THE SOUL – Episode 13




Written by Wonder 🐺🐺
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🌷🌷🌷CHAPTER 13🐺🐺🐺




” Awwww ”

Diana moaned with holding her head, She was already opening her eyes slowly, Mysterious and his spirit beasts could be seen staring at Diana, Flames, Spark, Windy, Storm and frost where staring at her with lust while earth claw could not be seen anywhere and mysterious was just staring at her with smirk plastered on his face.

” Where am I? ” Diana asked while looking around, She was seeing herself on the mountain top and she was confused, First of all she was in her kingdom and her father’s palace before the dark creatures adopted her and now she is on the mountain top.

” In hell Diana ” Mysterious answered and smirked and Diana widened her eyes in shock immediately she heard that voice, It was a fearful voice that always shook the whole school and now she is hearing that voice right now.

” Mysterious! What are you doing here? Where am I and what happened? I need answers, Tell me what is going on ” Diana screamed as she stood up but she was too weak to stand completely and a strong force pulled her down.

” Don’t weak yourself the more Diana, Is that how to thank the saviour of your life Huh? besides this is my home and you were tricked and captured but I saved you and you need to thank me and stop asking foolish questions ” Mysterious smirked and Diana widened her eyes.

” Wait what! Saved, Protected and this is your home, You are telling me that you live of Elrimos mountains, The most dreaded and highest mountain that is ever known, They said the seal is very destructive and powerful ” Diana said and mysterious smirked.

” Yes Diana, I live here with my spirit beasts and that seal was made by me, The mountains is filled with ancestral wonders and powers, So no one will drag this mountains with me, I don’t know why those dark creatures are always after you Diana ” Mysterious said and Diana sighed.

” I am also confused, I thought they were my friends and then I sent my bodyguard for five hours to train and to let me be but it nearly cost me my life, I am such a fool and an idiot, Smith may be searching for me all this while ” Diana cried and flames went to meet her.

” Diana baby, Stop crying.. We will all cry, I know you supernaturals are foolish but you been my master mate makes it even worse, Please don’t be a pussy and stop crying ” Flames said using his claws to clean Diana tears.

” Wait what do you mean by your masters mate, What are you guys and what Is a spirit beasts? ” Diana asked confusily and mysterious frowned at Flames who scratched his head in confusion and not knowing what to say.

” It looks like Flames refused to keep is mouth close master, What are gonna do ” Frost asked in a mock tone and mysterious scoffed at him.

” Flames, Why don’t you keep your mouth shut for once, Your punishment is to meditate with me for a full month, Diana don’t mind him and besides why haven’t they tell you about spirit beasts, Spirit beasts are supernaturals helpers and they are meant for powerful supernaturals like the one you are seeing ” Mysterious bragged and Diana scoffed.

” Spare me that please and besides what is the names of your spirit beasts, Can I have one? ” Diana asked and mysterious slightly frowned at her with folded arms as he sat down on a rock and so did Diana did also.

” Diana! This is Windy, Storm, Flames, Frost, Spark and the last one is under mission and he will soon be back, Windy is a lion made of wind, Storm is a leopard made of water, flames is a fox made of fire and spark is a tiger made of lightning, This are what are call the elemental spirit beasts, They are of the royals ” Mysterious explained and Diana widened.

” What about the last one and do you have any more one for me to control and use for myself because I love this kinds of creatures, They look beautiful ” Diana said and the spirit beasts blushed making mysterious to frown.

” The one on a mission is called Earth claw and he is a wolf made of the ground and rocks, That’s why he is called Earth claw, The last one in my control is The king and the father of them all, Primordial the king of the spirit beasts, The ancient one who is still sleeping, His sizes is more than anyone and besides he is in slumber because of how he escaped Beelzebub grip and there is also one that is not under my control and I don’t know who I should give it to and besides as my mate.. Uhm I mean as a girl I will give her to you, She is a princess Spirit beast ” Mysterious said.

