THE NEW FORM TEACHER…..(18+)…..Part 4


As soon as he got to my desk, he partly leaned
forward into me! He was so close that I could
feel his breath on my forehead! When I flashed
him another quick glance looking up, it was a
mixed feeling when I found his eyes directed at
my open cleavage! “What time on Monday
should we submit ma?” he finally added.
When I flashed him another quick glance
looking up, it was a mixed feeling when I found
his eyes directed at my open cleavage!
“Anytime!” I heard myself say rather louder than
normal and even practically jumped as I did! I
felt I was so eager to be freed from his cave!
What was more killing, was the seductive sweet
fragrance of his perfume! It was definitely not
the most expensive but very much effective.
“Okay ma…but….” he suddenly continued and
just then dropped a hand on my right arm! For
a second time in as many seconds, I jumped
again as my breathing speed tripled! Inevitably,
I felt my Kittycat give way as a first trickle of
my juices flooded my Kittycat walls! It was just
extraordinary as pure heat radiated from where
his palm was touching my arm, practically
increasing my body temperature drastically!
I had looked up at him one more time and with
open drooling mouth while my chest and
Bosom heaved, before he would complete his
“but…were you serious ma, when you said we
could use the measurements of our teachers
too if we wanted?” He was unbelievably bold!
I on my part just couldn’t get words to come
out of my mouth, so I only just nodded my
head. Then a little pause followed. His hand still
remained on mine as his eyes probably still
remained on my Bosom.
“Okay ma.” He began rising up from my desk. I
was about to clean the sweat from my face
when he suddenly asked the killer question!
“Can I measure you ma?”
The world stopped! And for a good 6 seconds, I
knew real dumbness!
When I gave him a quick glance again, his eyes
was directly looking at my face. There was this
expectation in them as though he was certain I
was going to say yes! There was also this tinge
of fear of what it was likely going to look for
him if I ever chose to say no. As I processed
his feelings in my head, I still thought about the
impact of accepting his wish. He was just my
student quite alright and was only carrying out
an assignment I had given to his class just
accordingly, as I had asked them to. Of course I
had encouraged them to employ the assistance
of other teachers if they needed to find
someone to measure for the paper-cloths they
were required to make. But then, anybody who
had known my recent history with this boy
Stanley would definitely also know that he
wasn’t just my student anymore! He wasn’t just
one of the many young boys I taught in the
school where I was employed! Not at all!
Stanley had grown to become an expectation
for me! Something, if you like, I look up to on
each visit to their classroom! He had grown to
become the reason for most of the things I do
in front of the mirror as I prepare for work each
day and as I prepare for a lesson with them few
minutes before time!
He had become a force in my life, thoughts and
even actions – prompting a continuous
imagination of how it would look if I ever had to
spend some private time with him! In fact, what
I had failed to tell anybody was that, Stanley
had become a part of my deepest fantasies! I
had recently thought about being in a room
alone with him and in some very depraved
occasions, imagined him fucking me! While it
was wrong, perverse, dirty and so on, I just
couldn’t keep it out of my realm anymore! I was
simply crazy for the boy Stanley!
It was his repeated question that really did bring
me back to the present. “Can I ma?” he had
asked again

“Yes.” I suddenly heard my trembling mouth
say, ending a protracted wait in frozen ice!
“Thank you ma.” he was beaming, as he
withdrew the arm he had kept on mine. It just
felt like I should ask him to return it!
Awkwardly, I just forgot to give him any form of
appointment as I rapidly picked up the
remaining books, piling them up in my arms as
much as 6 of them. He still remained standing
where he was as I practically stampeded my
way through the little space between the desk
and my chair.
“But when can I come ma….and where?” he
started asking again. I was about to reply him,
when my books suddenly crashed from my
hands onto the terrazzo floor! I felt like crying!
“Come to the Teachers’ Quarters! Anytime
tomorrow” I bluffed, nearly screaming at the
frustration I was obviously passing through as I
bent to pick up the books.
He did courteously bend down too to help me
pick. Given I was already ahead of him before
the books fell, I was inevitably in his front thus
bringing my Buttocks directly to his face! Of
course my short skirt (and the long slit behind
it) had rapidly rode up my bum as I stooped to
collate the books and I was in no doubt that he
was definitely seeing the inside of my thick
thighs all the way up to probably my white
lacey panties!
As I picked up the last book on the floor, I
unmistakably perceived a whiff of my moist
Kittycat! I quickly thought that since I could
smell myself, I should also bet that his nostrils
were already full with the scent of my Kittycat!
Just after I had stood up, he handed me the
books he had equally picked.
“Thanks”. I said, as I quickly swung around,
briskly walking away from the classroom. I
nonetheless felt his young eyes on my rather
swaying full Buttocks, even as my skirt which
had not completely come down yet, remained
partly flying, around my bum!


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