“How about you take me out for dinner with your new ride?” She asked then winked.

“Well, let us go test it first.” I said anxiously waiting to see which kind of car it was.

When we got out, I pressed the unlock key on the remote then when I looked at the parking lot, I saw a Vitz shine it’s hazard lights; I just lost all the morale I had and slowly turned towards Mwikali.
I was about to question her about the car when I saw a lady walking towards the Vitz and opened the door; she was working in the accounts office. I felt relieved when I saw the Vitz had its owner since it was also brand new and had latest registration numbers.

I lifted the remote again then pressed the unlock key and this time round I saw a shiny black 4×4 Double-Cabin which was numberless shine its hazards; the tyres alone were mesmerizing.
It had the front steel made metals and a massive behind; the car just looked so masculine. I felt like giving her a deep kiss right there but I remembered that she was my boss so I held my horses.

We got into the car and the sound of its engine made me feel like I was riding a chopper. To avoid suspicion by the other employees, I was courteous enough to open the back seat door for Mwikali. Just like chauffeurs do for their bosses, I did it for Mwikali but deep down in my head, I knew what was going to happen after dinner.
Since Teyie was fond of the hotel where we were with Sly, Mwikali suggested we go to another hotel which Teyie had not been to; we went to The Royal Prince Hotel.

I was the one taking her out but Mwikali insisted to treat me since it was on my birthday eve; she catered for all the bills. We ate dinner and then went to the sports bar and drunk until I could not be able to stand still, I was drunk.

“Ham you can’t drive like this, should I get someone to take us home?” She asked after she saw me stagger from the washrooms.

“Must we go home?” I asked with a drunk but romantic voice.

“Teyie is around dear, he might think of coming over to my place and when he finds me not there, that will be trouble.” She replied.

“Well, you go ahead dear, I think I will sleep here.” I said calmly.

“Fine, I will take a taxi dear but before I go, I want to leave you already in your room dear.” She replied.

“Go get me a room then, a classy room.” I said as I took out my wallet.

“Don’t worry dear, am paying for all bills today.” She said then went to the reception.

After a few minutes, she came back with a room key then asked me to follow her. I took my bottle of whiskey and my glass then followed her down the hallway to the rooms.
When we got to my room, she unlocked the door then asked me to go first; it was a standard deluxe room. The size of the bed was five by six, King size, with a spring high density mattress.

“It’s almost midnight dear, I should get going now; if you need anything, call the reception.” Mwikali said after she saw that I was comfortable with the room.

“Wait!” I said all of a sudden then got off the bed where I was seated.

I just walked to the door and locked it then grabbed Mwikali by the waist and gently pushed her towards the bed; she was wearing a skirt suit.

“What are you doing Ham?” She asked when I placed my hands on her chest.

To avoid her asking another question, I got my tongue into her mouth and gently squeezed her tits. She slowly pushed my tongue out of her mouth with her tongue and then said;

“Aki Ham not today, it’s getting late.”

“Must you go?” I asked.

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“Dear, if Teyie calls right now asking niko wapi, nitasema niko?” Mwikali asked as she got off the bed.

“Okay then, see you on Monday at work.” I said then went to open the door for her.

She walked out and then I closed the door and went back to the bed, took my whiskey. I took the first three tots then took the TV’s remote and switched on the TV. I just wanted to feel like I had company in the room so I turned up the volume.

I was serving the fourth tot when I heard a knock at the door. I thought it was either a waiter or a room steward so I first kept quiet and waited for whoever was knocking to introduce him/herself. I heard no one introduce themselves so I waited for a second knock.
“Who is it?” I asked after the second knock.

“Ham it’s me, I forgot my purse.” I heard Mwikali’s voice say.

I slowly got off the bed and then went and unlocked the door then walked back to the bed and took my glass; I did not pay any attention to her.

She walked in and took her purse which was beside the bed then stared at me for a while saying nothing and began walking towards the door. She then stopped all of a sudden at the door and I could hear her locking it instead of opening it.

“Are you mad at me Ham?” She asked after locking the door.

“Why should I be?” I asked sounding less concerned.

“Because I turned you down.” She Said.

“No, I am mad at no one. You can go home dear, thanks for everything, I will be fine.” I said then took my forth tot.

I was about to pour the fifth tot when she came and grabbed the bottle then placed it on the side table. She then began taking off her blouse and was left with only the brassiere covering her spongy tits…


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