THE SOUL – Episode 15




Written by Wonder 🐺🐺
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🐙🐙🐙CHAPTER 15🐯🐯🐯




💀💀💀UNKNOWN 💀💀💀

Three figures could be seen on a valley top, Their faces were that of a skeleton, They were recognized to be the harbingers of death, A hawk flew into the scene and it transformed into Rick who smirked.

” You summoned us Rick the son of Catoram the dreaded, Why are we summoned before you and we shall grant you your wish both big and small ” The harbingers said chorusly and Rick grinned at them, The auras were devastating.

” I summoned you three before me because I need to have access into the underworld, The grin reapers are not to be trusted but I can trust the harbingers, I need to have an access into the underworld, Can you tell me how ” Rick asked and the harbingers went mute.

” You can have a strong access into the underworld but there are prices that needed to be paid, The keepers of the underworld are very swift in finding anyone that entered the underworld except he is a spirit of the underworld, You can have the death mark but why do you want to enter the underworld without dying? ” An harbinger asked and Rick smirked.

” Have you ever heard of Gigannomal the serpent of destruction? I need that serpent before me and I shall have unlimited powers and control over it, The spell in awakening the serpent is in the underworld and besides I don’t want to die at all, So if I have the mark, I will never be welcomed into the underworld ” Rick said and The harbingers gasped in shock.

” Just like your father, Always lusting for powers and that sent him into the underworld so early despite of him been the demon god, Beelzebub still has the brutality in him to send Charoma into the underworld, Such a pity ” An harbinger said and Rick frowned.

” For your information, I don’t have a family.. My mum abandoned and when I can trace her, I will make sure I slit her throat before the soil of the realm and I will send her head into the underworld, Just like Mysterious, I am a Lone Wolf ” Rick boasted.

” Such a child! Harbingers know the truth about everything in this world, We have been existing since fourteen thousand years, We are unstoppable, It’s just that we don’t attack except the person is trying to play with death ” The three harbingers said in unison.

” Whatever! Now back to our discussion, Are we into this or not, I want to know who is by my side and besides I will grant you access to have a supernatural body created for You and you alone, I need that spell ” Rick said and the harbingers grinned.

” We will be doing this just because your father has been good to us and he took us when he was still the demon god, The thing you need to do will be given to you soon, You shall embark on the journey to bring something from the mountain of Agrok ”

” Shit don’t tell me that you want to send me to the underworld so fast, That mountain has be deserted and forsaken because of the manner of monsters around, It is what they call mission of death but I will wait and give it a try and besides I am something that is very destructive and powerful, So it’s nothing to me ” Rick moused and The harbingers smirked.

” Remember that we will back after that, You promised us supernaturals bodies created for us and us alone, Don’t fail us and besides when the s moment of pains begins, Then you shall remember about your loved ones… Dellemontes veganios ” The harbingers chanted and they disappeared.

” So what’s next Rick, Kill many more Supernaturals, I am just wondering inbetween Mysterious and you, Who is the worst killer of all times.. You kill for no reason and always Mysterious loves to inflict pains before finally killing ” Rojo voice was heard and he emerged out of Rick’s body.

” Well I don’t know and I don’t care, I want Mysterious to be my friend but he isn’t trusting me, Mysterious has a kind and generous heart and so do I, but the problem is that we shut it down and our humanity is silenced for some reasons ” Rick said.

” You both are pussies, Mother fvcking pussies, I am wondering who is our mate Rick, Everyone is destined to have a mate and I can’t feel your mate beside us or near us, We need to look for your mate Master ” Rojo said and Rick smirked.

” With the new me, I could plugged out her eyes from the socket and decapicate the head without mercy, I am not in any position to have a lover until I fulfill my goal once and for all, We need to move to the next phrase ” Rick said holding that book.

” We have the crypto, The Janela, The respiradoes, The legions of Askmas, The Ogino and the burayias but this aren’t the perfect creatures for me to use for my mission, Let’s move to weapons and crystals of the dark ”

” We have the Dalnon Blazing sword, The sword of the first ever liveth Ghost rider, Scorpion sword.. The weapon of war and the owner is Enebula the dreaded scorpion king and we have the sun dagger, The dagger made out of the sun and it’s powers are unpredictable, Well We’ll Well we have the ultimate one of all, The blade of death lastly Used by Death himself ”

” The Sword has the powers and abilities to send anyone to the underworld, even though Beelzebub can be sent into the underworld with this blade but it is not death, the sword can absorb any strikes and injuries from the Weilder and it gives more energy and dark force.. Only a pure dark soul can wields that sword..Humm Yummy.. I am so much tracking that sword and now back to the dark creatures ”

” I have picked three that I will be using apart from Gigannomal, The Elixir and The Eliza… The twin Old creatures of the dark.. The twins with the powers of earth manipulations and Tapping powers from dimensions and realms into themselves, They were sealed by Arch Angel Michael, They were sealed deep into the surface and no one knows about it because It was done by a celestial ”

” The light of redemption is in the surface of war, I am not the war type but I do need creatures of those kinds to be under me, Once I have The sword of death and I have all those monsters under me, I will be feared and Beelzebub shall tremble at my feet, That is gonna be the greatest day in my life ” Rick added and Rojo scoffed.

