(Marry me or remain captive)

🎻Chapter 8🎻

By Virtuous Praise

I can’t just stop having this strange feelings,, My feet trembled the moment I heard his voice..

He makes me nervous and scared making shivers ran down my spine the moment he spoke.. His strong perfect jawline scour.

” Okay but you look worried” Bryan said.

His cold ice blue eyes glimmered with dangerous light chilled her more than the freezing temperature.
She couldn’t help but to think this man was some where exceptional. Though this was not the first she seeing him.
Everytime has different case..

If look could she would have been dead by now due to the way Bryan was staring at her..

She was actually troubled but never wanna share it with him but he was one of those who came to kidnap her.

“What are your dismays? Talk to me” Bryan asked politely.

“I don’t think I should trust this guy but his voice has perfection and speaks truth” Jeanine thought to her self.

” Bryan, who those outside the castle?” She asked showing little boldness.

” Well, I don’t really know them but I am sure they’re army from a neighboring empire” Bryan replied.

” Are you kidding me or what?”

“I am for real”
” So you saying I should be believe you don’t know who those men are? ” She asked trying to be sure if it was really his father’s men because it happens to be them.. she’s free already..

” Yeah and why are you much concern about them?” Bryan asked looking down from the window and saw many armed men..

” Those men down there look like my father’s army” she said..

” Well, they’re not your father’s army anyways. That’s the more reason I have come here.. we are not safe. ” Bryan lied trying to convince her..

” You mean they are enemies?” She asked confused.

” Exactly, please princess come with me” Bryan said handling his hand over to her.

” No,, I don’t trust you. ”

” Don’t say so I can help you. Really want to help you” Bryan said..

” By the way have you eaten those food? ” Bryan asked looking at the table.

” Hmm,, yeah. I taste yummy. Are you sure you really made them? ” She asked shyly.

” Yeah,, I did. Hope you are filled?”

” Much saturated.” She said and paused thinking of what next to ask him..

I really want to know this man, he is cool, handsome and pretty attractive. If he has a wife then his wife is the most luckiest woman on the whole universe.

But how to start the question troubles her..

” Can I ask you some questions?” She managed to speak..

“Yeah but not now.. if you don’t come with me now, we are doomed .. Just follow me we are going to a safe and quiet place if which you will like, I promise that” Bryan said and she finally gave in..

Bryan has this polite system of hurting someone.. He Just got her convinced.

They quietly walked through the back stairs leading to the underground building..

” Where are we going?” Jeannie asked after much Walk in haste.

” You are not to talk just shut up and follow me” Bryan Said whispering. He held her wrist and she followed her behind..
The has now transformed into light green gown presented to her earlier by Bryan. She was looking exotic on it. Gorgeous, sexy and attractive as well..

She was having a different thought about Bryan’s action but unknown to her Bryan is a man of sincerity who obeys orders..

“No,, leave my hand if you don’t tell me where you’re taking me to” she said stepping back.

” Don’t say so ok,, you’re safe just follow me.. I don’t actually want anyone to see us as it will put us into trouble” he lamented.

” Us? How? ”

” Please stop asking, we are few meters there please” Bryan said and she agreed fearfully..

They got in through a dark iron door.
The room look neat and properly organized. It is another mansion under ground…

She scrutinized the room doubtful. She never believe a building probably furnished in Royal attires existed after walking in half dark tunnel. She thought may he was going to cage her or something..

” Here we are,the prince secret chamber. Seat down make pretty self comfortable” Bryan said.

” What? The Prince’s chamber? You mean he built this place for what purpose? Does he stays here?” Jeannie asked wandering in confusion.

” Well,, he actually built it for a purpose like this” Bryan replied.

” You mean for kidnap? No wonder he act so weird and disruptive. ”

” Not exactly for kidnap but something similar” Bryan said.

” You stop kidding me Ok, I’ve little information about the arrogant prince and stop defending him.” She muttered.

” I’m not defending him either am I subjecting that here is good”

” See let me tell something,, if not for your intervention yesterday that bitch could have took advantage of me. I mean rape” she muttered and there became absolute silence.

“Rape? Why?”

” I don’t know but he want me to love him with Force. He gave me some silly condition to be if I accept to marry him will let go of me” she said.

” Well, I’m not for that aspect. Just take care of yourself I will be back” He said,stood up and was about leaving when he held him back..

” Bryan don’t go,, I want you to stay by me. I …. I …. I… Love your company. Just stay” she pleaded .

” Princess, I am sorry I can’t.. I’ve things to couple out there.” He Said and struggled to free himself from her grip.

” Ok, if you must go. Please answer me.. Are you married?” She and Bryan stood shook to the head.. Everything in his memory got lost for a while before he came back to normal..

The king was at the verge of collapsing after searching through the whole palace and she wasn’t there..

” My Lord,she was no where here but I strongly believe she was here. I mean we found some female cloth in a room we searched..” Mete said..

The king buried his head down in uttermost disappointment and shame.
A whole lady vanished over night..

” Mete gather all the men we are moving forward to another kingdom.” King Vianka said in agony..
They hurriedly gathered and left to another kingdom..

The king was so wise that he left two of his men to spy. If any vital information succumb they should inform him..

TBC ➡️

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