THE SOUL – Episode 11




Written by Wonder 🐺🐺
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💀💀💀CHAPTER 11💗💗💗




🍀🍀🍀THE WOODS 🍒🍒🍒

The woods was filled with silence, The wind blew eerily and calmly as multiple creatures roamed around, heavy and fast approaching footsteps resounded everywhere and three figures emerged from the darkness.

The were quick and swift, The three figures scanned everywhere with their eyes as they seems to be waiting for someone, Fast approaching footsteps could be heard and a young and muscular man emerged with ring glowing on his hands.

” Dark Regines, Have you found Ramon that you have summoned me today, Right now I am a honoured member of the councils in the Elves kingdom and I will not hesitate to return because they will notice something wrong, So tell me why I am summoned ” The man said.

” Great Amon, The master of the Peruvian Creatures… The one most faithful servant of the Dark king, We are inside the school building as teachers but we have not seen Ramon and it’s footsteps and auras are not certained ” The first figure said.

” Hmmm, This isn’t new right, Ramon is a green snake in the green grass, Always cunning and different from his kind that’s why The mother protectors always favours him the more, Keep searching because he may have cleaned his scent, make sure you also hide your scent ” The man said.

” Yes my lord but if I may ask, Why are you in a human form because you always look badass in your monster form and that’s what we always recognized and not this human flesh that you transformed into ” The second figure said and the man smirked.

” You mean this? ” The man said and he transformed into Amon putting on metal suits with the ring in his hand glowing, Amon smirked as he approached the three figures that were bowing down before him.

” I will be noticed if I am in my Monster form and besides I have some plans in the Elves kingdom, There is something I need there and I Have Dark king Beelzebub full support so report to me in a mirror and not to summon me ” Amon said and he transformed back to that man.

” Now no more questions Regines, Someone tampered with the great pure seal and it’s gives evil advantage of entering into any kingdoms, I want Monsters and dark aliens all around the kingdoms of supernaturals, Also be of help to those Students working under Beelzebub as teachers you are, All we need is the scroll and that’s all… Just the scroll ” Amon said in his human form.

” Master what about the operation? ”

” The operation of destruction is still in place Regines, Beelzebub needs souls and it is only if he kills and takes their souls for his ultimate project, Don’t even think Beelzebub is calm, The war before he was made king was a very horrible one and full of terrors ”

” You know what you are going to do, Find and locate Ramon, Once he is found don’t forget to summon me that I may retrieve that scroll and The dark king will end his misery and will put him to rest after he has gotten what he needed ” Amon said and he zoomed of.

” This is much more tough than I thought, It’s time to activate our ninja mode to scan and locate or should I say trace where that punk called Ramon is.. He is really stressing us right now and I will make sure he bleeds ” The first figure said and they whooshed out of the woods.



The cave was heavily guarded, Dark and deadly auras suppressed the atmosphere of that surrounding areas around, Dark runes glowed around and the sky thundered heavily immediately after the great lighting flashed.

” It is a good thing that Oscar falled for my illusion technique, How can a whole Steph just immediately appear and start killing without an army or a mission, Oscar is still the child we used to know Aiden ” Steph voice was heard in the cave filled with dark creatures and besides the great fire was the green glowing Aiden staring at Steph with smirk morphed on his face.

” Of course Steph, Oscar is still a child and besides he would have increased and double the securities and guards around, Oscar would be prepared and angry because that magic is not with him anymore, I am sure you have it with you? ” Aiden asked and Steph nodded smiling.

” Of course Bro, Very much with me but you know our bargain price for setting you free and helping you to conquer the wolves kingdom, I will be given five hundred women for sex and besides I shall be a strong lord ” Steph said and Aiden nodded.

” Of course I remember, I know what you are planning but I shall give the wish to you, Don’t Create a bond between us because it will be very dangerous to do so, I promise I will give you what you want if I am freed and the ruler ” Aiden said and Steph smirked.

