THE SOUL – Episode 10




Written by Wonder 🐺🐺
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💎💎💎CHAPTER 10💀💀💀

👺👺👺THE CLONE 👹👹👹



Everybody were in their separate classes, Mysterious could be seen at the top of the school building sitting down and looking at the sky with smiles plastered on his face, Flames and the rest could also be seen staying beside mysterious.

” Master! I don’t understand why you are behaving strange nowadays, Everything stopped after Diana speech, You don’t like killing only hurting people and we love the killing you, The killing you is the best side mysterious ” Frost spoke out and mysterious smirked.

” There are something’s you don’t really understand frost, I wasn’t born a killer, I don’t really know what I am but soon I will surely find out about my true self very soon, Diana is someway connected to me and I feel it ” Mysterious said and flames smiled.

” Omg, Mysterious is in love, Master is in love and now he is talking about connections with Diana, Can’t he just accept the fact that he is in love and besides Diana is your mate mysterious ” Flames said and mysterious scoffed.

” Oh shut up your mouth Flames, I don’t believe in mate bond and I don’t love anyone, Love is a disease that could kill anybody at once, Love is never in my dictionary and besides I don’t see any bond with her but I just know that she is different from others ” Mysterious said.

” Lies master, Very essential tools of lying, Mate bond is always created by the creator and he chooses who should be a mate, you are so lucky that Diana is your mate, She is really sexy and perfect in the bed… You know ” Windy said and mysterious scoffed.

” Can’t you guys say something so wise and besides it looks like I need to find that wizard inside the benders nation, Phase f4O 9 must be done because I could see a great war ahead, Having the abilities to see the future has made me more wise ” Mysterious said.

” We need a bender to access into that Benders nation because their seal is too very strong that even Beelzebub can’t dare pass through it, That’s a powerful angelic mixed with demonic powers to form that seal… We need a bender ” Storm said and mysterious smirked.

” Oh I see, Smith is something else, His auras is different and he is not a normal bender, I need a normal bender and besides That Leo of a guy has dark powers In him so it would be very difficult ” Mysterious said.

” Well Well well, Look who is hear, Mysterious sitting down with his spirit beasts besides him… Mysterious the serial killer doesn’t know who he is, What a pity ” A voice rang out from behind and they turned back quickly and it was Rick.

” Shut up Rick, We aren’t friends so get the fvck out of here, I am with my spirit beasts and besides I don’t know myself is not a big deal, Get the fvck out if here before I go rogue on you ” Mysterious warned and Rick smirked.

” Three teachers have been announced in the classroom and you aren’t there, Can you please relate everything about yourself while I do mine, I mean we have something in common, We are something different, No parent, We have spirit beasts and we have killing and crazy harbit ” Rick said.

” I don’t care Rick, I will soon be in the classroom so stop disturbing yourself always, We cannot become friends because I don’t want to, We have something in common yes but that doesn’t make us friends ” Mysterious said and Rick frowned.

” Such a jerk you are ” Rick said and he disappeared from the roof top while mysterious focused his gaze in the sky, The wind was cool and calm and the atmosphere was normal as Birds could be seen hovering around.


👩👩DIANA 💗💗

Oh gosh!

I shouldn’t have said those words to mysterious, He is pretty and cool but his threats always makes me go nuts, That guy just kills for no just cause and now he is threatened us, Well if I have to say those words over again will make it perfect.

Today is just bored because I can’t seems to find Mr handsome in the classroom, Mrs Caro is on the teaching and she is teaching Us how to maintain our stand in excersing and I am not enjoying this teaching.

Gosh I don’t understand what is happening to me, like am I saying all this right now, Am I saying that Mysterious is handsome, That killer is handsome but he is really cute and I Love his cute face and white hair.

” Miss Diana, Can you can you list out the three ways of which Mind telekinesis is made? ” Mrs Caro asked, Wait is she talking to me? I don’t even understand or listen to the teachings and now she is asking me questions.

” Well there is something about me that I love so much, My mind telectual perfection and I have the ability to know the questions that is throwed before me, Mind telekinesis is a very simple question and I need to show them how brilliant I am.

” MA Mind telekinesis is perfected in body meditation, Soul connection with the mind and body and energy binding, The rules delebrate on the mind and heart bounds and that giving it perfect meditation, Meditating makes everything easy and simple and also soul binding may be hard but it is good ” I answered and Mrs Carol smiled.

