THE NEW FORM TEACHER…..(18+)…..Part 7


When I sensed his discomfort in making the
tape go round my belly, I slightly lifted my arms
for him. He coughed abruptly twice, and then
began running his tape again.
After picking measurements of my waist/
tummy, Stanley faced yet another challenge.
And from what I later found out, it was indeed a
bigger one to the former. He wanted to measure
my bust, but didn’t know how to go about
telling me! He just kept rolling and fondling his
tape from end to end, sweating profusely
without saying or doing a thing.
When I realized he was likely never going to say
it out, even though I already knew what he
wished he could do, I lifted my hands
completely, hanging them over my head. As
soon as he saw me do that, he lifted his eyes to
look at me forcing me to quickly look away as
soon as his eyes found mine! He still stepped
forward with his tape anyway, putting it around
my trunk as he sort to determine where it met
each other proportionately. But as he did, the
tape kept dancing around the tip of my Tips,
grazing them up repeatedly! When it eventually
settled, they were now under both of them,
pushing them up a bit thus causing them to
push into my gown even more! As I watched, I
could comfortably see them printed into the
material of the nightdress as the dark shaded
knots strained the light material hysterically!
It was even a lot more spectacular when I found
Stanley looking at them now and again! I could
imagine how much excitement he got as he
watched the beautiful black studs! When he
shifted a bit to the side, bringing his fly into
view again, I was in no way surprised to see a
much larger bulge in front of his school
trousers! That got my juices running onto my
thighs, this time around!
He didn’t exactly rush his time on my bust.
Technically, it was my Bosom and Tips he was
measuring and he kept running the tape over
and across the melons! When he eventually
found the supposed size, he brought his left
hand to the side of my right boob.
And before he would get done with the tape, he
had repeatedly poked and pressed the boob
aplenty, costing me more juices down my
thighs! But he wasn’t done yet for he soon
suddenly began explaining that he wished to
measure for a skirt too, causing me more
My mouth practically dropped as I struggled to
look for a place to direct my eyes. If he was
going to measure my lower half, then he was
definitely going to measure my Buttocks! While
it looked certain, it wasn’t exactly a must as he
could also always choose to use whatever
figures for it without compromising the work he
needed to do. He did begin with my knees
though, as soon as I gave him the permission
to go on by nodding my head. I was yet to say
a word since he began the measuring process
and I was yet to get words to come out of my
mouth either. While I was apparently struggling
for poise, he wasn’t exactly doing same. Of
course I had noticed that his bravado had
dropped a bit in the process but he still was in
control, saying most of the things he needed to
say with relative ease. When he bent down to
run the tape around my clamped knees, I was
instantly worried that he could likely perceive
my juices which had already flooded my thighs
now! He didn’t exactly act like he was
perceiving anything though, but I was too wet
to believe he hadn’t! After all, his nose was just
a few inches away from my soaked Kittycat!
Ultimately, he finally did rise to quickly take
note of the knee measurement and as he did, I
re-spread my legs slightly again, not knowing
what his next plan likely was. But then, I was
completely flabbergasted, when he
subsequently stepped behind me after the
notes and began running his tape across my
thick buttocks!

It just stunned me beyond words! He even
momentarily held the tape on one of my cheeks,
pressing and rubbing the area as he stretched
the plastic to the other end! When he tried
holding both ends of his measurement in place,
he subsequently grabbed both my cheeks with
his hands! That instant, I felt a drop of my love
juices travel from my Kittycat, through the
space between my legs and straight onto the
dry floor! A second one also quickly followed!
Since a quick bend of the head could let me see
the miniature pool of sweet nectar it had quickly
created on the terrazzo floor, I was dead
assured that Stanley would see it too; that is, if
he hadn’t already! In fact, when I turned my
head behind to ascertain, I was rightly
presented with a view of him starring brazenly
at the splash of clear Kittycat fluid under the
both of us! When he eventually stood up, after
several seconds, the manner with which his
Joystick now poked his front trouser, told he
was more than aroused! The concealed wood
even unashamedly brushed against my thighs
repeatedly as he audaciously measured the
sides of my hip! His hands now freely fondling
my bum too, holding it at numerous sides as he
claimed to take his additional measurements.
When he gently began lifting my gown up, in a
supposed bid to measure my thighs, more
drops of my juices, joined the ones on the floor
even as the insides of my thighs got covered in
streams of sweet nectar!
The lowest point of my nightdress were soon
just below my hip as he knelt down to continue!
I knew I was supposed to ask him to stop at
that moment, but I just lacked the powers to do
so! Even when he pushed the dress up to that
height, I happily helped him in holding the dress
to my waist as my hands kept shaking violently!
My heart was still panting and I was seriously
struggling to breath! Expectedly, I could smell
myself as I was now overtly drenched in my
own juices! I was more than sure than Stanley
could comfortably see how much juices I had
on my thighs because his hand repeatedly
smeared and rubbed the fluid as he began
running the tape along the length of my legs!
He first ran it along the outer side, starting just
below my Buttocks down to my knee. And then
rather awkwardly and very unprofessionally,
brought the tape in-between my legs gesturing
me to spread my legs a bit more in the cause!
This he followed by moving one of his hands
up my Unclad thigh in a bid to find a starting
point! At this juncture, I had already begun
lifting my gown a lot further up without
knowing, bringing my puffy glistening Kittycat
into partial view!


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