” That’s good to hear bro, What should I do with this magics with me, I killed three sorceress and wizards and I absorbed their powers but I don’t know what to do with their powers at all ” Steph said and Aiden laughed.

” Still a kid, Find the spell book collections in Romona’s save room and use them for your biddings, What about the demons that you returned back to life in soul form, What do you have in mind for now? ” Aiden asked.

” Let me say that I am preparing a savaging war, Redemption two and that would be Oscar’s end, Phase one is to possess many wolves right under Oscar’s nose and also in his palace, Phase two to secretly seal the realm with dark and demons powers for the war and to compel many creatures from other kingdoms ” Steph said and Aiden smirked.

” First phase one and two are good ideas, How are you going to compel supernaturals when Vampires can compel and besides compelling other supernaturals isn’t possible because they are also protected from compulsion ” Aiden asked.

” That’s the thing people don’t know about us, Aiden you have the powers and rage with unlimited energy bursting through your body but what I have is wisdom and what people don’t know is that demons are one of the powerful kingdoms, They can possess and also do some other jobs, I kidnapped three barnished covens of vampires and I linked them with my powers making them binded with me ”

“I mixed their genes because they are outcast, Now we got demon vampires coven with one primus which is right here under me, I have sent the vampires to go all over the kingdoms and compel them before me to do my biddings, Dallas will you come out and meet your second master ” Steph said and A young man with scary face and scales came out and Aiden grinned.

” Yes master, What shall I do for you to be pleased with me, I have got some informations that some wizards are already under their compulsions and they will be right here before you in the next two days ” The man names Dallas said.

” Good boy now go, Aiden you have already seen that everything is in progress right now, As we speak right now there is an underground plan and some creatures of mine are still on the progress, Isn’t this impressive? ” Steph asked smiling.

” Indeed this is impressive Steph, You are a wise being and that makes it more perfect, I will do the brutalizing once awoken and you will do the plan and scheming of attacks from far and wide and besides you are also a warrior but not that perfect, We need more wizards powers for the plans to be fruitful… I am sure Romona is already on the journey to her sorceress coven ” Aiden said and Steph nodded positively.

” Yes bro, Romona will be back in months to come and I am already missing her, She is the perfect sorceress and her tricks is really impressive just like her beauty, No one can feel in her gap right now ” Steph said in a sad tone and Aiden smirked.

” It looks like My younger brother is in love and besides I approve Romona been my sister In law, She is really crafty and you marrying her will make her more loyal and faithful to us and not to by any way betray us ” Aiden said and Steph nodded.

” Yes bro, I am deeply in love with her and I hope she returns back safe and sound because I will destroy anybody that tries to attack or kill her ” Steph said angrily.

” Of course Steph, Show them what you are made of, They are piece of junk and useless before our battalions in our hands, make sure you get everything done and I shall be ready for my returning into the world of the living to rule, Oops my time is up and make sure you keep watch over Rick Oklois so… ” Aiden couldn’t complete his words and he entered back into the fire and Steph nodded.

” It’s time for the armies to match into victory, We won’t fail this time around, Ex tellabus is the horror ” Steph smirked as he walked out of the cave smiling evily.




The Local area of the wolves kingdom was deserted, Hundreds of wolves laying on the floor dead, Detached heads, arms and legs could be seen all around the village, Infants were also dead as blood gushed out of them.

A faint voice of pains was heard and a figure could be seen choking a villager and he quickly snapped the neck immediately, Two more figures went up to meet him with smirk plastered on their faces as the area was filled with demonic auras.

” isn’t it so perfect in wiping out this villagers Pusho and for the fact that Texlo is a lower class demon wolf makes things perfect, The pains and tears of the hopeless was so intriguing the most and I love it ” The first figure spoke out and he dropped the villager dead body down.

This village of the wolves kingdom is the lowest of them all and that’s why it was easy to penetrate into and it was the three demons brought back to life by Stephen and they were Pusho, Texlo and Alias and they just wiped out an entire village without stress.

