THE SOUL – Episode 14




Written by Wonder 🐺🐺
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⭐️⭐️⭐️CHAPTER 14💀💀💀

♎️♒️♍️THE PLANS ♊️♓♏️♐️



💀💀💀DARK CAVE 🌳🌳🌳

Texlo, Pusho and Alias walked into the cave and the dark creatures around bowed in respect before them as they walked majestically, Their auras were very devastating and destructive in the realm.

” Where are you three coming from? You were suppose return after destroying all the jonatim villagers that I may tell you what’s next but you didn’t return, So tell me where the fvck you demons went to? ” Questioned by Steph who stood akimbo with folded arms while staring at them angrily.

” Please my lord, Do not be angry with us, Let not thy anger be kindled against your people, We went to meet our demon king who executed us before we returned back to life without our body but only soul into this bodies, We paid that bastard a visit ” Pusho smirked and Steph sighed deeply as he approached the three demons who stood still not trying or attempting anything against Steph because their lives depends on him.

” Fine I accept your apologies but next time do not try such thing ever again, It is not funny because the next time, I will send your souls back to hell and then bring three capable demons into the bodies right away ” Steph warned and the demons bowed.

” Thank you master Steph, What us our next mission for we shall complete it, Pusho is still planning in going into the other dimensions just to get Ballista to work with us and release Aiden from the underworld ” Alias said and Steph smirked.

” Speaking of Aiden, He wants to speak with us all and also the primus of the demon vampires, He has the perfect plan to sabotage his way out of the underworld, Texlo go and bring Dallas before I summon Aiden right away ” Steph ordered and Texlo disappeared and reappeared with Dallas by his side and Steph smirked.

” Shall we begin, I summon the soul of Aiden from the underworld, Appear before us and show us the way in what we are going to do, Keeper of the underworld… Free Aiden soul to appear before us ” Steph screamed and a dark grutal scream could be heard and Aiden emerged from the fire.

” It’s a good thing that I am free from The underworld, That place is really devastating as many dark warriors and villains are there disturbing my peace and besides the keeper has been suspecting me of escaping the underworld multiple times before, So speak why I am been summoned ” Aiden said.

” Aiden! We have showed Oscar what we can do and besides we destroyed a village called jonatim, So that would send fear down his spines and to his villagers and warriors, We need them to be afraid so that we could strike them with force, So tell is what to do ” Steph said and Aiden grinned.

” There is nothing left for me to tell you, You know what to do, You know our first rule..sending fear into our enemies and then strike them unawares as they embrace fear, How many do far has your coven compelled to obey your wish and will, We are lacking behind and time isn’t our friend, I need to be free very fast, I know why ” Aiden said.

” My lord! Fifty wizards are under our compulsion and also elves and fairies, Everything is going to be perfect for your resurrection, It will be the best and besides you will also need rest why we savage them all ” Dallas said and Aiden smirked.

” Good that’s the perfect one, Let them burn and destroy villages and cities, Let him be known that Aiden is coming back and Steph is regaining all his powers, Let’s send fear deep down into their hearts ” Aiden said and Steph smirked.

” We know what we need right now is one of your devious plans, As a warrior and destroyer, You have cunning tricks and defensive plans with torches of brutality in it, So we need that right now, please tell us ” Texlo said and Aiden grinned.

” It looks like you guys are fans of my brutality right, I need wizards from every angle of all the supernaturals kingdoms, No one should be left behind for them not to escape, All corners must be sealed for my resurrection ”

” Steph this demons are not enough to activate and fulfill my plans, I have two perfect creatures from the underworld that needs to be resurrected, They aren’t demons but infinite creatures that were forced into the underworld as they couldn’t be killed ” Aiden added.

” What could that creatures be, I have spend most of my time resurrecting demons that came out deadly in the demons book, Now I have not seen any monsters as powerful as the demons I read daily, So tell what are those creatures ” Steph demanded.

” This are the creatures that aren’t found anywhere except the black chronicles, They are the devil’s princes, with the manipulations of time, They are dreaded ever liveth creatures, they aren’t dark creatures but half angels, They were forced into the underworld, They are Brothers of death.. Amrastesurres ” Aiden said and Steph widened his eyes in shock.


Mysterious could be seen sitting down on a rock with scroll in his hands and all his spirit beasts gathered to know what is in that scroll why the mountains were sealed again but this time a very strong magic was needed.

