THE PASTOR’S WIFE…..(18+)…..Part 16


Red glowing eyes stared back at me, and I
tried to see clearly who it was. Metal claws
closed over my forearm tightly, and I
whimpered. Then I noticed he looked like
David, the man with the red eye had his
height and shape of his head. Then the
strange being suddenly turned into my
mother inlaw. The fear finally began to set in
as my heart pumped.
“Ekomobong!” Her deep voice rumbled and
echoed at the same time.
I woke up immediately sitting upright in
shock, it was a dream. The bed was soft
under me, but the covers were thickly hot. I
was sweating through my pyjamas shirt. I
looked at the other bed, Teye was sleeping
peacefully wrapped in her pink mickey mouse
duvet. My heart eased a bit, I kept repeating
in my head that it was only a nightmare.
“Mummy are you okay?” Mfon asked, her
voice was soft and tender, I held her into my
“”yes, I am fine my love.” I said as I pulled
her under the sheet and covered her up.
The feeling that overcame me was wondrous
and terrifying.
I wanted to stay underneath the sheet, I
wanted to sleep through the entire time, but
when I checked the time, it was almost 6AM.
I woke up hastily to pray, then made
breakfast of fried plantain and eggs for the
kids. when I heard the door bell ring my heart
skipped, I wasn’t expecting anyone.
I didn’t hear the sound of any car horn or
anyone knock at the gate. How did this
person pass through the gate?
I tiptoed towards the window to see who it
was, I slid the curtain a bit and my heart
trembled at the mere sight of people I saw.
Should I say they were in thirty, forty or fifty?
I thought they were arm robbers sent by
Georgina to come attack me and the kids. I
wanted to dial the police, but my instincts
wasn’t sure.

Then I saw pastor Jerry, Pastor Ephraim,
Akintola and the rest of them whom David
“What do y’all want?” I asked in a loud Tone,
but boldly.
“Good morning maama.” they all greeted in
Unison. There was a murmur. Pastor Jerry
stood out from the crowd.
“Mamaa please pastor sent us to you.” Jerry
said softly.
“I am ready for the divorce now, he doesn’t
need to send the whole church to come beg
me for a divorce.”
They began to murmur.
“No ma, he is asking for your forgiveness.”
They all knelt in unison. But my heart
became hardened. I gently closed the
curtains and walked back slowly to the
“Forgive?” I repeated in a panic whisper, a
tear falling down my cheek.


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