THE SOUL – Episode 12




Written by Wonder 🐺🐺
Brought to you by Wonny boy diaries

💎💎💎CHAPTER 12💖💖💖




🌳🌳🌳THE WOODS 🍀🍀🍀

The wind blew eerily, Heavy footsteps could be heard all around, Dark skinny creatures could be seen running deep into the woods, Darkness crept into the woods as the atmosphere reeked with death auras

Princess Diana could be seen in the arms of a huge dark creature, She was in deep slumber as the creatures jubilated up and down while still running, The ground vibrated heavily and lightning erupted from the sky and strucked multiple creatures making the rest to stop on their tracks.

” Where do you think you are taking her to ” A calm young voice rang out from a dark part of the woods, All the dark creatures were alert looking around in shock, The creature holding Diana was at the center.

” Who are you? What do you want? Show yourself that we may grant you a peaceful death, Show your scumbag ” A creature yelled out while the others gnashed their teeths with their claws and poisonous fangs ready to strike.

” The bravery! The person with you is someone that is not to be touched, Kindly drop her down or face my rot, I don’t spare my victims, So I am only warning for you to be still breathing, Don’t dare me ” The calm voice spoke out and footsteps could be heard, A young eighteen years old boy walked out of the darkness with his hands tugged into his pocket, It was mysterious.

” I don’t know you and I can’t sense your powers and auras, But you should know that you don’t dare the creatures of the night, We are doom armies and we know what to do to you, Attack! ” The creature holding Diana which seems to be the head ordered and the creatures charged at mysterious who smirked.

” I have waited all my life for this day to come, It feels to good to fight an army of dark creatures, Too bad that I am not killing all of them because many more aren’t here, Let me just end the fools first ” Mysterious smirked and his eyes turned pure white.

Mysterious body started reshaping, He became so hairy, His skin was turning white and he was getting more bigger, Mysterious screamed out and he transformed into a huge white lycan which was standing on two legs and not four legs like the wolves and all the dark creatures froze immediately they saw the lycan.

” What Huh? Are you scared? Are you scared of attacking someone who is waiting to rip out your heads and display it before the world, Attack you scared Bitches, Fight me punks ” The lycan shouted and the dark creatures grew angry and they dashed against the lycan.

” The moment that I have been waiting for all this while ” The lycan smirked and he leapt into the sky and landed in the midst of the creatures using his claws to rip out heads and decapicate legs and arms.

The lycan roared and a whirlwind scattered creature’s everywhere, The lycan dashed out ripping out five creatures heads with great mommentum, The lycan kicked the two creatures that bounced on him using their fangs to bite him.

The lycan roared and it transformed back into mysterious, Mysterious eyes was red and his claws sprouted out and his fangs were of the vampires own, Mysterious was in his vampire form and he dashed at the creatures.

Mysterious was fast as light, Creatures yelled as mysterious decapicated them with force, Heads rolled everywhere and hearts were seen on the ground of the woods, Mysterious ducked the incoming claws of two dark creatures and he pierced them removing their hearts.

Mysterious looked around to see that the creature holding Diana was trying to escape while the rest distracts him, Mysterious roared and he connected his fist to the ground causing it to crack and it swallowed many creatures.

” Not so fast ” Mysterious said and he leapt up high and he skillfully landed in front of the creature holding Diana and smirked could be seen on mysterious face, Lightning flashed through the sky and mysterious smirked.

” What are you? ” The creature said while moving back as mysterious approached it slowly, Mysterious eyes was brownish in colour and his sharp fangs was more deadly than ever, Mysterious was already in hybrid form.

” Well before you die I will answer your question, My name is the deadly one.. I am Mysterious with brutal one and you took something that belongs to me, This is just the tip of the iceberg that I am displaying ” Mysterious said and he transformed into the gigantic lycan.

” I need to honor your death by making it quick, Why don’t you drop the girl and let us fight man to man, Don’t be a pussy and let the showcase of the immortal begin ” The lycan said and the creature dropped Diana and it transformed into the size of mysterious lycan form.




Mysterious could be seen meditating in the sky while his spirit beasts played around, Two of his spirit beasts were meditating with him and they were storm and windy the two wise ones while the rest played like the dummies they are.

” Why do I have this feelings that something bad has happened, This mark is always growing in my arm, Storm and windy the wise ones, Can you please tell me what this mark is? ” Mysterious pleaded and his spirit beasts were examine it, They stopped their meditation.

” It is a star shape with a lion head in it, I have seen this mark when I was on an errand for you mysterious, In the ancient times of the sapphire, The creator marked two divine supernaturals and made them lovers, That is the sealing mark from the sapphire and that is what they call the mate mark ”

” In the ancient time, When the mate marks glows meaning that your mate is in danger and that makes your soul troubled, And besides I channelled from your energy to see the present, In one hour, Diana would be dead ” Storm said and mysterious widened his eyes and the playing beasts stopped in shock.

