THE MALE SECRETARY…..(18+)…..Part 6


Person wey say my water no go hot, him no go see sunshine for him town not to talk of warming im water outside. No so my heart come dey beat small small dey go, dat time na im I come realize say my d.ickson dey press hard against my trousers… O boy dis john wan fall my hand… Sharpaly I carry my bag put on top am. Upon all the protest wey the d.ickson dey protest I no hear o… I turn Jona(ehm) Sharpaly. The moment the chickala say make I continue, na dat time e come my mind say I no even ask her her name… Na so I bad reach I begin ask my self. I come carry my mouth go her ear side small, come bite the lope softly, na so my body feel the vibration wey just pass down her body like electric shock, the thing come give me confidence no be small.
At dat same time na im I whisper enter her ear say, “what’s ya name”… The chick tell me say e no matter o, say make I finish wetin I start.
Unto bad guy now, I reason say, the name no too mean, make I just free her enjoy myself small. As my hand dey rest for below the b0s0m line now, na im I come dey move am to and fro like say I dey scratch something. I come use style cup the b0s0m for my hand,Mehn!!!
Na so the Tip don tanda like NEPA (PHCN…., for future only God know wetin their name go become), take in deep breath slowly, come sq££ze am small…. Na so the babe hand grab my lap o…. I carry eye look her for face, na so her eyes dey close, as I dey look her, na so I sq££ze am again…. She wince small, her chest (abi na b0s0m self) rise up come fall down slowly. As I just concentrate with one hand dey handle the right b0s0m, my other hand dey the smooth yansh side. Na so I go sq££ze the yansh, rub am, pinch am… The thing just dey sweet me.

I come remove my hand small, come take style insert am, by moving the trouser a bit, na soft flesh na im I find my hand on top. Na so I trace the flesh come reach the contour, I been wan put my hand go there, kai! Na so I reason…
who know whether dis babe wash her a.rse well. Afterall, fine body no mean say womanliness no go smell. Na so I divert o, come carry my hand move round until I reach her leg side. See as I just lean like say I wan buy something from window… Unknown to people, me dey feel myself when all of them dey, dey laff to EXPENSIVE go slow tory wey dey go on for WAZOBIA….
As my hand circle finish, I come pause small, use the hand wey dey play with b0s0m raise her top go up a bit. Na so from under, I push my hand enter the clothe, come go up till I reach the b0s0ms face to face. Chei!!! Subsidy…!!! Why I no go dey enter you every day from now?
When them polish car, the way wey e dey shine dey smooth for hand, na so her b0s0ms be like for my hand… Codedly my other hand just reach her Kitty-Cat side… One kind familiar warmness just reach my hand, for my mind na so I ask myself (dude… na u be dis…. So wetin dem dey talk for all this magazine fit happen to you ma?)


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