THE NEW FORM TEACHER…..(18+)…..Part 3


“Can someone list for the class, all the types of
stitches we have?” I began saying, going deep
inside my belly to drag out my voice which I
had totally lost during the previous incident.
There was silence for a while, before a girl at
the right hand side of the classroom stood and
answered me correctly.
“Very good.” I praised, walking back to the
center of the class. A quick flash of the eyes
towards Stanley, revealed he was tracking my
swaying Buttocks as I walked! “Can someone
else list for the class all the types of hemming
we have?” I was in front of the class again.
Another girl quickly raised her hand, barely
letting me point her before standing to reply.
She too was correct with her answers and she
quickly sat back beaming from ear to ear.
Just like the last girl, I praised her effort too
while wondering why Stanley hadn’t bothered
raising his hand on both cases. He was
generally the best student in the class and had
never failed to come out as the best student in
Home Economics in the entire S.S. 2 all year.
He did surprise me though, when I asked the
next question.
“Now, who can make the class a sketch of a
Turtle-neck shirt collar?”
There was freezing silence at once. It gradually
began getting obvious that virtually the entire
class had no idea of what the answer was. But
just then, Stanley stood up! His tall frame easily
cutting through the numerous silhouettes of
sitting students as he walked through the rows
of seats towards me. I practically melted! I felt
the butterfly again that instant as my knees
went wobbly as usual! I also felt my body shiver
however slightly as he got closer and closer to
where I was standing! That was going to be the
first time he would walk up to me in a class
and my body was evidently reacting to it in the
most awkward of ways. In contrast, he didn’t
appear any bit fazed as his frame soon came
over me. It soon became disturbing, how I just
couldn’t hold myself together before a boy I
was so much older than! When he stretched his
palm, I handed him the chalk in my hand but
obviously noticed how he deliberately spent
extra time grabbing the chalk as well as my
fingers in his hands! That alone got the shivers
running again as I felt the many beads of
perspiration rapidly forming on my forehead.
When he eventually stepped forward towards
the chalk board behind me, he didn’t do so
without heavily lunging into me, effectively
squashing my Bosom briefly in the course!
Within seconds, he had correctly sketched the
said ‘Turtle-neck’ collar on the chalk board.
Bringing the class to applaud him as he
dropped the chalk on the desk beside us,
heading back to his seat. He was indeed
brilliant and as I watched his hard buttocks
while he walked back to his seat, I didn’t fail to
appreciate how complete he was as a boy! My
Bosom had quickly reacted to the way his arm
briefly pressed into one of them earlier on,
swelling up rapidly and filling my bra! I was
certain the class could unarguably notice my
glistening sweaty cleavage, which must have
gotten a lot deeper!
Nonetheless, I was soon faced with the next
challenge – what assignment to give to the
class. From the questions I had asked, I was
confident the class had learnt almost all I had
taught and would comfortably carry out any
Take-home I was to hand them. I still had to
quickly scan through my lesson note to settle
for one of the numerous assignments available
on the topic.
“Your assignment will be to sew a shirt”, I
began after making up my mind. I had quickly
looked at Stanley, observing the slight but
obvious frown on his face. “You will be
required to sew a shirt with either used cement
bags or old newspapers. Submission will be
next week Monday. So you all have the
weekend to work.” I added.

Just as soon as I announced it, several hands
were up in the air seeking to ask questions. As
I pointed at the students to hear their questions,
I realized how they dwelt more on how they
could go about the sewing. It was just one
particular boy towards the front row that
actually asked what measurements to use. To
that, I replied that they could use that of
anybody at all. They could use that of their
friends, classmates, dormitory mates and even
that of teachers if the teacher allowed. All they
needed to do was to measure the person with a
tape, write it down and then go on with the
sewing. Since we had handled tape-
measurement in a previous class, I reminded
them how I expected that not to be a problem. I
also told them they were only permitted to sew/
stitch with just needle and thread as no one
was permitted to use a sewing machine. When I
had concluded with the questions and answers,
I ended the class.
What I did notice anyways was how Stanley
had refused to be part of the rumble of
‘questioneering’ but rather decided to calmly
watch from his seat. I had strongly expected
him to throw a poser but was disappointed
when I found him looking around the class, as
other students asked question after question on
the new assignment I had given them.
Nonetheless, I was particularly astonished when
I saw him and a handful of other students walk
up to my desk as I began packing up my books
to leave the classroom! They quickly crowded
me in an obvious bid to continue with their
questions still before proceeding on Break.
Stanley was right behind them with his hands
folded as he watched me begin responding to
his classmates’ questions yet again. They still
kept asking about how to go about the sewing,
emphasizing that they hadn’t done anything like
it before. One even asked what kind of cement
bag to use as though there were any main
difference between bags. Her classmates
predictably burst into laughter as they jeered
her for the apparently senseless question she
had asked. When I shifted my eyes to Stanley, I
found him smiling too, baring very white teeth
that were nicely placed next to each other. As
soon as his eyes found mine, as usual, I looked
away that instant!
Not long after, these group of students began
trooping away from my desk. They had no
further questions to ask and had generally
ended up taking a good portion of my statutory
Break from me. But it was while I was about to
sit so that I could pick up a few more textbooks
from the drawer, for study within the up-coming
weekend, that I realized that not exactly all the
students had left. Stanley was still there, partly
resting into a desk behind him! A quick look up
at him, got my heart to skip as I hurriedly
looked away! My hands were frantically trying
to pick up one of the bigger textbooks on the
desk but just kept failing – partly because of
the person right in front of me! It was
unbelievable how I could completely loose every
shred of composure in me over a 16 year old!
However, after a ‘world’ of silence between us,
he was the first to speak.
“Auntie, I want to ask one more thing…” he had
started, stepping closer to me.
“What is…it?” I nearly stammered as I felt my
body continuously shiver! The hairs behind my
neck were all in an upright position and the air
coming out of my nose were as hot as a


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