” Yeah Alias, You are a demon with the body of a dragon makes you a lower class demon dragon while the upper class demon dragon is Oklois that bastard that wanted to take over the world and to destroy the creator but Beelzebub eradicated him without stress, Demons are not recognized at all and we shall be more famous and the demons shall be feared ” Texlo said gnashing his teeths.

” Uhm did we just wipe out an entire village just for fun or we were sent to do it, I am really confused right now on what I just did, Why are we sent here? ” Pusho asked and the Two demons smirked.

” Yep we were sent, Steph sent us to wipe out an entire village to send fear into the wolves for what’s ahead of them, it looks like they don’t want to rule the wolves, All they want to do is to destroy all the wolves ” Alias said.

” Oh now I get it, Should we pay a visit to the demon kingdom to meet with our able king who barnished us and that made us evil, It would be perfect to visit and show him who we are, A lower class demon wolf, Demon dragon and a demon… I don’t really get what Pusho is ” Texlo said and they laughed.

” You I am a demon ghost with a human body and that makes me perfect, I can’t be killed easily and besides I am sent to locate Ballista the demon witch for our use and that means we will have to pay a visit to the king before we leave ” Pusho said.

” Wise understand but before we do, Shouldn’t we pay tribute to the dead, you know that it isn’t easy to die, It isn’t that good if we don’t pay a tribute to them ” Texlo said and they all bursted into an overwhelming laughter.

Who are they kidding, Dark demons are heartless so they are perfect.

The three demons burnt up the bodies before them and they left hundred to show the king what they just did and they will be coming for more lives and the village houses were all burnt up, Trees down and other things were burnt up all in the name of showing who they are to king Oscar, That’s pure wickedness.

Let’s just see how long Oscar would react

The realm filled with ravaging war, Hatred and destruction all around, Brutality and havoc and all are power lusted, Evil and scheming of dark plans to capture the one and only princess Diana.


Smith could be seen on a stroll, Whistle boomed around and people greeted him when they saw him, The most questions on their mind is that isn’t he supposed to be with princess Diana all the time but he could be seen putting on a light T-shirt and a skinny jeans with his sword in his hands and he could be seen juggling.

” Hey mister smith, Smith! Smith! Smith! Please stop! Smith ” A light male voice rang out from the back and Smith turned back to see a young and handsome teen just like his age eighteen and the boy smiled as he ran towards him with insane speed as smith stood akimbo.

” Hey What did you want? ” Smith asking not waiting for the boy to introduce himself firstly, Smith is always like that, Go straight to the point and he shall know why you are here and what you need from him.

” Smith first of all, My name is Samuel but you can call me Sam in a short form, I have heard about you and princess Diana dating and that makes you a lucky guy, Dating the princess and bodyguarding her and besides Why are you not with her? ” Sam asked and Smith smiled.

” Well Sam if that’s what your names is, Diana asked me to leave her princess just this once and besides I needed a stroll of to a nearby place to train myself under the cool breeze and for your information, We aren’t dating, So get that into your thick skull ” Smith said and Sam smiled.

” If you are going to train and stroll, Why don’t I follow you and also train to be like you, Been a bender is very perfect and cool, I have heard tales of benders and their magics of bending nature itself, I wanna become friends with you ” Sam said and Smith stared at him.

” I can see that you don’t have any evil intentions that’s why I am letting you leave and giving you the honor to train with me but as for the friendship, I haven’t make friends for years and maybe you can be my first ever made friend but I will consider it ” Smith said and Sam jumped up high in excitement of what he just heard from Smith mouth, It’s an honor to train with smith the bender, It’s really an honor if you are to know.

” It’s really an honor Smith, Shall we get going because I am ready and able to start training under you and to know only one skills, If possible just one to boast to others because my parents are all dead ” Sam said and Smith felt pity for him.