” This is a scroll with descriptions that I don’t know at all, It has diamond pictures, Different types and it is written in ancient language that is not known to me, Storm can you please explain all this ” Mysterious said handing the scroll over to storm who gasped.

” The golden scroll of Erome, The golden scroll holds the key in finding the dark crystals, The dreaded dark crystals, I don’t know why it is called dark when there is light in it but anyways, Once you find it and use it, You will become powerful than ever ” Storm said and mysterious widened his eyes.

” The scroll is written in the divine language and I know it because my father taught us divine language, This says that the Sapphire is located in this supernatural realm, Two are located in the human world and two are located in different created realms pr dimension to be precise, First of all we start looking for the sapphire ” Storm said.

” So the location of these was in that Ramon of a guy hands all this while, That bitch he can be a useful instrument in helping me to find that dark crystals and for me to channel it under my will to be the ultimate ruler ” Mysterious said and flames smiled.

” Quit thinking and do the needful, Kill and enter his brain, Take his wisdom and also his powers before burning up immediately, With don’t have anything to loose at all, Kill that fvcking teacher and rule the world ” Flames said and they were shocked.

” Flames why are you this brutal? You play so much and also you love to kill, I kill and I love it but when it comes to looking for something, You don’t just kill anyhow because the person you killed may be the one to know about it ” Mysterious said and flames rolled his eyes.

” Whatever ”

” We trace them up, I use them and then I become more than strong, I rule the entire supernatural realm and also kill that bastard called Beelzebub, Though I haven’t seen him before he stinks ” Mysterious said and frost busted into laughter.

” What’s funny? ”

” I think you don’t know what you are saying, Father has shown me Beelzebub before and that dude is very handsome, He is as charming as you are, You are handsome and so he is, You don’t expect a fallen angel to be ugly do you, Even Lucifer is handsome ” Frost said and mysterious stared at him in shock.

” Wow! So that Beelzebub is really handsome, I look forward to seeing him and that would be the last say he shall ever live, Beelzebub would be beheaded and killed and I shall reign as the king of all supernaturals ” Mysterious bragged and everyone bursted into an overwhelming laughter.

” You dreams are great mysterious, Beelzebub is a nature baby, He can’t be killed and so as angels, They can’t be killed only they can be sealed and it won’t take long as a commander, Beelzebub has fought battles and he has been victorious ”

” Someone who slaughtered the entire warrior clans, The moonlight clan, The sunlight clan, The star shadow clans and so on, With his fist he crushed the clams skull and with his venomous he brutalize all the supernaturals kingdoms before they bowed before him, Look at how ruthless he is, He forced all what the creator did to him to all the normal supernaturals and the fact that he isn’t reigning again is putting fear into us, He is scheming something up and that will be bloody ” Spark added.

” Wow! So Beelzebub is that deadly, I waiting to fight android prove who is more stronger, I get to go and better don’t follow me this time around, I have business to attend to, Stay back ” Mysterious said and he disappeared.

” Should we tell him the truth, Should we tell him what is happening lately, How will he fill about us? ” Storm asked with a weary look and all the spirit beasts gathered themselves together to discuss.

” No we shouldn’t, Don’t you know the fury Mysterious will unleash if he should know about himself, We kept this a secret for thousands of years and he was gifted us to him and now we are his spirit beasts, We need to hide it from him ” Windy said.

” Windy is correct, I know mysterious and his rage, He kills the innocent while angry, he brutalizes everyone when fighting and besides he will challenge his father once he knows his real identity ” Earth claw spoke out.

” So we have all made our minds to keep our fvcking mouth shut to avoid letting Mysterious know and this is meant for you Flames, You are always sharp in talking, We are warning you, let nature make him to know his true identity ” Spark said.


🌀🌀🌀THE PALACE ⭐️⭐️⭐️

” So you meant every single thing you told me, You fought skinny dark demon and you killed him after he tried to kill what is his name, O I forgot Sam the hybrid you spoke about right? Where is he right now, he is free to visit anytime ” Diana said while sitting on her bed and Smith could be seen sitting on a royal chair.

” Yep I meant every word, So can you tell me what happened then, I mean everything and how you found yourself in that huge mountains surrounding you and what was that creepy creatures doing by your side? ” Smith asked.

” Multiple questions at once Huh? I was stupid to have trust my friends, They turned into that creature that attacked me in school, I was in deep slumber and I found myself on that mountain, Could you believe that the mountain is mysterious home ” Diana said and Smith widened his eyes.