Yeah I love her smiles, Brilliant me.. I can’t still forget about the attack that day, It’s cost all the patrols lives and Martinez was almost dead but someone saved me with his magics, I know about that because something hits that wolf away from me.

” Just as Diana has said, Soul binding develops energy and powers that pumps into the MInd, Mind telekinesis is a very powerful techniques used in protecting yourself as a supernatural from different angle ”

” Far back Spirit beasts where the ones helping us mind telekinesis but they are no more, Now we use the soul binding to help us in meditating and also the meditation is the perfect phrase of excellent powers and mind control Example The super sonic blast from King Werus ten thousand years ago and that blast did he use in defeating the dark aranach to seal and rule the wolves kingdom, that’s mind telekinesis energy ” Mrs Carol said while still teaching and I was proud of my grandpa of what he did.

Wait what is this? A someone just directed a letter to me with magic without Mrs Carol knowledge and besides she is a demon and demons don’t really detect magic and thats why they could used sorcery to direct this letter to me.

Uhm The letter says it is from Prince Bruno of the sorcerers kingdom, Now I get why the letter was chanted with magics, Wow this is a love letter from Bruno and I guess he will be the thirtieth fellow to be turned down.

Dear Diana, Your beauty is exceptional and glorious, Indeed the creator made you his first creation because your beauty really caged my heart, I am prince Bruno the heir to the sorcerers kingdom and I know that I am not the first guy ever to ask you out but all I am just saying is that you should try and consider a handsome and muscular prince like me, My love is endless and my heart beats for you repeatedly, I can’t sleep without thinking about you, I am so obsessed I coming to school because of your beauty and you are the reason why I am alive, Your beauty is like the shinning sun for it can never to stopped, You are the one that makes me happy and I will love to be your one and only boyfriend and I promise to marry you without delay, Please try and consider me the greatest ever living prince, Love you.

OMG this Bruno is something else, I am blushing because of all the sweet words but Na, I can’t and I will never date him, He is not my kind of handsome, Smith my bodyguard, Martinez and Rick and quite handsome but Mysterious rules it all.

I will just overlook this letter because he is not my type and he will be in my blacklist, Right now dating is not in my dictionary, What I am focusing on is why those dark creatures are after me, First My bad uncle and now the creature of the night.. What the hell is going on.

I guess I will start focusing on a handsome dude, Rick is in the building and it remains Mysterious to show up and I will be satisfied, Three princes are winking at me this instant, Gosh it’s really irritating me right now, They stink.

” Mr Rick, Why are you entering my class right now? This is not the time and you are appearing thirty minutes after the set time the lecture is starting, I don’t know why you are behaving like this but go back to your sit ” Mrs Carol ordered and Rick bowed before racing to his sit.

” Thank you ma ” Rick said immediately he sat down on his chair and then The mister handsome is back, Mysterious just appeared in the class rendering Mrs Carol dumbstruck and not us, It’s not the first time seeing mysterious appearing inside the Teleportation restricted school, He is something special and different from us, He says he is a lycan which I don’t really believe, He is more than a lycan to me.

” Mr Mysterious or whatever your name is, Why are in the class thirty minutes before I started, How did you manage to teleport yourself into this class while it is Teleportation resistance and no one even me the teacher can’t teleport but you did? ” Mrs Carol asked.

” That’s what you dummies don’t get, I am a lycan and I also something that could restrict magics because I am an anti, The building was sealed with the ultimate wizards with the allaxus brothers making it more powerful but I just altered it isn’t that funny? ” Mysterious laughed and Mrs Carol frowned.

” Who are you calling dummy, Will you shut up and sit down while I continue my lecture before you infest me with your bacterias rushing through your mouths, You stink of foolishness scumbag ” Mrs Carol said and everybody busted into an overwhelming laughter including myself and Rick also Smith.

” Yep he really stinks ” A prince stated and mysterious faced him with fury, The prince screamed out as he found himself choking, The prince started levitating while still choking and everywhere was mute and confusion reigned.

” Me becoming calm and gentle doesn’t mean I still don’t kill, The teacher may talk and live because she is a teacher but as a student, You may laugh at me but don’t ever talk because it will be your end and now is your end ” Mysterious said and he swiftly pulled out the heart of the boy.

” This serves as warning to anyone that would want to make jest of me, I am not gentle and I still kill, Don’t provoke me to obliterate every living being in this building because I can do it, For I am something unpredictable ” Mysterious warned and he varnished rendering make shock.