” I don’t know what to do to wake you up from this your imaginations of ruling the world, You have a competitor like Mysterious and I am sure he is also planning something big and dangerous to rule the entire world and that may involve war between you guys and I am not sure who will come out alive ” Rojo said and Rick scoffed.

” Mysterious will tremble at my feet immediately he sees Gigannomal or the sword of death, It will be perfect to see him die by my sword if he tries to prove stubborn, I may like him as a friend which we are not.. But when it comes to ruling, I will make sure I detach his head from his body with immediate effect ” Rick threatened.

” That’s left to you boss.. I gotta go ” Rojo said and he varnished immediately.

” Such a fearful and childish spirit beast I have, Wait Rojo I am coming for you ” Rick said and he disappeared immediately from the valley and the sky brightened immensely and that showed it that Rick’s auras are disastrous.



Sam could be seen whistling while walking slowly inside the village, Samuel was really an handsome and cute looking Teenager, He is eighteen years of age and all the girls created him because he is cute.

” Hello Ma’am do you know where the great longest ever living wolf, I heard he is in the village of CANIN please tell me, it is really urgent ” Sam pleaded while facing a woman who was busy selling something and he was directed to a old and local building.

” Wow this is really a creepy place, An old fashion environment for a local and old dude, Well I gotta ask him some questions because I heard he has witnessed a lot of wars and battles including the Armageddon war ” Sam said in his mind but as he stepped his foot into the building, A strong force hit him back and he crashed.

” What the hell! This pussycat old man has a force protecting his building but I am not here for evil, Damn this asshole…If only I have magic… I would have unseal this building and enter the building to meet that old freak ” Sam said in his mind.

” Young man! What do you want from me the oldest man to ever live, The building is intruder resistance and you can’t enter without me inviting you into the building, So state what or why you are here so that you can be granted permission into my building ” An old grumpy voice asked.

” Old man I can here to ask you some questions about the ancient wars because I found out about something and you living for hundreds of thousands of years makes it better for me to come to your abode and you shall explain to me and by the way my name is Sam ” Sam said.

” Sam you are invited into my abode ” The old man voice was heard and Samuel with his hybrid speed, He bolted into the building with force and the door opened suddenly, Sam gasped immediately he saw a young man just like his age.

” Are you shocked? The oldest man still has the face and body of a young man of your age, That’s my little secret and it is the creator’s gifts to me as his faithful servant, So sit down and ask the questions you need to ask, Do you want any drink? ” The man asked.

” A bottle of tequila please, I am quite thirsty ” Sam said and the man dropped the tequila bottle on the table and a cup beside the bottle and they both were sitting down and face themselves as the man sipped from his cup of wine.

” I came here for three questions, First of all how are able to be alive for a hundred thousand years in this life, Even the harbingers of death would be sent to bring you into the underworld and you will be reborn.. But how are you still alive and this young? ” Sam asked and the man asked.

” I once talked about the gifts of the creator upon me as his servant, I was a spirit before.. The ancient keeper of the spirit beasts and I was not the only keeper.. We were many but they were all trapped into a world and realm by Beelzebub himself and I was opportuned to have a body and that made me to escape been trapped, So to your second question please ” The man said and Sam exhaled.

” Hmmmm Now to the question that I was here to ask… Do you know anything or anyone bearing the name Esthusia? ” Sam asked and The man gasped in shock of what he just heard and he was quick in standing up.

” Where did you hear that name from or who bears that name? ” The man asked in shock and Sam sighed deeply.

” It’s is my friend, We were fighting a demon and he spoke like a possessed someone, He talked about him been Esthusia or whatever that thing is called and he spoke in a demonic like tone, please I need to clarify something ” Sam said.

” This I am about to tell you must not link to anyone, Esthusia is a being of light and darkness together just like a remix, Esthusia was created to destroy the lords of magics and their powers and magics were shared into humans who were taken to become supernaturals and they became partial immortals ”

” Esthusia was formed in the realm connection bound of all dimensions and it’s powers were unimaginable, After defeating and destroying the lords of magics souls beyond repair, Esthusia kept their bodies sacred and he continued his brutalizing against the innocent, Esthusia mingle himself with normal supernaturals and at night, He kills the village where he stayed and the people lamented to the creator ”

” The creator ordered that Esthusia to stop but he didn’t listen, It took Three arch angels to put Esthusia down and the names were Lucifer, Beelzebub and Uriel.. Back then when they were very good arch angels and then Esthusia reigned his powers and he fought against Uriel alone and he nearly killed him before the creator intervened and Esthusia was cursed and I knew not the curse ” The man said and Sam stared at him in shock.

