THE NEW FORM TEACHER…..(18+)…..Part 12


He got the message and hurriedly got to his
knees right behind me and then began
attempting to return his prick inside me!This
subsequently gave him the required space, for
he seamlessly slid his Joystick in and with little
effort, plunged it farther into me! I gasped! He
was completely buried inside of me now, down
to his balls and as he began pounding me
again, I couldn’t help but quietly moan! His
sheer thickness was tearing my very tight
Kittycat apart, bringing with it a peculiar kind of
He held onto my swaying Bosom again and
continued fondling and squeezing them from
behind. His hip just kept slamming into me with
absolute abandon, leaving the bed to creak at
every contact. We both were sweating heavily
and the little patch of pubic hair over his
Joystick kept tingling my skin as it repeatedly
brushed against my wet Buttocks cheeks!
Not long after, I felt Stanley’s Joystick pulsate
within my Kittycat. It significantly swelled up,
signaling that his climax was near! As though
he wished to make the most of it, he bent into
me and grabbed me around the belly. Then he
intensified his strokes, increasing the frequency
of his thrusts while driving his rod even deeper
into me!

Then he intensified his strokes, increasing the
frequency of his thrusts while driving his rod
even deeper into me! My juices were just about
everywhere! They were on his crotch, pubic
hair, my Buttocks, Buttocks crack, both our
thighs and of course the bedspread under us!
Combined with our sweats, our bodies were just
a smear of bodily fluids! I instantly brought him
to the edge when I returned my hand to his
balls underneath me! He just couldn’t contain
the ecstasy anymore as he suddenly broke his
nut, jetting the first projectile of his spunk into
me! The pleasuring manner with which it
quickly traveled up my Kittycat walls, thrillingly
brought me to another orgasm that same
instant! So I responded by pouring my own
nectar, as my hip and jiggly Buttocks violently
convulsed behind me! My hands equally
staggered so much that I had to switch my
support to my elbows at once to save myself
from a possible crash into the bed! By the time
Stanley would spurt a second shot into my
drenched cunt, my hole had become so full
with s*x fluids that the pressure had to
subsequently force the young lad’s dripping
Joystick entirely out of my Kittycat!
As it slid out with another pop sound, his hole
shot a third jet which landed on my Buttocks
and back! I had slammed my Buttocks back
into his crotch that same moment, trapping his
big Joystick right in-between my Buttocks
crack, even as he jetted a third spray of his
Pour straight up to his chest and ultimately my
crack! As I rolled my Buttocks up and down the
underside of his shaft, the last weaker pops of
his Pour drizzled into the crack of my cheeks,
causing my moving Buttocks to rub his Joystick
and my asshole with endless smears of his
sticky thick fluid! By the time I would withdraw
from his body, allowing his Joystick to heavily
fall back into place, we were already very
exhausted! I proceeded to fall into the bed with
my front side while he followed by lying on my
back side! The way our body intimately
touched, excited me non-stop!


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