THE PASTOR’S WIFE…..(18+)…..Part 17


Mfon and Teye began to push their boxes to
the center of the room, just as I ordered them
to do. It was the easiest work their tiny hands
could do.
“Mummy why are we packing?” Teye asked.
“The day after tomorrow, we will be leaving
for the mainland.” I said, folding the clothes
into a basket.
“but mummy our school is on the Island.”
Mfon said.
I nodded silently.
“yes I know. no more questions, let’s start
packing. you both should gather all your
clothes, a truck will be here to start
They continued to push the drawers and their
boxes with all their might.
After few moments, the kids paused.
“mommy we are tired.” Mfon said weakly,
giving a childish attitude.
“me too mummy.” Teye said.
“Let’s all rest a bit.”
Teye laughed and blew an exaggerated kiss
Mfon and I joined in the laugh, it was a
meaningless laugh, Teye made us happy.
My laughter subsided, but a wistful smile was
left on my face and then we started singing.
And then we had dinner.
That evening, we piled up the corridor with
packed properties that we were going to take
to our new home at Surulere.
The next morning was hectic.
We woke up tired and stressed, I made
breakfast for the kids and drove them quietly
to school.
As they alighted from the car, I heard a car
door close just by my side, my eyes snapped
A masculine scent of a familiar perfume hit
me hard on the nose, it was irritating as I felt
like puking.

I had a feeling that it must be someone very
familiar, but I was afraid to look, I was trying
to hide my pregnancy.
“Baby.” He called out huskily.
I didn’t turn, I sat comfortably on my car seat
and fastened the seat belt.
“please wait! Ekom I beg you, just listen to
me.” suddenly I looked up, our eyes
connecting. He was right in front of the car,
kneeling down. parents who came to drop
their kids stood to watch, passers by stood to
I wanted to run him over. Kill him and bear
the consequences.
“Just listen to me baby please.” He lifted his
hand waving at me, but I didn’t return the
“look at me Ekom, just look at me.” He yelled
in a baritone voice.”
He looked like he had a lot to say to me. His
eyes were red, he was sweating like a full
bucket of water was thrown at him.
I was surprise he couldn’t feel the weight of
my angry stare, he was still there, not afraid.
But I started the car immediately and zoomed
off speedily.
I wasn’t sure if he drove after me, but I drove
straight to Surulere, where I rented my new


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