” Wow so Esthusia is this evil, And to my last question.. You are millenniums old and I need to tell me all the prophecies made by the creator in the book of prophecies, I need to know what is ahead of us ” Sam asked and the man sighed.

” The first part of the prophesy talked about Beelzebub and his defeat, The one being with all the souls combine shall defeat him and seal him in the flames of hell and he shall be defeated with all his dark forces together, The second part says Alas for the Great Redemption war shall began and there shall not be a single living being among the wolves for brutality and terror is the other of the day, The third part says that Caroma shall be awoken and resurrected from the underworld and he shall invoke havoc and darkness upon the surface of the realm ”

” That’s the prophesy that I know, There is still three more prophesy but I don’t know where they are, The creator made it unknown before anybody including his angels because no one will know when the prophesy shall take place and it can never be adverted.. Now it’s time to leave ” The man said and he snapped his fingers making Sam to teleport back to the palace gate.



Mysterious appeared with the scroll in his hands and storm and windy were by his side, They were on the hill top while staring down, Gnashing and snarling sounds were heard and also dark grutal screams and Windy moved back.

” Storm where do you say this place is again? ” Mysterious asked.

” This is the valley of Shimon, The essential weapon in breaking into the keep of Nasaian and to retrieve the sapphire is at the heart of this valley but down there is filled with demonic creatures and monsters roaming around and a single bite could kill even a spirit ” Storm warned.

” What do you say that weapon is? ” Mysterious asked.

” It is a key, A silver key and it is located in the river down there at the heart, The river is poisonous, So their and not to inhale of drink the water by mistake because it is clean but destructive, We will be around ready to kill any monster for your sake master ” Windy said and mysterious smiled.

” Thanks Windy and Storm.. Earth claw and Frost will be following me into the water, Though storm is the best choice because he is of the water and I guess I will be choosing him to follow me with Frost while the rest fends off the monsters.. Is that clear? ” mysterious asked.

” Yes master! But who would be at this hill top and be giving signals that the monsters are arriving.. We need someone up here, Someone vigilant, Just like me ” Flames boasted and everyone laughed.

” I will give it a try Flames, Watch over them at the hill top while I locate the key and then we open and take the sapphire and it would remain four more to go.. There is no chance and place for failure.. Kill or be killed ” Mysterious said and they all nodded as they came out of mysterious body during the discussions.

” Time to speed things up right away ” Mysterious said and he jumped into the bushy part of the woods and his hands caught a tree while frost, Windy, Storm, Spark, Earth claw dived down in happiness and mysterious started diving from trees to trees.

” This is fun ” Frost screamed and Flames from the hill top frowned because he is the one that loves fun more than them all, Everyone landed facing tree monsters that heared the screams of happiness and Mysterious tightened his fist.

” Spirit beasts.. Shall we begin ” Mysterious said and he charged at the monsters and his spirit beasts followed and the battle began starting from the monsters screams of pains and agony and the battle was bloody.



Thousands of demonic creatures gathered around, It was the creatures of the night and a raven landed at the palace top and it transformed into Asterita who held her staff firmly and she smirked inwardly and outwardly.

Heavy footsteps was heard and the door opened revealing a dark being with red eyes approaching the crowd, It’s auras was so disastrous and Asterita landed besides the dark being whose auras could kill a normal supernatural.

” My lord! I think it is time for the consecrating technique… You need to be back into your human form right away ” Asterita said and the being smirked and it stamped it foot hardly of the ground making everthing and everywhere to shake

” Begin the spell right away ” The being ordered and Asterita smirked racing her staff up to the sky and the clouds were very dark and the moon could be seen and the dark being smirked as he laid himself on the floor.

” That’s my lord.. Apesterindino vileponino jarienextella ” Asterita chanted and the being was surrounded with fifty supernaturals who went into slumber, Asterita began channelling their souls and the dark being body glowed and skin began to appear while he screamed louder than ever.

” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Ast…As… As.. As.. As.. Asterita.. This is so painful ” The dark being screamed out and Asterita was telling him to be calm as his dark flesh ripped out and his beautiful skin glowed and everywhere became calm.

” This is perfect Asterita! Now that I have my body back, I think it’s time I start my grand plan in obliterating everyone in the universe and multiverse, You know what I am trying to say right? ” The man asked and Asterita smiled.

” Yes your majesty, The most destructive plan in the universe ” Asterita replied and the man smirked as Asterita raised her staff up and he raised his hands up to the sun.

” X destruction Project Zero Supernaturals ” They said in unison and it was followed by an overwhelming evil and destructive laughter and They hugged and kissed themselves happily.

X destruction Project zero supernaturals, That’s a real big deal.



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