” Yes mysterious, Please give her to me and why the mention of mate, I just have some connections with you but I don’t know why, Let’s forget about that and lead me to where that female spirit beast is…. ” Diana was saying when Earth claw walked in from the seal with smirk written on his face.

” Whoa what is that? Is it another spirit beasts again? ” Diana asked while staring at Earth claw who smiled at her and it walked up to mysterious who was waiting for response of what he sent Earth claw to do.

” Master! That Mr Collins is a person in disguise, The real guy name is Ramon who is in hiding and he disguised as Mr Collins, He is living in the Moskarus village in the Vampire kingdom, I also saw the scroll ” Earth claw said and he grinned.

” What did I just hear? Mr Collins is not a real teacher and he is teaching in the best way, What the hell is going on and what scroll are you talking about right now? ” Diana asked and everyone went mute.

” There are things you don’t understand Diana, I won’t reveal all my secrets to you and besides Smith will soon be here in the next five hours because he is following your scent and I have seen the future five hours from now, So the seal is going to be off till he leaves with you ” Mysterious said and a man walked into the mountain and everyone faced him.

” Any news? ” Mysterious asked.

” Some demon vampires are going around compelling wizards and other supernaturals except for the wolves, The keepers of the orders are enraged and ready to strike, Some of the vampires are tracing anything and everything ” The man said and mysterious smirked leaving Diana dumbfounded.

” Good, Now kill yourself ” Mysterious ordered and the man used his own hands to bring out his heart and he dropped dead making Diana to gasp at what she just saw, She noticed that mysterious commanded him more like compel.

” You compelled a vampire with while you are a vampire ” Diana said in shock and mysterious smirked while looking at her.

” I am not just only a vampire but also a shape shifter, That’s the best words that can describe me as I don’t know what or who I am, Order the vampires to circulate round that Ramon’s house and witches to seal that place on my orders ” Mysterious ordered snapping his fingers and the man gasped for air and his heart entered into his body.

” Now go ” Mysterious ordered and the Vampire dashed out to obey mysterious orders.

” How did you manage to control and compel all this vampires? ” Diana asked in shock and mysterious smirked as his spirit beasts followed him leaving flames and windy, Flames may be playful but when it comes to fight, He is vicious.

” Oh Diana! Do you expect me not to have an army of supernaturals, I may be a loner and a killing freak but I need people that will be obeying my commands and besides you need to be careful, I don’t know what they are planning but it is not good for you, It is evil ” Mysterious said and he disappeared including Frost, Storm, Earth claw and spark.



” I think this is caused by a god, No normal being can caused this kind of havoc ” A Captain spoke out in fear, All the councils, Generals and captains with the wolves army including the king were all gathered in the jonatim village were the brutality took place.

” I think that man is right, Who has such powers to create this kind of havoc, Look at the houses, Look at the trees and blood stained floors, Look at the heads, The claws marks and the powers, The auras circulating around is to dangerous ” A general spoke out, The king had six generals and their posts were given but there is one chief general but he is not around.

” Of course I know about that, We have underismated what Steph can do, First of all he created a clone that took the seal protection and some magics and now he sent dark warriors to destroy this villagers to send fear down my spine ” King Oscar said looking around in shock.

” Some villagers spoke about seeing Smith your daughter’s bodyguard heading towards this direction with one local boy of his age and princess Diana was not to be seen by his side, I am confused my king ” A general spoke out and the king frowned.

” Smith can’t do such a thing to us despite of him been a bender, I am sure Diana sent him away for the meantime, We need to analyze all this bodies to know the effects of the bite marks or claws marks, Increase the guards, Night watch and day guards to be ready with their weapons, Training to be made ” King Oscar ordered.

” Yes My king, We will do just that ” The generals saluted him and they walked away leaving King Oscar and his armies searching around to find any trace of Armies lurking by but they found none, King Oscar bent low to pick a head filled with bite marks.

