THE PASTOR’S WIFE…..(18+)…..Part 21


It was raining.
I can’t remember the exact time it was, but I
knew it was midnight.
I felt something on my face, and tried to pull
it off, before realizing it was an oxygen tube.
Lizzy held my hands to make sure I don’t
make further movements.
“You will be fine.” she whispered.
Then I noticed that I wasn’t lying on my bed,
the mattress was softer.
There were lots of people in the room, I tried
to open my eyes forcefully.
“she is opening her eyes.”
A tiny loud voice said. My stomach dropped,
and I could hear my heartbeat come to an
abrupt halt on the monitor.
Then my eyes caught up with David, he was
carrying Mfon in his arms, he had bandage
tied around his neck.
I stared at him in complete utter and disbelief
as my heart picked again.
Lizzy’s eyes were wet with anger and tears. I
knew she wanted to tell me something, a lot
of things.
“you will be fine bestie.” she said soothingly.
I was surprise that Lizzy would refer to me as
her bestie.
She pulls out the oxygen tube gently from
my nose.
“can you breath?” she asked. I nodded my
head slowly.
“you passed out.” She whispered.
David ran out of the room immediately he
saw my mouth moving.
“he doesn’t know that you are pregnant. I
told the doctors not to inform him.” she
whispered again, this time very slow.

Not long, David walked in with doctors and
nurses. A doctor whose name tag reads ‘Dr
Alphonsus’ gave me an apologetic smile and
placed the stethoscope on my chest.
“if she is now well, prepare her for cell
tomorrow morning, I want her to be beaten
up mercilessly by those police men, just like
they did to my son!” Georgina yelled.
“Mom, you are so heartless, even in her
pains you still hate her? what sort of a
human being are you?” David asked looking
“What is it that you see in this barren
“She is not barren, but you are .” Lizzy
retorted, her face changed to the real face of
terror and anger. she continued.
“have you ever put to birth in your life? oh,
you think I don’t know that it’s only you and
my late mother who was your best friend that
knows that you bought David from her just
because she couldn’t afford paying her
school fees at medical school, and my father
who was your late husband’s driver could not
also afford sending his young wife to her
dream medical school….” Georgina’s face
crumbles as she looked around blankly.
“What are you insinuating Lizzy?” David
asked looking confused and terrified.
madness coated the air that night, secrets
were unveiled, and the rain kept falling


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