THE NEW FORM TEACHER…..(18+)…..Part 6


Just after we walked into my bedroom, I stood
at the center of the space, gesturing him to
begin measuring. Somehow, I could feel my
heart beating rather fast as I struggled to gain
any bit of composure. I could also feel my body
fidget pretty violently with my hands shivering
in a very palpable manner! As he stepped into
my front after dropping his exercise book on
my dresser, my heart suddenly skipped! It was
just inexplicably how much calmness of self I
desperately desired at that moment. His hand
came on top of my left shoulder as he prepared
to run the tape along my shoulder and upper
arm. Since I had taught them how to run
measurements in a previous class, it was an
opportunity to see how much he had learnt. But
as soon as his hand touched me there, I
instantly jolted, bringing him to halt briefly in
obvious puzzlement.
“Did I hurt you ma?” he asked rather innocently,
raising his seductively full eye brows up as he
looked at me
I waved my head repeatedly, as I tightly
clenched my lips together, shutting my eyes in
sheer embarrassment. I couldn’t get words out
basically. He continued.
He ran the tape along my shoulder and upper
arm, swiftly turning to write down the
discovered length. He almost acted like a
professional tailor and even went as far as
abbreviating the notes like a pro would do. The
young man could impress in no equal measure!
“Let me measure your wrist ma” he chipped in
as he stooped to run his tape around my wrist.
He was now ‘face-to-face’ with my covered
Kittycat and I could even feel his hot breath on
me, through the sheer material of my
nightdress. Curiously, there was also this tinge
of excitement I could equally feel in my Kittycat
which wasn’t his hot breath at all!
After taking notes of my wrist, he stood and
brought the tape around my neck. But without
having his left arm gently rest on my left boob!
He kept readjusting the tape to probably find
the most suitable figure thus letting the arm
linger on my tit!

After taking notes of my wrist, he stood and
brought the tape around my neck. But without
having his left arm gently rest on my left boob!
Given how totally stark I was underneath, it was
easy for my left Tip to abundantly poke into his
hand! It even ground the already taut thing
around, as he gently glided his arms back and
forth in search for a suitable measurement! I
got to know he was very much aware of what
had happened, when he slightly turned again to
write down the new figures he found. My eyes
suddenly found his fly, where his Joystick had
pitched a mild but yet obvious tent! I did
quickly look away as soon as his attention
returned to my body.
But it was just a definite moment of truth for
me. The realization that the boy had gotten
hard because of me, didn’t help my composure
plans in any way going forward! My juices just
began trickling in, moistening up my Kittycat at
a go! I couldn’t believe what was suddenly
happening even as my breathing tripled! He was
now trying to run the tape around my tummy
but without asking me to slightly lift my arms –
a definite indication of a sudden ice that had
begun developing between us!
He did indeed feel my rubbery stiff Tip under
his arm and that was what brought him the
erection! He was also surely seeing the way
both of them (my Tips) now assiduously poked
my nightie out of my increasing arousal, as
they stood like short pencils across my large
A quick look at his fly, told that he was still
erect and the size of what I could trace out, was
indeed spectacular for his age!


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