THE NEW FORM TEACHER…..(18+)…..Part 9


My eyes didn’t linger long on Stanley’s
concealed Joystick before transferring my gaze
to his face. He had this grimace on his face and
you could see through it a mixture of strain and
lasting lust even as he laboured to plunge his
middle finger deeper into my drooling cunt! My
clamped thighs wouldn’t still let him as I was
trapped between a wanton desire to be
pleasured and a constraining fear of what
repercussions it could have!
Even with the little portion of his finger that was
already probing my dripping love hole, I still
couldn’t make up my mind. I was shaking
violently with my knees visibly trembling! But
quite oddly, I still could feel my hip gently begin
to grind repeatedly, against his trapped fist as
his partly immersed finger kept swimming in a
boundless pool of the juices contained in my
tight Kittycat. The finger would go on to graze
against both sides of my cunt walls, bringing
strong electric vibrations which ultimately
travelled through my entire body! I had gone on
to shut my eyes very tightly and had both my
lips clenched together! I could tell I wasn’t
going to last so long with the restraint as my
tightened thighs were now gradually beginning
to give way in presumption that he was
definitely going to push his finger further into
my soaked Kittycat! But then, young Stanley
halted, rather abruptly!
“Can you measure me, ma?” he suddenly said,
bringing me to open my closed eyes after quite
a while! He had withdrawn his hand and had
stood to his feet but wasn’t looking at my face
like he always did. He was instead, looking to
the floor.
I wanted to ask him if he asked me to measure
him, but then found out that I had completely
lost my voice, so I had to take some time to
clear my throat. “You want me to measure
you?” I finally said, looking away from him
while placing a finger over my mouth. I was still
visibly shaking!
“Yes ma.” He replied, looking up at me again.
Then he stretched his arm to hand me the tape.
“I may sew a male cloth for the assignment.” he
equally added.
I turned my face and looked at him, but then
quickly looked away as his eyes were just fixed
on me again. I went on to collect the tape but
then turned my eyes quickly to his fly. His
Joystick was still evidently outlined across the
front of his trouser! I could unmistakably feel
the pull it had on me as I comfortably traced,
with my curious eyes, the exact spot where the
rather long thing seamlessly connected with its
big head!
In a couple of moments, I had started putting
the tape around his body. Inexplicably, I wasn’t
beginning like I had taught him and the other
members of his class. I was supposed to start
from his shoulder and upper arm, but instead, I
had begun with his hip! I was stooping,
bringing my head and face exactly at the same
level as his Joystick! The way the bulge it had
caused, boldly formed a sickle just under my
nose, brought my overly-wet Kittycat to pour
even more juices unto the near floor! When I
tried putting both ends of the tape together, my
under palms suddenly pressed into the hard
lump in front of his trousers, causing him to
gasp rather loudly! Mysteriously, I left the palm
there as I marveled at the rigidity of his erect
phallus! It felt so turgid in my palm that I was
seduced into gently gliding my hand repeatedly
over it! He was definitely liking it too, because,
he began to slightly hump his hip into my palm,
stepping closer to me and bringing his crotch
even nearer to my sweating face!

Without thinking twice, I found my hands begin
to bring the tape down from his waist towards
his crotch and in micro-seconds, it was exactly
‘measuring’ the supposed roundness of his
buttocks and of course his bulgy crotch! He
responded by bringing his legs together, thus
causing his concealed Joystick to push even
further into my hand! Just then, I quietly spread
my left palm over the engorged bulge and
grabbed it gently! He gasped again, jolting as
brought his own hand over mine! I began
squeezing his pecker as I feigned measuring his
crotch! My right hand struggled with the tape
while my left, kept pressing, fondling and
squeezing his steel through his school trouser!
Predictably, it grew even larger, stretching it’s
way like a one-eyed snake down his left thigh!
Before I would run my palm across its newly
attained length, I began seeing his pre-Pour
collecting just around the spot where his big
dickhead had finally nestled! He was mighty
aroused! And it looked like he couldn’t take it
anymore, because he suddenly brought both
his hands onto his belt hook and before me,
began undoing his belt and zipper! The
uncertainty of what could follow returned to my
mind and the restraining fear I felt earlier,
overwhelmed me again! However, when he
eventually brought out his Joystick, I was
instantly blown away by probably the biggest
Joystick for a 16 year old, I had ever seen!


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