(Marry me or remain captive)

💄Chapter 10💄

By: AbraMED. Praise


Slapping the princess Jeanine ought a destructive offense but who dare challenge him..
Liam is a beast in human form. Heartless and mean with all devilish character..

Her face got intense bruises and She sobbed bitterly. It was in her state of authority, she would done a thing worst to liam.. Bryan stared a the frustrated lady with so much pity. He felt for her and almost broke into tears.. That wasn’t like the real Bryan who don’t care. Strick and mean likewise..

” My lady, are you alright? ” Bryan asked in a cold and husky voice.
Each time Bryan speak out of much silence, princess Jeanine felt a great inspirational impact..

She lifted her face and tried to look at Bryan but she was finding it difficult. Her eyes felt pain and sore. Face Covered with bruises..
Finally she blinked for the last time and looked straight into Bryan’s eyes.

They were burning with fury. A blink of it could cause an earthquake. Dangerously scrutinising her like a big damn prey…

Jeanine forced herself to answer him.

“No! I’m not”. She shook head and the man’s Bryan’s eyes narrowed and then, moving his feet walking closer to her..
Every step he took felt like a ticking time bomb to her but surprisingly she was able to hold herself because it was not the first time she seeing him..

” I’m sorry for what ever that happened please put every blame on me. ” Bryan said warmly..

” Bryan you are at no fault. Just need some water” she managed to stretch her hand..

Bryan quickly poured out some water from the jug into a glass and offered it to her..

She hungrily sipped from it and gaze back at Bryan..

“Do You need some more? ” asked Bryan.

” Not at all, Thanks ” She said adjusting herself on the couch..

Bryan dashed out of the room and in a while, he came with some some crushed herbs in a box and a cup of tea..

“My lady, permit me to treat your bruise. You’re hurt” Bryan said warmly looking straight at her.

“She froze, Wondering why he would request to treat her. Why wouldn’t he just walk away or add another to her. ” she thought..

” Bryan, I……. am sorry. Why don’t you just go? You don’t need to do that. ” she replied..

” No princess, why would I leave when you’re hurt? Just allow me to clean them with this herbs. It will help heal it fast and here this tea, take off it. It will help your body system improve and help you relax.. ” Bryan lamented standing in front of a speechless lady..

” His so caring but I won’t allow him touch my face. He was among those who came to kidnap me and stuck me here for this heartless man to kill me” She thought.

” Then he has apologized and showed his sincerity ” A thought snapped her.

” Hmm,, Could it be true? No..!! No..!! ” She shook her head in disapproval.

” My lady, if you said so, I would be going. ” He said and took a step backward..

” Bryan!! ” She called and he stopped and turned back to her.. His gaze fell on her bruise face. ” Shit!! ” his echoed.

Despite the bruise she still look beautiful and gorgeous..

” Bryan, its not that I don’t need your treatment but I’m just surprise. How could you be so kind and benevolent. ” she said struggling with her feet to stand erect..

“my lady, I’m not the kind type just don’t know why you mean to me. ” He said shying away..

” I… I… Mean to you? ”

“Yeah you’d mean,, but by the way just come over and seat here so I can apply the herbs. ” He said and she went closer to Bryan directly opposite to him while he massage her face with some smooth grounded herbs..

“Easy! ” she blurted.
Bryan chuckled and gently apply it..

“Sorry ” He finally said..

“After laughing at me? ”

” I didn’t laugh but….. ”
She cut in,, ” But you mocked me with your chuckle. ” she said and frowned.

” Fine, I’m sorry. Can I continue? ” Bryan requested..

” No…. Leave alone ” still in a frown..

” Ok, this should be enough for now.. Please take your tea. I will back in a jiffy.. ”

” Where are you going Bryan? I’m scared ” She asked and Bryan smiled at her. ..
She was getting more familiar with him.

” Never mind, I will be back don’t be scared. I am with you.. ” Bryan said and exit..

Oh! God this Bryan is something else.. He just caressed all my pains away..
Jeanine muttered and smiled to herself.
“I’m really tire now” she said and gently fell back to her heel…

She smelt her dabbled cloth and bluntly primed..

“Oh! Goodness, a lady like me stunk in rag for no offense..
I need some warm bath now.. ” She said checked the bath room door but unfortunately it was lucked..

“Gosh,, even if I bath, is this what am going to wear again? This is so embarrassing? ” She blurted and threw herself into the couch..

Few minutes later,,

Bryan’s aura and sweet cologne filled the room..

” He’s here ” Without looking back, She said at once..

She turned and Bryan stood close to the door with a grin..

Her eyes came in contact with those captivating, enthtalledand ravaged eyes of him that seems like a devourer..

Again her gaze landed on a very luxurious, blue Off-The-shoulder V-neck mermaid gown with some amber silver beads..
The sparkling silver glimmering from it.

She marveled at the gown despite seen many expensive dresses.. This look special and attractive..

” Hey,, will you stop starring and take this dress from me? ” Bryan asked.

It seems like a dream,, someone as caring as him never exist..

” So he knew, I need some dress to change.. Gosh!! He is SK adorable.. ” Jeanine thought and walked closer to him.
She run her fingers on the dress and muttered..

” For me? ”
“Yes for you? How are you feeling right now? ” Bryan asked.
She was standing few meter away from him..

” Well, I’m fine from your treatment.. Bryan the doctor! ” she teased and Bryan grinned..

” thanks” He said.

” Bryan why do you care much for me? ” she asked.

” That’s one of my duty.. To serve with dignity. Defend and fight injustice.. ”

“Really? Who are you Bryan? ” she asked with sincerity..

” Question for another day ” He said and walked to the bathroom and opened it..

“Go take your bath ” He said Jeanine’s jaw dropped in amazement..

She took a few step closer to him and suddenly a strange force pushed her and was about falling when Bryan grabbed her..

She entwined with his muscular body..
She felt nervous and pray with was a dream.
Wrapped in a warm arm of a kind God in form man.. Her beat loudly and her temperature increased..

A kind of sensation came between their bare body and flushed in shiver. Her brain stopped functioning as she flush.

Bryan noticed her nervousness and discomfort, careressed and arranged her falling hair strands in the most sensual and tender manner..

” Are you alright? ” He asked and she couldn’t answer out of surprise..

Her heart beat increased more faster and higher ” I wish it is all a dream ” she finally said..

“Really? Your dress is messed can you go take your bath now? ” Bryan said and let go of her.

” Ok,, thanks for preventing me from hurt” she said and took a step forward..

” Oh! Wait let me go wash you!” He said..

” Wash me?! ” Jeanine asked in surprise..



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