” This is pure evil, Whatever did this has a demon genes in him but the king of demons won’t do all this things to us, We swore on both sides so he woudn’t dare try such, I need to find out who or what did this right away ” King Oscar said to himself as he walked out of the village with his armies at his back and he was holding the head.

The Redemption war is about to start



🏛🏛🏛 THE PALACE 🏛🏛🏛

The king of the demons could be seen on his throne and his councils facing him and the guards were on duty, The door opened by itself and three heads rolled from the door making everybody to gasp including the king.

” Did you miss me? ” A voice asked from the door direction and The king frowned because he recognized that voice, It was the voice of Texlo the lower class demon wolf and he emerged with his friends from the door.

” I bet he did ” Pusho said with folded arms and smirks written on their faces whole the king frowned at them and he began to approach them without fear and his generals followed from behind, It was really brave of them.

” Texlo, Pusho and Alais, I recognized your voices and auras but not your faces, What happened? Did the underworld changed your faces after my death sentence to you three Assholes and besides where a orgnad and resome? ” The king Mocked.

” You still have the guts to talk to us like that right, You sentenced us to death just because of a minor issues right, You killed my wife and kids because of your selfishness and besides we will be back for you and your family and this entire kingdom after we are done with what you are doing ” Texlo said and they king smirked.

” You call that selfish but I call that justice, You deserved it because you entered into the dark flames of death to help that bastard who wanted to remove me from my father’s throne, You all are Bitches ” The king said.

” You are right, We are Bitches and remember Bitches got some stitches, Be careful because we will be back and besides this is not our bodies, Our souls are in this body and the mixing of powers will make you pay bitch ” Alais said and they all disappeared.

” Send words to the demon watch tower, We need to unleash the X-tray Seal right away ” The king ordered angrily and some captains departed and went to do as the king as commanded, The realm was sealed.


Diana could be seen sitting on a rock while the two remaining spirit beasts played around her and she was enjoying their company and she started playing with them also before they sat and laid down weakly.

” Flames can I ask you some questions about all this ” Diana asked and flames nodded positively making her to smile inwardly and Diana stood up dusting herself before sitting down on a rock in front of her.

” You guys are always talking about mate, I want to understand clearly What you guys are insinuating because I am really confused right now ” Diana said and flames smirked and the other spirit beasts nodded and he jumped up.

” Everything is complicated to you but not with us, promise me that you won’t tell master about what we are gonna tell you, Promise ” Flames said and Diana nodded.

” I promise not to tell mysterious except he tells me by himself, So watsup ” Diana said and flames smiled running around her in happiness.

” Are you wondering why the dreaded mysterious saved you, Are confused on how you were brought here and how he knew that you were in trouble, The truth is that mysterious is your mate, The mate symbol glowed revealing that his mate is in trouble and that troubled him and he had to destroy all the creature’s after your life, Diana your mate and destined lover is mysterious ” Flames said and Diana gasped in shock.

” Wow no wonder that’s why I love staying where mysterious is, So a killer is really my mate, This is so wonderful, Oops I guess Smith is here to take me but who is that dude by his side? ” Diana asked as Smith was running with insane speed and he climbed the mountain easily with sam by his side but a force repelled Sam Down.

” Diana! Thank the creator that you are alive, We need to leave at once, A village of wolves is destroyed and the king would be returning to meet you and me inside the palace so as not to be disappointed in me when it was your fault ” Smith said and Diana smiled.

” Of course I know, Father would be worried right now, lets go and goodbye flames, Greet mysterious for me ” Diana said and Smith teleported not leaving Sam also and they appeared inside the palace and that time the king entered the palace.

” Smith I know I will always trust you, Good job protecting my daughter and besides I need you in my chambers for a brief meeting for the crisis that happened in jonatim village, I am investigating something, Goodbye Diana ” King Oscar said and he left and went into the palace.


