THE NEW FORM TEACHER…..(18+)…..Part 5


One name that was ever going to make my
meeting with Stanley possible was ‘Chiamaka’ –
my housemate. She was the younger of the two
of us but joined our school before myself. She
basically thought Integrated Science as well as
Physics for the J.S.S and the S.S.S classes
respectively. Having been housemates at the
Quarters for nearly 4 years, our friendship had
gone on to grow massively. While I almost
always travel every weekend to go see my
people, she barely does travel as her own
people stay a long distance away from the
school. In fact she basically traveled just about
once every three months, a direct contrast to
my own situation. In other words, I was already
looking forward to spending the weekend with
her. We had initially scheduled to do some
major shopping in town on Saturday and even
though Stanley’s appointment had suddenly
come in-between, I still felt it was possible.
After all, she was the only one who could make
Stanley’s coming acceptable. The school
regulation generally prohibits students visiting
the Teachers’ and Staff Quarters except for very
critical cases. I felt a lot ‘safer’ knowing that
Chiamaka was going to be around when he
eventually comes since she could easily bear
witness of his real purpose of coming if
something went wrong in anyway. The school
was never going to find it light with any teacher
found with a student in the Quarters, talk more
of when they are found alone!
However, it became some kind of a shock, when
Chiamaka suddenly told me she was traveling
just as i arrived home on Friday after school
hours! I didn’t instantly appreciate the entire
weight of the announcement until after about a
minute! Then it dawned on me, Stanley was
likely going to meet me home alone! That was
just when I became worried and began asking
Chiamaka if she couldn’t push her trip to the
following evening. Of course she refused,
explaining that she was supposed to be
returning on Sunday. So, it made no sense to
arrive home Saturday evening, only to begin
returning home on Sunday. I was practically
screwed! I just couldn’t determine what next to
do. There was no way I could reach Stanley
again since it was already weekend and if he
ever did come around the next day, asking him
to return would make no sense as he had only
just the weekend to get the assignment done.
As my roommate packed her bags in readiness
for her trip, I spent the entire time wondering
what I had put myself into. If it ever got into the
ears of the school management that a female
teacher was found with a male student in her
apartment, I was likely going to lose my job!
Moreover, Stanley was definitely going to suffer
a crushing penalty too – likely a lengthy
suspension. It was difficult to ignore what
possible repercussions that could surely follow!
Anyways, Chiamaka did travel later that
evening, leaving me all alone to the house. The
feeling was really down-casting as my plans
were totally shattered. The shopping slated for
the following day was already a no-possibility
since I always never liked shopping all alone. In
fact I was so low-spirited that Friday evening so
much so that I didn’t even know when I slept
off! I had bathed, changed into nothing else but
just my pink frail nightdress since the night
was hot, and then put water on the kerosene
stove to make myself some cornflakes for
dinner. Unexpectedly I suddenly slept off and if
not for the fact that I had insufficient kerosene
in the stove, forcing the fire to burn out early, it
would have been a difficult situation all
together. As I woke up that morning, I was
quite startled to have seen that I had slept off
without even getting into bed properly. But that
was no match for what followed after then, for I
was further stunned when I realized someone
was knocking and when I went for the door, met
Stanley standing at my doorstep with a blue
tailors’ tape hanging over his neck! He had
already come for the measurement, barely 5
minutes into my waking up! Before I could ask
him why he chose to come that early, a quick
glance at my wall clock told me it was 10am
already – I had woken very late!
“Good morning ma” he quickly greeted as his
beautifully bulging eyes looked at me. He
wasn’t anything less than 6ft.
“Good morning” I replied beginning to sense the
difficulty I was already having in comporting
myself. I was almost acting like I didn’t exactly
understand why he was there.
“I came to take the measurements ma”, he
continued, slightly lifting the tape on his neck
and the exercise book on his right hand. He
seemed to have noticed my apparent despair
and was suggesting me a way out.
I just nodded my head as the words to say
suddenly stuck in my throat. I went on to step
to the side as I swung my front door open. The
cool breeze that subsequently quickly flooded
through the door, went on to fling my
nightdress to the side, causing it to grip my
body so tightly. I couldn’t tell if young Stanley
could see the impression of my taut Tips as
they poked back at the sheer night gown. I
couldn’t also tell if his eyes had seen the
outline of my Kittycat which was also already
traced out on the light material as it hug my
body closely!

While I was silently regretting my not wearing a
pant and a bra under the nightgown last night, I
didn’t fail to observe how much excitement my
body felt at the knowledge that the handsome
young boy had possibly seen the near-Unclad
outline of my alluring body! The next moment,
he was inside my Drawing Room (A pre-room
that served the teachers as a parlour).
He found a seat and sat down as I hurriedly
returned to my bedroom to quickly fix myself
up. My hair wasn’t looking very cool and I was
yet to brush my teeth. But while I speedily went
through those usual routine, a troubling
question kept crossing my mind. If we were
going to run these measurements, then it would
have to be inside my bedroom. As awkward as
it might sound, my bedroom was the safest
place we could stay if I really cared to keep my
job. The design of the Drawing Room was just
too elaborate. Given the fact that whoever
designed the apartment, could only ventilate the
Drawing Room from just one of its sides, he
had to make the windows in it very large and
tall. This did keep the Drawing very open
making it even a lot more possible for any other
teacher to find us together. If I was going to
quickly give my time to Stanley then it needed
to be inside my bedroom. As soon as I had
brushed my teeth, I made the announcement to
him but told him instead that my bedroom was
more lit than the living room and that was what
informed the decision to go in. I didn’t fail to
pick out the slight but rather comical frown on
his face as he stood to follow me in. He
definitely didn’t buy the explanation and I also
did doubt that he would buy the actual reason if
I had told him that one too. After all, which
young good-looking boy wouldn’t smell
something fishy when his crush suddenly
invites him into her bedroom on a Saturday
morning? None. But, I couldn’t care less
anyways, since I was hoping the meeting
wouldn’t last beyond 5 or so minutes. However,
what didn’t really match my supposed
‘transparent motive’ was my forgetting to
change cloths into something a lot more
‘decent’. I was still in my nightdress and
without even a panty underneath; and yet was
going to be alone in the bedroom with a


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