However moody or disappointed I was, Mwikali’s tits were always my weak point; they always drove me crazy. Just seeing them in the brassiere was enough to trigger a reaction that drove me crazy.

I felt like jumping on them and begin caressing them but I decided to first play hard to get like she had done, I just stared at her like she was a statue. She began unzipping her skirt and slowly allowed it to freely fall to the ground then bit her lower lip and placed her left hand on her neck and the right hand on her thighs closing her eyes lightly like someone enjoying a feeling of something.

That was like a bomb dropped to my eyes but even with a full reaction below my waist, I just looked away. Mwikali got on the bed where I was seated then knelt behind me, leaning her chest on my back and began caressing my chest from behind.

She took off my shirt and vest then began removing my belt and dug her hand beneath my boxer. Her touch on my sleeping lion was like an antelope waking a hungry, angry lion, it woke up roaring.

I just turned and pinned her on the bed then began kissing her. I was smelling alcohol but she did not mind, she gave me a snog.

I began unbuttoning her bra then took it off and began kissing her firm tits. I went kissing her upwards from her tits all the way to her neck and then to her lips then began dropping downwards up to her waist. As I kissed her around her flat tummy, my hands were busy taking off her pinky panty and I could hear her m0an gently.

None of us had had protection and the hotel did not have any, there was no time to go out looking for protection, I just got in between the two valleys leading to the honey hive and began sloping down the walls protecting the hive.

To make her pay for teasing me at first, I placed her across the bed then placed my legs on the wall. At first I was so gentle with her like I was handling an egg.

Mwikali made a sexy loud m0an as I sloped past the walls then grabbed my back, I immediately knew that was the time for overdrive to kick in. I pulled backwards a bit then placed my legs on the wall and began riding a bit faster.

When she least expected it, I stepped on the wall with force pushing myself forward. She literally screamed then squeezed my back; I had touched the deepest point.

Mwikali was going to spend just an hour in the room then go home at 1:30am, I gave her a ride like no other, she just found herself spending over the night at the hotel beside me.

We both slept at around 4am and I was fully exhausted and when I woke up at around 8am, I was all alone in bed. I thought that it was another crazy dream so I turned to check the side table and see if there were any car keys and found the keys placed on top of a note.

The note was well folded with the shape of a heart at the top. I took it and opened it then began reading.

“Dear, Last night was great, I had missed that feeling. You made me scream like a little girl. Thank you for making my night dear but I had to leave, Teyie wanted us to meet today morning. Take good care of yourself.
Mwikali.” The note read.

Since she had paid for Bed and Breakfast, I took the room’s phone, called the reception and asked for the housekeeping personnel to come and pick my clothes and take them to the laundry for cleaning then I went to the shower.

The laundry took one and a half hours; by the time my clothes were back in the room, I had already taken my breakfast since I had ordered for room service; I could not go to the restaurant in a bathrobe.

I checked out of the room at around 10am and on my way out, I met with someone I least expected to meet with at the entrance.

I saw Lucy walking towards the entrance door which led to the Reception’s lobby, she was in company of her daughter Viola and another lady whom resembled her a bit but Lucy had not noticed me yet.

“Uncle Ham!” Viola called out excitedly when she saw me then she came running towards me.

Her calling out my name was what made Lucy notice me and she smiled broadly as they came to say hi to me together with the other lady.

“Hey Ham, meet my elder sister Justina. Sis, this is the neighbour Viola always tells you about. He is a very good neighbour and a best friend to little bunny here” Lucy said as she introduced us to each other.

“Pleasure meeting you ma’am, Viola tells me of her aunty Justina and I always wanted to meet this amazing aunt.” I said smiling as I shook Justina’s hand.

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“Wow, she has told you things about me?” Justina asked.

“Nothing bad, don’t worry.” I replied then we all laughed out loudly.

“So, you guys came for lunch or what?” I asked.

“No, we had just come for breakfast then Viola forgot to pick her doll where she placed it so I was taking her back to the table to pick it as Justina inquires bout something at the reception.” Lucy replied.

“Well, I too was having my breakfast but now I am headed out.” I replied.

“Wait for us we go together if you don’t mind, or do you have other plans?” Justina asked smiling.

“No, I am headed home actually and I have no any plans for today so you guys find me at the parking lot.” I said as I took out my phone and the car keys from the pocket.

“You have a car?” Lucy asked sounding shocked.

“Yes I do.” I replied politely…


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