THE NEW FORM TEACHER…..(18+)…..Part 2


Since then, that has been my situation with
Stanley. Of the two or three periods I usually
spent in a week in their classroom teaching, it
was barely about anything else. Of course I
would essentially teach them; going through my
lesson note as well as the recommended Home
Economics textbooks. But while it appeared to
the rest of the class that I was just basically
teaching them, it wasn’t just about the lesson
for myself and Stanley! Technically, he was the
one that lured me into the dark art as he began
to unflinchingly watch, stare and gaze at my
body rather provocatively as the weeks passed
on! I wouldn’t deny though, that I had once or
twice expectedly searched for him on coming
into their class and on both occasions, felt
some form of stifled gladness when I found him
in class! So as he went on to begin ogling my
body in the course of the proceeding lesson, it
only felt like a trap, that had caught a game! In
fact, before we could get to a month old in this
very errant practice, I had begun dressing for
Stanley! I had begun wearing very tight skirts to
class! Not only where the skirts tight, they were
also usually short – stopping some inches
above my knee!
And in some very extreme cases, I had worn
them with their usually excessive slits, which of
course looked very daring; directly behind my
thighs! It was thus inevitable that the entirety of
the back of my fleshy thighs always came into
view each time I backed the students! While I
was aware I was having to expose myself to the
entire class, the thought of the fact that Stanley
was equally seeing me too, was what drove me
on! His ogling eyes where always very direct
and obvious! Practically drinking me up as I
walked to and fro the length and breadth of the
classroom! He would look at my bust which
also usually sampled a decent amount of
cleavage, and then my swaying hip and wide
He would look at my bust which also usually
sampled a decent amount of cleavage
Before going on to stare at my exposed thighs
and legs! The few times I had gone through his
very own row of seats, it had been solely
because of him! And on one occasion, he had
rather daringly, got his protruded arm to brush
against the side of my thighs, causing this
quick overwhelming shiver to run through my
entire body! I was certainly the young boy’s
older crush!
However, what hadn’t really clicked yet, was my
own personal confidence! Bizarrely, I still very
much struggled with coming up against the
young boy! I was always the one who found it
very had to look at his face, let alone into his
eyes! Something which was rather awkward for
a lady almost twice his age. He had thus far
looked far more confident than myself,
comfortably staring at me as long as he liked. I,
on the other hand had never failed to notice
these butterflies in my stomach each time I
caught him staring, even though I would still be
the one to look away! Even on that very Friday
morning, as I kept reading out from the
textbook in my hands, my knees barely carried
me! They kept acting wobbly as I occasionally
raised my eyes to catch Stanley looking at me!
Even when I had effectively finished with the
marked texts and had to turn around to write a
few notes on the board behind me, I didn’t fail
to notice how his eyes trailed my backside as I
eventually backed him and ultimately the class!
I could equally feel the backside of my right
thigh come into full view and was definitely sure
he had his eyes on it!

However, I was practically shaken to my roots
when I heard someone ask a question, and on-
turning around found the person to be Stanley!
He was standing in front of his seat and was
looking towards the front of the class. The
entire classroom was dead calm as everybody
turned to look at him.
“What kind of tacking is most preferable in
sewing, ma?” he asked again on realizing that I
hadn’t heard him at first. While I knew what to
answer as there were no tacking methods that
could be considered better than the other since
use depends on what the tailor wants to
achieve, I suddenly was at a loss for words!
As my eyes drunk up his facial beauty, being
rightly enticed by the abundance of hair on his
‘bushy’ eye brows, my mouth fluttered!
“Tacking…tacking…” I kept saying, to my utter
embarrassment! “Tacking…there are no
Stanley himself still remained standing; looking
characteristically confident as he watched me
struggle with myself! There was also a tinge of
arrogance in his eyes which I did easily notice.
He was certainly enjoying what he had caused!
When it became obvious that I just couldn’t
vomit the words out any longer, he was still the
same person who stepped in on the rescue! He
quickly added that he was in doubt that there
were any superiority between them, as another
of his textbooks claims they all had their own
best situations. As he sat back down after
speaking, I couldn’t help but marvel at his
astute maturity and outspokenness! Even as I
turned around to resume writing, it was simply
a mixture of bashful embarrassment,
humiliation and outright stagger that came over
me! Stanley was comfortably a handful; to me
at least!
As I had always done just before I give my
classes any Take-home assignment, I now
needed to ask the class a couple of questions
from the topic we had discussed to ascertain it
was rightly assimilated. Even though I was
already suffering from what I could call deflated
confidence, I still had to ask the rounds of
question so as to prepare the floor for the
proceeding assignment. When I turned to face
the class again, I met Stanley face-down writing
into his exercise book. I was quite surprised to
know he wasn’t gazing at me as usual, even
though there was a tinge of jealousy that easily
followed. When I spoke up, he eventually looked


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