(Marry me or remain captive)

🎻Chapter 9🎻

By Virtuous Praise


Bryan stood motionless and stunned. I called it outrageous because he was never asked by a lady if he was married or not.. Despite been drooled over by all, including the princess and her maids, he has no painstaking on woman. He’s exude and feared by some girls to approach..

” Sorry my lady,, I dont think your question can be attend to right now.. “Bryan said out of annoyance.

I am too lenient with this lady, since she entered I’ve been so nice. I think I should show her I’m Bryan..
He thought be answering her.

” Bryan, it’s just a simple question with Yes or No answer. Why are you taking that far? Ok, I’m sorry for my mannerless interrogation but please answer a desperate lady” Jeanine said in apology and he quivered down his spine..

Her voice so intrigued with fairness. He wished to answer her but his spirit says no.

” I’m sorry.. I’ve go now.. Answer you later.. ” He replied and and tend to leave but again she restricted him..

” what is wrong in answering a simple question Bryan? Well,, I must confess if you are married your wife is the luckiest woman in the universe.. ” She said and grinned.

” Thanks for your compliment” Was the only word Bryan uttered before exiting the room bouncing the door behind..

Oh,, gosh what is wrong with Bryan? He’s super cool and astonished creature..
It seem I bringing myself low befit him.. I gonna show i’m a princess and deserves some respect..

Princess Jeanine as in logical looked around the wholesome big royal sitting room. Decorated with amber blue materials.. The glittery chairs were so much luxurious that she took much time to touch.. She ran her fingers on it and gasps..

” This is really superb ” she said and sat on the one close to her..
She felt exhausted from the little walk from the main building to the underground city… As she thought.

She sat lazily and in a blink of an eye, she gave up to sleep..

Hmm,,, it has been over a week now.. Sleep……. wake…… Sleep…… Wake.
She had missed her home,, her room, her soft colossal mattress, her caring but annoying father and her precious mother.. ‘Jeanine’s jewels’ as she said..

What would her crying mother do now? Days without seeing her precious gift.. One and only..

” My family is suffering from the act of this mischievous prince.. ” she often cried..

King Vianka was so exhausted from the long journey from Gyashe to Syria..
He collude on the bed and his weariness doubled as he thought about his only daughter.. His only pride gone for good.. Nevertheless, he will continue his search to he finds her…

A headache began to brewing due to much stress and fatigue. While He laid on his back massaging the back of his neck, he was contemplating on what to do next..

At last he smiled as he remembered his spy,, perhaps they will get him something vital because prince liam look suspicious..

After king Vianka and his men left,, Liam smirked..

“They’re too unwise.. It is either she marry or nobody.. She remain my captive forever.. There I will be having my ways into her body. Explore them ad I want.. Make cry and beg me to stop then I won’t. Her body is mine.. I am sure she’s freaking hot down there.. I can’t wait to be the first to dig her hole.. ” He Liam laughed horribly as he walked to his main chamber…

The moment Bryan left the princess, his heart had been restless..
Many questions ran through his mind and later went blank.. He was confused, lost and even embarrassed.

” How could she ask me if was married, what’s her f*cking business?. I will tell her i’m not as polite as she thought.. ”

” Hey, Bryan its high time you get a lady for yourself and save yourself insult and outrageous words.. ” A thought whispered across his heart..

” Hey, you shut up. Who told you I need a lady. I don’t have f*cking time for any” He yelled back at himself hitting the table nastily..

While he thought, he got some dinner packed for princess Jeanine.
The food was carried in a gooey basket..

” Bryan, where are you going with that food basket..? Prince liam asked as Bryan walked through the tunnel. Liam hide there await him..

” Greetings your highness,, I’m actually taking food to princess Jeanine. ” He replied.

” Nice of you.. You’re a good servant hand over the food so I would deliver it ” Liam request..

” As wish sir but it would be a pleasure if I do it.. ”

” No problem Bryan, just come with me” Liam said and they went together…

Liam went in while Bryan stays outside just at the door step..

” Wow!! You’re looking beautiful. I’m sure Bryan is taking proper care of you. Here is another banquet for from Bryan ” Liam grinned..

” Liam,, what do you want from me? Why won’t you let me go? Please Bryan I’m tired. ” Jeanine cried.

” Jeanine, you know you’re too beautiful and that makes me love you. You make my heart tingle in rage. ”

” Lie,, if you love me, you won’t do a thing forbidden as this to me and my family.. Please let me go.. ”

” That’s If you have agreed to marry me” he smirked.

” Marrying you would be over my dead body.. ”

” Lol,, you know, you’re funny, I like that aspect of you.. ” He said feigning.

” Don’t like anything about me.. I hate you. A bitch like you… F*ck you” she yelled hitting the chair..

” How dare you call me a bitch. You have crossed you lane ” He said and let out a hot, thunder storming slap on her face and exit immediately out of anger and hatred…

Jeanine couldn’t felt her breath.. She was taken away by the slap. She immediately buried her face in between her palm and cried. She had never felt such pain before .. Such was usually imaginable ….

Immediately he left, Bryan saw anger in his eyes. He heard them battling words, so there was a misunderstanding between them… Bryan entered and met the lady crying. She was weeping bitterly. He stood confused not knowing where to start from.. He felt pity and same crazy about the princess been hurt.


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A story by AbraMᗴᗪ



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