” That means I need to hurry, If I can connect all my powers together will make it more perfect, But windy you know that you have a part in the presence, You can channel from the presence to locate her ” Mysterious said and windy nodded.

” Rojo That Rick Spirit beasts may be a divine beast and powerful just like us, We been the royal princes of the beasts world made us have some gifts in us that we can defeat that spirit beasts and besides you are more than him ” Windy said and mysterious frowned.

” Rick and his spirit beasts is not even close to what is in my mind right now, Demons are well known to be very powerful two classifications oc demons which are hell demons and the supernatural demons, Please can you now locate her ” Mysterious half yelled and Windy closed his eyes.

” I can see them running and heading towards the woods of caratus, There are many of them and they are in millions, Their auras and snarling sounds are disastrous, They are at the heart of the sheringan valley, You need to hurry ” Windy said gasping and mysterious smirked as he conjured all the spirit beasts to enter his body and he disappeared immediately.




Smith twisted his sword while slowly advancing towards the demon, Sam was following him from behind with great energy bursting through his body and veins, He was really a strong hybrid

” Time to get messy ” Smith said and he charged at the demon with his sword in position, Sam was also very fast in his speed and movement as well, The demon roared fire at them but Smith deflected it and it burned a building down.

” Fire bender, Hmmmm This is what is really bargained for and besides the plan is in place, So let me eradicate this punk from history and we shall be more powerful than ever ” The demon smirked and he dashed at smith and Sam.

” Apex dos ” The demon screamed and a strong armour appeared on his body and he was holding a strong sword in his hands, His auras was really destructive, Smith increased his speed, He was really fast as light itself and he conjured a fire ball at the demon resulting it to fall down but it stood up with skills.

Smith unleashed his sword at the demon but it blocked it with his sword and clanging or clinging sounds anyhow they call it, The clinging sounds of swords could be heard and Smith could be seen in a sword battle with the demon assassin the ground vibrated.

Sam leapt high and he landed using his claws to slash the face of the demon, The demon groaned and it quickly blasted Sam down causing him to roll up and crash into rocks but his wounds quickly healed up

” You will pay for that bitch ” Smith half screamed and he kicked the demon hard in the stomach but the demon head butted smith down and that enraged Smith the more, The wolves tattoo was glowing and he found himself going rogue.

” Smith what are you doing? Smith what is wrong with you? Smith!!! ” Sam screamed as he saw Smith eyes, Even the demon bounced back in fear for some minutes before it smirked and it’s fangs was of that of a vampire.

” Demon vampire ” Sam said in shock as he watched Smith in our form with dark fire burning around him, Smith groaned angrily and he tightened his grip on his sword which emitted black flames.

” You may be a demon with vampire genes but you are nothing like me, Esthusia is what I am, The most dreaded being that was put to sleep thousands of years ago, Now go to hell ” Smith said in a demonic like tone as his auras was that of death and the wolves tatoo glowed.

” I am not scared of you Esthusia or whatever you call yourself, You are heading to the underworld and not me, It’s time I feast on your blood to quench my taste of been a hell demon, That’s pretty cool right, Now die ” The demon said and it rushed against smith and bite the neck making Smith to fall down dead.

” Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ” The demon screamed and he found himself stabbed hard, Smith dark sword had pierced The demon and Smith gnashed his teeth, His hair was colour mixed, Red and black and a symbol could be seen on his chest.

” I may be weak, But I am not a loser like you Bitches, Kellamedoja reville ” The demon chanted and he found himself healing and Smith gasped, The demon stood up immediately with evil grin plastered on his face.

” There is something that you don’t know, The one that you are fight is not real, I am a clone the real one is here, Look behind you and see ” The demon said an with shock Smith turned back to see a demon standing behind Sam.

Sam gasped as he felt a hand pierced into him and the demon brought out Sam’s heart from behind and he quickly used his sword to decapite Sam’s head from the body with evil smiles plastered on his face.

” Nooooooooooooooooooo ” Smith screamed while on his knees, His energy with his emotions were the strong force behind the supersonic screams and the everywhere scattered, The demon’s was blasted away and Sam body was regenerating again.

” What the hell! I was in the underworld five seconds before returning back, Gosh that place was damn crazy, Death is really unimaginable like people always say ” Sam said smiling and the demon stood up clapping his hands.

” You really fucked up the time you killed Sam, And for that I will be sending you into the underworld as quickly as possible, Keiterome strike “Smith screamed and he varnished immediately.

” Arggggghhh ” The demon yelled as Smith was swift in piercing the heart with his sharp dark sword and the demon fell down weakly.

” I know about my death, I was created to be killed and I know about that, My master was just testing what you can do and you have showed him what you are truly, By this time your beautiful Diana will be dead ” The demon said and Smith widened his eyes in shock.