🌀🌀🌀THE WOODS 🌳🌳🌳


Rick could be seen reading the book he took from the ancient keep that day, He was really shocked and surprised in knowing ancient things that were not known or revealed to the normal supernaturals.

Rick opened a chapter and he gasped in seeing a huge brown gigantic snake with dark eyes and they wrote Gigannomal and it says in the ancient time, The huge serpent of destruction was created by the three ancient dark keepers of darkness and they used it to control the realm of darkness to cause balance in the world of evil, Many manipulative demons and lords used darkness for destruction and they were obsessed until one, Catoram the demon god, the one of hell, He ruled the demon realm but he was fondly called Oklois the demon dragon but his real name is Catoram the dreaded hell demon, Catoram became obsessed with powers and he wanted to take over the world and end his creator which is the ultimate creator of all the universe and that enraged the creator to summon the keepers of darkness and then the dark angel commander Beelzebub did the needful but a prophecy spoke out about Catoram returns, The serpent of destruction was created to cause balance and only one bite of this serpent sent Catoram to the underworld and whoever summons it shall it bow before, That’s the law of the serpent but to get it requires a heavy sacrifice and the obsession spell which is found only in the underworld.

” Hmmm This is great, That means I will have to enter the underworld to get that spell, This serpent of destruction shall be mine and besides I don’t have any evil plots against mysterious, Just jealous and by the way I want him to be my friend for cooperation because if we both join hands together, We will rule the world ” Rick said to himself.

” I guess it’s time to summon all my wizards together, I need to plan on how to get the dark orb and that destruction serpent, It’s gonna be fun seeing everyone bowing before me, Summonedelle ” Rick chanted and all his wizards appeared before him and he smirked.

” Master you summoned us, What shall we do for you my lord? ” A wizard asked and Rick smirked inwardly as he emerged out of the cave with the book in his hands and his eyes was dark.

” Summon the harbingers of death right away ” Rick ordered and the wizards bowed before disappearing away from his presence, Rick wants to make inquires on how to enter the underworld without dying.




Vampires surrounded the house were Ramon was staying but they were hiding, The building was sealed and mysterious appeared with smirk written on his face and his spirit beasts were beside him all this while as they entered into the building.

Mysterious barged his way into the house and Mr Collins gasped and he stood up immediately he saw mysterious, Mysterious auras and face told him that he was here for something else but before he could do anything, Mysterious whooshed off and pinned him to the wall choking his neck.

” Trying to do something funny right? ” Mysterious smirked.

” What do you want from me mysterious? ” Mr Collins asked.

” Your names is Ramon and not Mr Collins and besides I was there that day that you killed three villagers and you absorbed their powers to hide your identity Right ” Mysterious said and Ramon widened his eyes and he stood struggling.

” OK fine what do you want? ” Ramon asked and mysterious smirked and he freed Ramon frown his grip and Ramon went to sit down on the sofa before him and Mysterious grinned evily while staring at Ramon.

” Don’t think of doing anything stupid, This place is sealed and vampires are waiting to attack anytime to try to act wise but you are foolish, I want the scroll and I want the real scroll but you can do a replica while I take the real scroll, Don’t dare me ” Mysterious said and Ramon gasped.

” Fine but who are you walking for? ” Ramon asked confusily and mysterious smirked.

” I don’t work for anyone, I am a loner and I am always curious to know what is in that scroll for ten good years, Thanks for giving me the real one and besides you can have the replica of the scroll ” Mysterious said holding the scroll, Ramon had given him the scroll and he left and Ramon sighed deeply while staring at the replica.

” His powers is strong and besides he doesn’t work for Beelzebub or anyone, He would have known if I gave him a fake one and besides I have the replica with me, but I will surely take back that real scroll from him ” Ramon grinned and the seal went off and all the vampires varnished immediately when they saw that Mysterious is already out of that house leaving only Ramon in the house.
Mysterious is with the real scroll now.

Diana has found out that Mysterious is her mate, Flames really have a big mouth



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