” Don’t feel sad Sam, The smith you are seeing have not even seen his parents, I am an orphan or I don’t even know if I was created on giving birth to, Don’t feel sad and let’s get to the training grounds besides the last Village which is the lowest and you will start telling me more about yourself ” Smith said and they began to go deeper into the kingdom And people were staring at them and Girls were already falling for Sam( What a lucky guy)



The guards were on duty, Diana could be seen sitting down on her royal chair with her two wolves girlfriends beside her also sipping from their drinks, The two girls were all laughing and smiling all day.

” So princess Diana, Where did you say that your bodyguard is, Where is Smith ” The first girl asked smiling and Diana smiled back at her, The breeze blowing around was very calm and refreshing as guards roamed around.

” Princess Diana, Don’t you think that we should enter inside the royal building just to refresh yourself and not to make people to know that you are here without your guard, It will be really disastrous ” The second girl asked and princess Diana nodded and they got up and they entered into the palace building.

” So what did you say again, Where is smith? ” The first asked sitting beside Diana who chuckled and giggled while staring at her friends.

” Well, Smith wanted five hours of duty and I decided maybe he should go and train in the village sides while I chill with my friends before he comes back and besides you guys are my best friends and I trust you girls ” Diana said and her friends chuckled mischievously.

” Moral lessons, Don’t trust all friends, Some may be the devil messengers sent to hunt you down ” The first girl said and Diana was shocked with what she just heard and as she turned back she gasped on seeing her friends, They weren’t the same anymore, They were two hideous and ugly black creatures.

” Oh my gosh, Smith was right about me staying by his sides, So you girls are part of those hiedous creatures right? ” Diana asked moving back as the creatures approached her with laughter booming around.

” You are so foolish Diana, We made you to enter the building for us to activate our plans and we asked about your cutie bodyguard and as he is not here, This is the perfect time.. Don’t worry about your friends, They are still in a cool deep sleep, Now sleep ” They said in a dark grutal tone and Diana was feel dizzy and she blacked out and the Two hideous creatures took Diana and they disappeared from palace.


” Whoa this is really a bloody scene, What a murder ” Sam said in shock as they saw the dead bodies of the villagers, Blood filled the ground and stained everywhere, Sam opened his mouth in shock as they saw the burnt trees and the burnt houses everywhere.

” With what I am seeing, This is not a normal murder, The murderer’s auras is very dangerous and disastrous, This is the hand work of a demon, The agony of darkness, We need to leave here right now especially you Sam ” Smith said swinging his sword as he moved around.

” Huh? You don’t know me do you, I am not just a normal wolf, I am an hybrid and I ain’t going anywhere for I shall fight beside you and overcome whatever did this for it is still around I am sure of that ” Sam said and Smith smirked.

” OK if you say so, I hear footsteps, Strong footsteps, Heavy footsteps.. Watch out!!! ” Smith screamed and he ran with inhuman speed, Before a strong blast could have hit Sam, Smith with strong strength pulled Sam away and he stood up immediately holding his sword.

” Thanks buddy! ” Sam said and Smith scoffed.

” I don’t welcome anything like thanks or something like that, Let’s face whatever this creatures is, I am sure it’s really going down right away ” Smith said holding his sword on his shoulder, A demon walked out of the smoky area and and the atmosphere was filled with dark auras.

” Now we got a demon to handle, Let’s get this done Smith, I am fvcking ready to fight alongside with you, Let’s get this done ” Sam said and his eyes glowed brownish and sharp claws crept out of his hands and his fangs crept out.

” You are really an hybrid, Wow that’s really cool ” Smith said swinging his sword and his eyes turned orangish and his shirt burned up revealing a giant wolf tattooed on his body, His hair turned to red and fire burned around him.

” Wonderful and marvelous, Let’s get this done ” The demon said and he blasted them but they ducked it with their powers and both team dashed at themselves, Sam with his hybrid speed and strength and Smith with his benders energy.
This Diana ehn

Too stubborn O, She Wetin she has done to herself and now she is about to be sacrificed 😂



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