Yh the show is about to begin.


Three birds appeared in the woods and they transformed into three figures putting on hoods, The wind blew ferociously causing all the dried leaves to scatter and the trees and leaves all danced to the musics of the winds.

” Feels good to be in the border of all supernaturals, Remember that Ramon is very deceptive and cunning in all his ways, He is somewhere in the Vampire kingdom because I can trace the scent of the scroll ” The first figure said.

” We know for he is a protector, There are known to be cunny and mischievous in nature just like the mother protectors, The great war ahead is a terrible one and we need to act fast before it is to late and Uriel won’t be pardon if so ” The second figure said.

” What we must do is that we shall March into the vampires kingdom and trace the scent of a protector and we shall find him, Remember that we are ancient Wizards and everything is possible in our sight ” The third figure said.

” What about we go visit Master in the benders nation, He alone watches everyone and he shall tell us who really Ramon is because I know that he will be in disguise right now, Master Is at the mountains at the heart of the benders nation ”

” That’s wise of you, Let’s get going then, Uriel must be free and we shall find and locate Micheal sword because I scent another war against the host of heavens, Beelzebub is planning something that we don’t know about ” The second figure said and they all turned into birds and flew out of the woods.

It’s all the beginning, The center will be the ultimate bloodlusted war, Many shall die and the world may come to an end, The era is now.


The guards were alert, Villagers were seen moving up and down and did children play around, The guards were on duty to avoid any disastrous harm and alerts from the villagers, Steph leapt out of the woods and he barged his way into the kingdom sending everyone into panic and hurry.

The guards surrounded Steph who smirked and grinned, The first guards launched his spear and Steph grabbed him and pulled out his heart, Steph transformed into his wolf form and he slash three guards down.

The king could be seen sitting down with his cabinet and they were discussing when the door opened and a guard rushed in sending everyone present into confusion and even the king was also confused.

” My king, I am afraid to say this.. Our kingdom is under attack and I believe that it is your brother Prince Steph that is attacking us right now, Please he is killing all the guards and villagers present ” The guard said and king Oscar stood up angrily and he rushed out of the throne room with his councils following him.

Steph could be seen feasting on three dead wolves when king Oscar entered the scene and Steph stopped what he was doing and he focused on Oscar who held his sword tight, Some captains and generals were already in their wolves form.

” Steph why are you here? ” King Oscar asked and Steph smirked

” Why asking, Can’t I pay a visit to my father’s kingdom or should I say brother’s kingdom to be precise because it will soon be destroyed in your hands ” Steph said and Oscar scoffed.

” You are nothing Steph, You are just a piece of junk to me, That’s what you are bitch ” King Oscar yelled.

” Why don’t you drop your weapons and fight like a man Oscar, Let’s fight like man to man or should I say wolves to wolves to be precise, I will love to reap out your head from your body and present it before Aiden ” Steph said and that got Oscar enraged.

” If that what you want to prove that you are a weakling, Then it’s time to send you back to the underworld Steph ” King Oscar said and he transformed into a huge brown and gigantic wolf with brown fur, It was two times the height of the wolf of chaos.

Both wolves roared and pounced on themselves, Oscar wolf form bit the wolf of chaos causing it to roar and the wolf of chaos with its strength lifted Oscar and pounced it on the ground and slash it immediately.

The brown wolf with wolves speed and strength leapt up high and with its mind control it landed on the wolf of chaos and it regularly bite the wolf of chaos down and the brown wolf launched his attacks and strength and he pinned the wolf of chaos down instantly.

Immediately the brown wolf pierced the heart and it made to plug it out, The wolf of chaos varnished into thin air and the brown wolf transformed back to king Oscar who was very angry and his body was filled with marks which healed up.

” King Oscar what happened, You were supposed to kill Steph but it just varnished away and now your face has changed ” A general asked.

” There are something’s that you don’t understand, That wasn’t Steph, I know Steph won’t just appear from nowhere, That’s is a clone.. It’s an hallucination of Steph and the worst of all is that Steph has taken away some powers in me through that Clone ” King Oscar said and they widened their eyes.

” What do you mean by taken some powers my king? ” An elder asked.

” Steph played me to fight with that clone so that he could extract the given to me by the wizard of Renan, Right now the strong seal placed in this realm is tampered and anything and any force can penetrate right now, We are all doomed ” King Oscar said and everybody gasped in shock and fear.


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