” Shit! I Forgot about Diana, You better pray that she is still alive ” Smith said walking away and he told Sam to kill the demon himself and Sam quickly decapicated the head of the demon swiftly and he followed smith who ran with insane speed.



Rick walked magestically into the kingdom, All the guards could be seen lying down dead and their powers extracted from them, Rick smirked while licking his blood stained lips, The sky was very dark and Rick whooshed of into the kingdom.

” Isn’t this the ancient aramastos keep of ancient sorcerers, So interesting hmm ” Rick grinned and he conjured the door to open and everyone faced him in shock because the door is enchanted and magic doesn’t work on the building.

” Hello jerks, I am looking for a book, Humm what’s that book again? Ehmm can anyone get me the Keepers crib ” Rick said and everybody gasped in shock of what they just heard, No omegas ever asked for that book.

” Who are you and how dare you ask for that book, That book is a dark book with ancient dark spells and creature’s that are unknown to the outer world, Tell us who you are lad ” An elderly man demanded and Rick smirked.

” You are really brave old man, Are you giving me the book or I should take it myself because it is on that wall, Don’t interfere or your deaths would be sanctioned with immediate effect ” Rick warned but the paid deaf ears and they started chanting inaudibly.

” Looks like you are all dying today, Don’t waste your precious time because I am a special wizard species, I am the combination of wizard, sorcerer and enchantor so don’t waste your time elebarakada ” Rick chanted and everyone fell down with their hands on their heads as they screamed in pains.

Rick walked magestically towards the wall and his eyes turned green, Dark scales could be seen on his face and out of his mouth came out a huge blazing fire which burnt up the wall and it revealed a safe making Rick to smirk.

” At last, The wisdom to the underworld and the outer dark realms will be under me, Brekado jenelesterina ” Rick chanted and the metal broke and the wall collapsed revealing a glowing book floating on the air.

” This is wonderful isn’t it? Mysterious you will see that I will soon have you under me and besides you are not the only one that is a perfect murderer, I am ” Rick smirked and his eyes turned orange and something vital was transferred from the sorcerers to him and they fell down dead.

” I extracted all the knowledges of your spells and also took your powers but I am letting you keep some, I am not here for powers but for this book, You all are under my spell now, I will soon be back ” Rick said and he transformed into a raven and he flew out of the building.

” Yes master ” The sorcerers said in unison as they stood up and they continued what they were doing but they only serve Rick who spelled them to do so as he is from a very powerful and dark lineage.

If you want a war, You are gonna have it



Mysterious smirked as the both figures clashed against themselves, The creature strecthed forth his claws aiming to strike the lycan but I duck it and landed a powerful slash to the creature face, Without wasting time the lycan kicked the creature down and continually slash it.

” Don’t you just stand there, Attack ” The creature shouted in pains and the dark creatures dashed at The lycan who transformed back to mysterious and have tossed the creature away and he was now focusing on the incoming creatures.

” This is fun ” Mysterious smirked and he transformed into a huge white wolf and he dashed at the creatures, Screams and snarling sounds filled the air as heads of the dark creatures rolled and so as hearts.

The wolf transformed into a dragon and it puffed fire and burning up many incoming creatures, The dragon continuously swipe it’s tail to toss many creatures with force and it’s fire burned them to ashes.

” Master do you really need help fighting this punks ” Flames asked and Mysterious in his dragon form smirked inwardly and it unleashed a great amount of fire from his body burning up to ten thousand creatures.

” No! I don’t need any of you guys help, I am fine alone ” Mysterious said and he transformed into his human form, His eyes was white and his fangs and claws were dark blood stained and the wind was ferocious indeed.

” Now what ” Frost asked.

” I have been playing with this tiny little punks for long now, Time to destroy them, The woods is sealed and that means no one is leaving here alive, Perpaex toreador curiana ” Mysterious chanted and the woods auras was filled with disastrous auras.

” Thundrako!! ” Mysterious chanted and lightning strucked down from the sky destroying many creatures and mysterious transformed into a bat and he flew up into the sky, in the bat form, mysterious was channelling energy from the sun down to the creatures and it was burning them to ashes.

” You haven’t even seen what I am capable of ” Mysterious said after he has transformed into his human form on the ground, Mysterious tightened his grip and all the creature’s started screaming in pains.

” Now finish them master ”

” Make them pay master, They tried to hurt your mate ”

” Eliminate them master, Obliterate them from existence ” Spark said and mysterious smirked.

” I will do just that, it’s time to stop the childish play of mine ” Mysterious said and he whooshed of, All the dark creatures fell down dead, Some heads were decapicated while some hearts and some their throats were ripped opened and mysterious could be seen holding a heart of a dark creature and he approached Diana.

” Such a stubborn fellow stressing her mate ” Mysterious smiled, he dropped the heart and he lifted Diana in a bridal style and he zoomed out of the woods with adrenaline bursting through his veins.
This Chapter was epic


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