THE PASTOR’S WIFE…..(18+)…..Part 19


I began to slightly calm down and nodding
my head. I took a deep breath before
answering all the questions the police men
asked, my heart was beating like I was facing
my worse fears.
“Madam you say na this pastor dey disturb
you?” the awkward looking police officer
asked, he was holding David’s photograph in
his hands.
“yes, he harasses me everywhere I go. last
week, he stalked me at my daughters
“na tiv him be.” another police officer said.
“no. na kidnappers dey follow people like
that, when they know that you get fine motor,
they follow you everywhere. ”
“madam, do you know the man or where he
lives.” another officer asked.
“he is my ex husband.” I said, my voice
faltered as I brought my head down a bit.
The police officers looked at me with their
mouth wide open.
“You mean am madam?”
“yes. My ex husband ”
“so Una wan carry Una family affairs come
station abi?”
“oga please, that shouldn’t be your business.
All I want is for you people to stop this man
from bothering me and my children.” I said
“is okay madam. you go give us moni for
fuel wey we go drive go him church go warn
am well, well. money for pure water, money
wey we go use buy gala hold belle and
pocket money for the boys.” he reeled off, as
he smiled with his brown tooth wide open.
I dipped my hands into my handbag and
brought out clean notes, counted it roughly
and gave to one of them.
He smiled widely and got the money
“madam go, your problem is over. This man
will never ever bother you again. Go and
sleep with your two eyes close.”
“thank you oga.” I said. I felt a sudden urge
to smile, but didn’t. I walked out hastily.
I melted into my car seat like a bulb of ice
While I drove home that afternoon to pick the
kids from their new school, I felt something
so powerful.
Love. Broken love. like a dying sun about to

“Tell me about your new teacher. Have you
two made new friends yet?” I asked the kids
excitedly, as I drove them home from school.
“the school is boring mommy.”
“They don’t have a play tree. ” Teye retorted
with a frown.
“You will get use to it soon.” I said calmly.
I was almost approaching the house when
my phone rang. Mfon picked the call and
pressed the Speaker button.
“Ekom there is problem.” Lizzy said, she
sounded terrified and worried.
“What is it?” I asked, my voice trembling.
“I just got a call from pastor Akintola that
some police men badged into David’s office
and almost Tortured him to dead.”
The kids began to shiver as Lizzy continued.
“he was rescued by some pastors.
According to what I heard, he was warned
never to go after you again. Why are you
involved in this Ekom?” She asked sadly.


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