smiled.

” My Love! You are the only one with the greatest advice to me, I will resurrect Oklois but first and foremost, I will have to bind myself with him and I shall have the ultimate control for him not to deceive me, Can you find the spell? ” The man asked.

” My lord I am sorry to say this but Oklois will have full control over you because he is the eldest and his powers is more than you, I can locate the mighty spell that will make Oklois never to kill you or control or harm you and if you die, He dies too ” Asterita said and the man smirked.

” That’s a great idea My love, Please make it snappy because I need you in my bed tonight, We need to make babies for X destruction and our kingdom to come ” The man said giving Asterita a seductive smile and Asterita bit her lips seductively.

” Of course Darling! I will be fast and besides which styles do you want tonight, Is it Doggy? Missionary or anal.. Reverse cowgirl and besides the blowjob will blow your mind, I better be going darling ” Asterita said in a seductive voice and she winked before disappearing from the man presence.

” Please be fast honey ( Something must surely kill a man 😂), Once I am King, My son shall become nature it’self and he shall rule the pathetic humans when all supernaturals are extinct, For it is Project Zero supernaturals ” The man said and he laughed hysterically.



The three figures could be seen sitting on the Staff office and they were busy with their discussions when Mr Collins walked in briskly and everyone stopped whatever they were doing and they faced Mr Collins in shock.

” Mr Collins I demand to know why you are entering late, You are having two periods of lessons in the grade six A class and you are resuming late, Just thank your stars that your period is not over and now tell me why you are coming late to school? ” A female voice rang out and It was recognized to be the principal.

” I am sorry for resuming late MA, I was very busy with some things and that stressed me out and besides I wasn’t feeling to well for the past three days, please I am very sorry MA.. Please forgive me ” Mr Collins pleaded and the principal was calm.

” Fine you are forgiven but don’t try this rubbish again, There won’t be a second chance because you will be fired if you are late again, Don’t dare me and don’t ever try to use my generosity against me because it will ruin you, your class is about to start, So you better be going ” The principal said and she walked out.

” Thank you ma’am, I am so happy.. I think I need to be in a hurry ” Mr Collins muttered happily and he walked out with his books ready for teaching and his bag placed on his office while the three teachers stared at him in a cunny way.

” I think we need to investigate this Mr Collins of a guy, He is kinda weird and that means he is keeping a strong secret from us and that secret is what we are gonna fish out and if possibly he is Ramon, I am gonna make him pay ” The first figure said and the rest clenched their fists tightly.

🌳🌳🌳20 Minutes Ago 🕖🕖🕖


Mr Collins could be seen running deep into the woods with insane speed as he seems to be in hurry and besides the School has started already making him to be extremely late for work and he was having lessons today.

Mr Collins was still running when a strong force hit him back making him to crash hitting his back to a strong tree and Mr Collins slowly stood up weakly, Three men in hoods emerged from the sky with their eyes emitting lightning.

” Hello Ramon!!! ” The figures said in unison and their thick voices echoed throughout the woods and the sky became dark and Mr Collins widened his eyes in shock of what he is seeing, he was really dumbstrucked.

” The Avalas Brothers, What are you three doing here, You were all said to be dead when the protectors were forced to attack your people as a result of disobedience to the mother protectors ” Mr Collins said in disbelief.

” Oh I see Ramon! You really Remembered who we are and besides we know it is our fault and we aren’t killing you.. Just give us the Scroll for Arch Angel Uriel to be forgiven and the creator shall keep the scroll ” The Avalas brothers unison.

” Hum Let’s me just say this words, Keep dreaming pussy.. I ain’t giving you anything that is a scroll ” Mr Collins said and the Avalas brothers smirked.

” Then you leave us no choice than to strike, Time to suffer Ramon ” The Avalas brothers said in unison and their eyes glowed and lightning struck down Ramon from the sky and both teams dashed against themselves.

Sharp fangs and claws sprouted out and the battle began, Series of lightning strucked down Mr Collins from the sky but he didn’t give up and he kept of slashing the Avalas brothers but their magics were given them advantage to win and atlast they won thinking that Mr Collins was dead and they left, little did they know that he was playing them and he speed of immediately he saw them no more.



⛰️⛰️⛰️VALLEY OF SHIMON ⛰️⛰️⛰️

👨👨👨MYSTERIOUS ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Well what do I have to say about myself, I am mysterious the great and terrific creature to ever live or something like that, Hahahahahahaha well I am in search of the sapphire and I believe that I have all the dark crystals with me in possession will make me more indestructible then I will begin the search in knowing about myself.

