THE PASTOR’S WIFE…..(18+)…..Part 18


The kids looked out of the window as we
drove into our new compound.
“Our new house is fine mommy.” Teye
whispered faintly.
“yes it is.”
I loved that the house was far from the main
road. I loved that it was far from all the
bright lights and noise, far from anyone who
knew David. The estate securities were
excitedly sociable.
“Wehcome madam oh….yor shilren are too
bitifu.” they said excitedly in different tones
as they opened the main
“thank you.” I said calmly.
As we alighted from the car, the sight of our
new house was peaceful and fascinating to
look at.
The walls were made of brisks. And they
were coconut trees flanking on the front
The kids and I began to pack out our boxes
and food stuffs from the car.
“mommy, this place is far from school.”
Mfon broke the silence.
“You won’t be schooling there anymore.
I will register you and your sister at a new
school here on the mainland.” I said with a
serious face. I didn’t look at their faces.
I knew that they were not happy to leave their
former school, but it didn’t matter to me
anymore. All I wanted was a private new life.
The next morning, I woke up with a
headache, and a light fever.
The air conditioner was on but I felt warm
and sticky, I was sweating terribly.
Switching on the bedside lamp I looked at the
other bed, the kids were sleeping.
I was about to go back to sleep when my
phone buzz under the pillow.
I tried to ignore the call and get some more
sleep. A sleepy sigh floating up to the ceiling
of the bedroom, but the phone rang again,
and when I reluctantly check who the caller
was, it turned out to be Lizzy.
“Hello?” I said in low tone.
“Ekom, where have you been?”
” I left the Island last evening.”

” oh God. my nurses said you’ve not been
coming to the hospital for your antenatal.”
“Well, I was never comfortable coming to
your clinic for antenatal, I never want David
or anyone who knows me to see me with my
baby bump.” I said girlishly.
Lizzy laughed out so loud over the phone.
“Talking of David. He walked into my office
with some bunch of holy bishops yesterday
and demanded to see you. I told him that I
am not your keeper. but he didn’t believe me.
He said that he went to the house, and
discovered that everywhere was empty and
locked up. I never knew you were planning to
leave, are you leaving for America soon?
[B] “not so soon. I will be planning for my
visa tomorrow. I should be leaving before my
third trimester.”
“I will see you before weekend then.”
” okay dear. But please don’t come here with
Lizzy laughed and hung up the call.
I couldn’t go back to sleep anymore.
I thought of reporting David to the police for
publicly harassing me, I wanted him to stay
off my life forever.


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