THE MALE SECRETARY…..(18+)…..Part 9


Ahh…. Did I say I was kidnapped? Nah, I was abducted…. Oops!! All na the same thing abi.
As she hold me on top the bike, the bike man no even suspect anything. I come dey imagine how those two horses for ANIMAL FARM behave when them wan carry BOXERS go the KNACKERS place. Courtesy of NAPOLEON.
The bike man just concentrated on his bike, I did all I could to make the bike man uncomfortable but the guy gree die o. instead of getting angry, he just sped on stupidly. Was I annoyed, yes, did I shout, no, still baffles me up till now. As we rounded a bend, we came to a stop in front of a house painted light orange with a giant gate. Around the houses were flowers of different kinds growing. She knocked at the gate, and immediately it was opened by the gateman, allowing us into one of the most beautiful mansion I have ever seen.
The kind of houses you see in all these ritualist movies, the type that has large acres of land before reaching the main house. I was shaking all over me, she did not even ask the gateman anything, she just walked into the house with me, her meat, confidently. Well, wetin man go do? I followed her sheepishly like a sheep to the slaughter house. When she opened the main door and allowed us in, I was taken aback by the rare beauty of the place. Nice antique furniture, paintings…. Infact, the living room looked like one from Harry Potter.
She pointed to a chair and told me to sat down which I promptly did, looking me in the eye, she rolled her lips seductively and advanced in a seductive step towards me. She came slowly and climbed on top of me. I just sat like a robot looking at her, not even flinching a muscle when she finally rested on my coc.k. Imagine falling of hands, that day, my Johnson proved to me that it has a mind of its own as it nodded it head slowly as soon as there was a contact between her soft arse and my rooster.
Still looking at me in that seductive manner, she slowly brought her face towards mine…. See acting, immediately I shifted my face only for her to forcefully turn my face towards am, then she planted her lips on mine. O’boy, see as I hold my lips hard, wetin this babe mean kissing me ahn!! Ahn!!, (duniyan nan, akwai bala’i….) When I still remained in that robotic position, she took my hands and placed it on her gifted bums, those nice mounds of hers.
The softness of it in my hand further provoked my as it strained itself a bit. By now, I was beginning to feel a little bit relax. No threat in the air, just lust hanging and I could feel it.
As my hand remained on her bum motionless, she brought her b0s0m straight to my face.

I found my face stuck between it and though small it was, it was choking me. Taking cue, I sq££zed her arse a bit, then sq££zed it some more. By now my has grown so much that I had to adjust a bit to give it a little space.
With my face between her b0s0ms, my hands on her backside, I proceeded to knead it like flour. I sq££zed, pinched and finally what I stopped myself from doing the other time, I did.
I slowly brought her trousers down, dipped my hand in and started massaging and squeezing the yansh. She just held my face to her b0s0ms lightly, me just keep squeezing her yansh in reckless abandon. The next thing, my mind just register say make I teach the girl lesson.
Immediately, I inserted my finger into her arsehole, she shuddered and released a little m0an. I went further still, I inserted it in again and this time pushed it deeper and slowly started poking her arse-hole in and out.
Her grip on my head was getting tighter and the pain in my J0yst!ck was becoming unbearable. I stopped the arse-poking and proceeded to play with the line between her Kitty-Cat and arse-hole, I was just going up and down with my fingers stopping a bit at the mouth of her Kitty-Cat (the place don already wet dey ooze juice o), then go back and start all over again. No talking between the two of us, only the escape of m0ans here and there.
As I was busy doing the double fingering, she proceeded to remove her b0s0ms and fed it in abundance to my mouth. I took in one of the swollen Tip, gave it a little bite, took a deep sU-Ck and gave it another bite, her breathing pattern changed to gasping and trust me, I started chewing the Tip lightly, all the while playing with her womanliness-hole and arse-hole at the same time.


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