That’s really creepy, We just fought fifteen creatures and we killed them all, Frost was already in his megazode form of an ice lycan and I love it like that, All my spirit beasts has megazode mode and they are very deadly and I can say that the most strongest of them all is Flames the playfull one of them.

I leapt high into the sky and I transformed into my lycan form, With my ultimate speed I took down three monsters using my claws to rip out their hearts and absorbing their powers, That’s me, I am powers hungry.

” Hey busty master, Look at how I took down six creatures and I believe that because of the sounds, Many more will still be coming to wage war against us right ” Earth claw said to me and that seems funny.

He is calling me busty and besides he is my spirit beast and he can call me names I don’t care, All I need right now is the sapphire and because I can’t seems to enter the past that’s the perfect reason why I can’t locate the crystal easily.

” That’s the Spirit claws, Windy pile everything up and locate the creatures heading towards our direction, We need to hurry before the masters will be approaching us and besides I don’t have time to be fight this creature’s ” I said and Windy nodded.

” On it Mysterious ” Windy said and he transformed into the wind and he couldn’t be seen, It took him two minutes and he came back with a sad look on his face and that really got me confused very well.

” It’s to late Mysterious, There are fifty racing towards our direction with fury, I think we will need to ready and strong enough, Those are the master monsters ruling this valley.. Let’s do it mysterious, I love to fvcking kill ” Windy said jumping up and I smirked.

” Of course, He is right.. It’s time to fvcking to do ” I said, Fangs sprouted out and claws crept out of its shell, My eyes was white and furs started growing, My bones started reshaping inflicting little pains on me and I was expanding.

” My height was more than myself, The white furs spread out of my body, I was five times my height, Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh fvcking gosh it’s really painful as I was transforming, I was now fully a lycan.


Mysterious had fully transformed into a lycan, The roaring sounds of Monsters could be heard around them, The ground vibrated as a result of the heavy footsteps, Different species of monsters emerged from the darkness.

A monster standing with horse foot ( I don’t know what it is called) the monster had a rhino’s horn why others where different, Frost, Storm, Windy, Earth claw and spark jumped up high as they were in their megazode mode.

The battle begins, The lycan raced at the monsters with his claws ready to slash and the spirit beasts were already prepared for the battle, Monsteric screams and wails could be heard and so as blood shed, Hearts of monsters rolled and so as bloods spilled on the soil of the valley, Heads are been pulled out and bodies down.



♉️♊️♋️♌️X DESTRUCTION AGENCY ♒️♑️♐️♏️

The planet was so dreadful with different kinds and manner of creatures, Spotlights beamed round the agency, It was a very big spaceship, Different monsters were holding ray weapons as they seems to be guards or securities as they are called.

” What are the next phrase of our extinction project? ” A thick voice rang out from a deep gigantic hall with thirty monsters and human form beings with green eyes and also blue eyes, The voice was recognized to be a muscular monster with four eyes and they were all sitting down in a circular formation.

” Sir Grogo! The project zero supernaturals in the supernatural realm is sanctioned, Our partner is already free from the curse and he is back in his flesh form, But he is still considering about releasing his brother from the underworld ” A cat head figure spoke out.

” It’s a good thing that he is free and now he can carry out the operation of creating creatures to destroy all the supernaturals slowly, What about the supernaturals down in the human world, How should we destroy them ” The man asked as he was recognized to be their master Grogo.

” The X destruction force are somewhere in the human world and we are monitoring everything, Silver bullets are been created with silver extracted from the Silver planet, Very soon we will have everything prepared but we only have one threats ” A green monster asked and Grogo faced him.

” And what may be the problem? ” Grogo asked.

” We have silver bullets for wolf’s and vampires and also elves and dragons which a plutonium bullets, The fairies and the magic users are our threats, We don’t have the equipments for fight against magic users right? ” The green monster asked.

” You may be correct but as you are not in charged of the weapons supplies, I have a strong instruments to use against Magics, It repels their magics and also it is perfect for us to use against them and as for the fairies, They are the most weakest Supernaturals and it won’t be difficult to handle them ” Grogo said.

” We will abide to our Project, We are the councils in charge of the X destruction all over the comos, We have sanctioned the project Zero supernaturals to be unleashed and then we will destroy the humans government and then rule them all, Who are we? ” Grogo shouted.

” We are the councils ”

” What are we? ”

” We are the X destruction ”

” What is our project? ”

” Project Zero supernaturals ”

” We are the organization risen to destroy all supernaturals that come in our way of ruling, The mere mortals shall abide to our rule and we shall cause havoc to the supernatural realm, Elerex Le Distrurrr ”

” For we are the X destruction ” They all shouted in unison.


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