” What! You are joking Diana, Mysterious doesn’t live anywhere, he is something more like crazy I think, He kills and he loves to brutalize and cause pains into the lives of innocent people, Can you continue ”

” I am dead serious and I ain’t joking, mysterious saved and protected me from those creatures and he took me at the top of that mountain which he lives and those creepy creatures you called are Spirit beasts and besides I love them, They are funny ”

” The reason that you were able to pass through that seal is because mysterious made you to pass through before he left and besides you won’t passed through the new seal that he has created, Mysterious is a creepy and cunning fellow ” Diana explained and Smith sighed.

” So what about Martinez, Why isn’t he around you all the time? ” Smith asked with a smug and Diana frowned and scoffed at Smiths cunny questions that always infuriated her that much, Smith loves that.

” Oh spare me that, He busy enjoying his stay in the Elves kingdom with his princess girlfriend, Martinez been with me has made him so popular that princesses loves to flirt with me and forgot his best friend, With aren’t friends anymore, He should rot in hell ” Diana scoffed.

” That’s you guys business, my business is to protect your freaking life’s and that is what I am going to do, So there is nothing that concerns me with stupid and crazy stuffs called love and romance, That shit stinks ” Smith said as he walked out of princess Diana bedroom.



The dark palace could be seen, Thousands of monsters roamed around freely while holding their sharp weapons, Dark flying creatures hovered above the sky to monitor everything that is happening.

The throne room could be seen with dark creatures bowing down before Beelzebub who sat on his throne magestically, Beelzebub sipped from his new wine as he relaxed on his throne, The door opened revealing three figures, It was those Avatars before.

” My lord Beelzebub, Your humble servants come before you with the latest information in the building, The golden scroll has been detected and now we traced two different ones the replica and the original copy, The holder is recognized to be one mysterious of a guy ” The first figure said.

” Did you mention Mysterious? ” A voice rang out from the back revealing Leo approaching with anger filled in his eyes as he heard the word Mysterious, He remembered when mysterious and punched him hard.

” Yep do you know him? ” The first figure asked and Leo nodded angrily as he clenched his fists tight to contain his anger but he was very very mad right now and that only made Beelzebub to grinned evily.

” That Pussy knocked me down and his fist was so painful, Gosh I hate that bastard, Dark king Beelzebub grant me the chance to go with some creatures to knock out that bastard and to destroy him before you ” Leo said kneeling down and Beelzebub stood up from his throne.

” It looks like you have grudges against that Mysterious of a guy, Though I scan through out of the supernatural kingdom with my vision scope and all I hear people talk about is the name mysterious so often, I shall give you the chance to bring that scroll to me and also mysterious head ” Beelzebub said and Leo smirked.

” Thank you your majesty, Thank you for giving me this opportunity to destroy my enemies and then Smith would be mines to destroy and I shall have no enemies other than to serve you, You are my lord, the dark king ” Leo bowed.

” Good boy make Beelzebub proud ” Beelzebub said and he appeared back on his throne in a sitting position as he sat down comfortably on his wonderful and gigantic chair of wonders and everyone bowed before him.


🌀🌀🌀UNKNOWN 💀💀💀

Lightning erupted from the sky, A raven appeared and it transformed into a woman in the woods, The woman let out an evil grin as she tightened her grip on her staff and the woman was recognized to be Asterita the enchantress of the Dark Lord.

Heavy footsteps was heard and few minutes later Asterita was surrounded by dark creatures of the night gnashing their teeths in front of her and a huge creature walked out of the crowd and it approached her while she smirked.

” What happened! I thought you all told me you have the girl, Why am I not seeing her ” Asterita asked and the creature bowed before her while on it knees and then Asterita knew that they had failed her.

” We had her from the palace but then someone took her from us, He killed many of us and then he took her away, The boy had all the supernaturals genes in him, The magics, The Vampire power, The wolf strength and dragon breath, We are sorry great Asterita ” The creature said and Asterita bowed.

” I understand! Mistakes are bound to happen but this should be the last time and besides I want to resurrect Some ancient creatures to be under the Dark Lord command so that he would be superior ” Asterita said.

” Gather yourself in The Dark Lord temple, There is something that I need to do ” Asterita ordered and she transformed into a raven with swift, She flew away very fast and all the creature’s of the night dashed of in One direction, The temple of the dark lord.


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