THE PASTOR’S WIFE…..(18+)…..Part 20


When Lizzy hung up the call, I became afraid
as my heart fluttered. I felt like my problems
got bigger by the day.
“mummy, what did you do to my daddy?”
Teye asked, as she gave me a leveled gaze.
“Don’t ask me silly questions!” I yelled.
I was feeling so down and unhappy, nothing
could calm me at that moment. There was
heaviness in my heart. A combination of
sadness, worries and regret.
I wished I had a time machine where I could
turn back to the time where this conflict all
From when I left for America, to when I went
to report David to the police.
“mummy stop, we are home!” Mfon said
I sighed and took a reverse immediately.
My mind had gone far in thoughts.
That night, sleep ran away from my eyes.
when I closed my eyes, all I saw was David
brutally beaten by the rude police men.
My thoughts were interrupted by my phone,
and my sister Abigail was the caller.
“Ayeneka, abadie?” I asked in a low tone.
“Sister, I just got a message from Georgina
now, what have you done? she said her son
has been hospitalized because of you.”
“Oh that…..her son was harassing me, I
reported him to the police….”
“What? why? I mean what happens to the
woman of God in you? why would you report
your husband to the police? ”
“he is not my husband!” I yelled angrily and
cut the call. Suddenly, I heard a loud knock
on the door.
I walked hastily towards the door and opened
it immediately without checking who it was,
my heart tremble at the horrible sight of
Georgina, there were police men behind her,
and then Lizzy whose eyes were already filled
with unreleased tears.
“What do you want?” I Asked with a furious

But before I could say any other word she
gave me a loud slap on my face.
“No madam! You don’t slap a pregnant
woman that way, can’t you see she is heavy?
Heartless Georgina!” Lizzy yelled, as she
struggled out of the hands of the police
officers and pushed Georgina down.
“Bishop my foot! stay off her!”
The police men held Lizzy with all their
might. I stood at one corner with my hands
on my cheek, watching Georgina in tears.
” She said you are pregnant?” She laughed a
disgustful laugh and clapped her hands back
at me.
“Who are you Deceiving Ekom? You ate to
your fill, your stomach is filled with food,
there is no single foetus in there.” She said,
her mocking voice squeaked as she laughed
“You are not God! shame on you devil!”
She wanted to put another slap on my face,
when I held her hands tight.
“Get out of my house!”
“Arrest this barren woman, poor, wretched
idiot, who got lucky to marry my son.”
The police men pushed Lizzy aside and
grabbed my hands firmly.
All I heard was Lizzy’s voice, she was talking
on the phone, I couldn’t see her clearly
“hello? Pastor David there is a problem.
Your mother is here to arrest your wife..
Yes….we are at Bode Thomas surulere.”
Lizzy Said in a shaky tone as she attempted
dialing another number, Georgina took the
phone from her hands.
“mummy, mummy” the kids cried out.
The police men took me into a black maria.
Before I finally lose consciousness, a calm
voice whispered something to me, “I will
fight this battle for you.”


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